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White Board

Whiteboards for Offices & Classrooms

A whiteboard, known to many as a markerboard, a dry-wipe board or a pen-board, is a whiteboard having a glossy surface for people to write on with the help of a marker.

Why a whiteboard is also known as a dry-wipe or a dry-erase board is because of the fact that anything written on it can be easily removed, without much ado, by a simple wipe of the hand.  A duster, however, may even help that purpose.

Types of Whiteboards

A whiteboard may be of different kinds; but one of the most popular type of whiteboards for students and offices alike is the magnetic whiteboard. 

Why a Whiteboard is Better than a Blackboard?

Before the invention of a whiteboard, most classrooms and offices only made use of blackboards. The upgradation from the use of a blackboard to a white board happened for a number of reasons. Chalks that are used to write on blackboards give rise to chalk dust; this dust can trigger a lot of allergies or aggravate existing ones. More importantly, if a person suffers from any respiratory ailment such as asthma, then chalk dust can settle in the lungs and trigger serious asthma attacks. The chalk dust can not only settle in your bodies but also accumulate on your electronic appliances, making their way through pores and clogging in the fragile circuitry. Whether it is your television set, your mixer grinder, your microwave or your ceiling fan, chalk dust has indubitably crept in there surreptitiously.

Another important reason to choose a whiteboard over a blackboard is that students, as per many studies, learn, understand and grasp better when text is written on a white background than they do when white text is written on a dark background.

Best Whiteboards Online at Industrybuying

Industrybuying is an e-commerce site for all that you need to facilitate smooth running of your business. At Industrybuying, you can choose from a large number of whiteboards—based on whiteboard brands and whiteboard sizes. Some of the most selling whiteboards are Asian whiteboards and Oddy whiteboards.

If you are looking for more office stationery online, then you have come to the right place—whether it is carbon papers, ivory sheets, slip paper charts or sticky notes, you name it and we have it all in stock for you. What more? Avail the benefit of never-before-low prices on all products across our entire website!


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