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Rs. 4,354 Rs. 2,880 / Piece
Rs. 4,354 Rs. 2,880 / Piece
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Rs. 3,564 Rs. 2,380 / Piece
Rs. 3,564 Rs. 2,380 / Piece
Rs. 3,564 Rs. 2,380 / Piece
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Rs. 2,230 Rs. 1,480 / Piece
Rs. 2,230 Rs. 1,480 / Piece
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A motor starter is an electrically operated, electromechanical device that allows you to turn on a motor by supplying power to the coils of a large electric motor. An energized circuit powers a mechanism that opens and closes contacts that supply electrical current to the windings in the motor.

Motor starters are part of the motor control circuit that protects the motor and its operator from the high inrush currents that often occur during the starting process. They manage to keep this current level at a safe level while still allowing the motor to start properly.

Motor Starters Based on Different Techniques And Starting Methods:

Full Voltage or Across The Line Starter :

In full voltage starters, the motor is powered directly from the line. The power rating of motors used with these starters are low because of the high drop in voltage lines. Such a starter is used for small motors where low-speed control is needed and the motor moves only in one direction.

Full Voltage Reversing Starter :

The full voltage reverse starter is a three-phase induction motor consisting of two mechanically connected magnetic contacts with alternating phases in the forward and opposite directions. This starter is used where a 3-phase motor needs to be rotated in both directions and can be used in contact with the armature.

Multispeed Starter :

Multispeed Starters are designed for the purpose of driving the motor at a slightly pre-selected speed to complete its applications. To change the speed of an ac motor it is necessary to vary the frequency of the given power supply or to vary the number of poles of the motor (by reconnecting the windings in some).

What are the Types of Motor Starters?

Three Phase Starter Motor Starter

The Autocon Three Phase Starter Motor Starter is designed to give you maximum torque output to pull cars and trucks without damaging the starter. It's made for heavy-duty applications, this high-quality 230VAC/230VDC three-phase starter motor features robust construction and requires little maintenance.

Havells Motor Starter

Havells 8.0A-12A IHHASDRA Motor Starter is a three-phase insulated metal enclosure DC motor starter having an overload relay with a skid-mounted control panel. The product uses screw/bolt motor mounting and incorporates a shunt trip current transformer, automatic reset thermal overload protection and adjustable overload in this range.

Manual Motor Starter

The MSMN4 Series manual motor starter provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for applications where disconnect protection is required. This manual motor starter is designed for industrial and hydraulic pumps and fans. It also offers an on-off selector switch for easy operation. This product is used in many industrial applications where remote line switching and/or disconnect protection are required.

Automatic Oil Immersed Motor Starters

The Powergrip 10 HP FULLY AUTOMATIC OIL IMMERSED MOTOR STARTERS is a compact, safe and durable product. The entire body is made of high-quality material for corrosion resistance, maximum strength and long service life. Driven from either 2-post or 3-post, single or double-head cabinets this starter offers high reliability at all starts & allows for up to 1000 starts per hour cycle without any heat build-up.

CRI Motor Starter

This AD-32 motor starter from CRI can be used with 415v single-phase motors up to 10 HP. It features a push-pull contactor for high reliability and uses a blown fuse for protection in case of overload or failure. The unit has self-resetting thermal overload protection and is made for indoor use only.

Brands Available at Industrybuying

Industrybuying is associated with reputed brands like C&S Electric 

Crompton, CRI, CG Emotron, CRC, Larsen & Toubro, Siemens, Schneider the list continues. On this platform, you get various types of motor starter products under affordable pricing. You can take full assurance when it comes to purchasing the products like a motor starter or any other electronic product. 

Compare the Pricing List of Motor starters

Reading about the pricing of Motor starters is a significant aspect when looking forward to buy a good quality product :  


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


L&T M-Power - Module for Mobile Starter For Motor

 Rs. 5,000

 Rs. 4,385


ABB Power Motor Starter 4A MS116-4

 Rs. 3,500

 Rs. 2,276


ABB Manual Motor Starter 25A MS116-25

 Rs. 4,500

 Rs. 3,295

4 ABB Manual Motor Starter 6.3A MS116-6.3

 Rs. 3,500

 Rs. 2.259


SJ 4-6.5A 3 H.P For Motor 3 Phase DOL Starter - S01+/C

 Rs. 2,500

 Rs. 1,746




1. What is the Main Use of a Motor Starter?

Starters are devices that control the use of electrical power to equipment. As the name implies, starters "start" motors. They can also stop, reverse, accelerate and protect them.


2. Do All Motors Need Starters?

The purpose of a starter is dictated by the type of motor. Generally speaking, low-power motors do not require starters, although what's considered low power may be debatable. For instance, small dc motors that run on low voltages (24 V or less) don't require starters.


3. What Size is Needed for a Motor Starter?

Motors below 1 HP (0.746 W) are straight connected to the power supply without a starter as their armature resistance is very high, and they can afford to safely pass the higher current due to the high internal resistance.


4. What is a Single-Phase Motor Starter?

Single Phase Motor Starters

We use high-grade bimetals, which ensure proper tripping in case of overcurrent. It can be used in many applications like air conditioners, washing machines, grinders, refrigerators, irons, toasters, heaters, etc. Construction & Features: Available Current Ratings: 6,10,16,20,25,32 A.


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