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Corrugated Boxes are an ideal solution for shipping and storing goods. They are made from durable cardboard, so they can hold up to the rigours of shipping and moving. High-quality corrugated boxes are the perfect way to package and store goods. These durable packing cardboard boxes provide the protection you need when moving, storing goods, or shipping them across the country. Corrugated boxes are also used in food packaging; these boxes are ideal for packaging pizza; you can give bulk orders of these corrugated boxes only at and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Corrugated Boxes Uses & Type

Before we get into the applications of corrugated carton boxes, we must understand the distinction between them and regular cardboard boxes. A single layer of paper stock is used to make cardboard boxes. Because this layer is thick, its durability is low. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, have three layers: an interior liner, an outer liner, and fluting in between.

Moving on, consider the applications for corrugated cardboard boxes. In layman's words, the fluting or intermediate layer has a ruffled or ridged look. These three layers contribute to the corrugated carton boxes' strength and durability. Corrugated boxes have multiple uses depending on their size and shape. Here are some types of corrugated boxes and their use case.

Pizza boxes:
Those delectable pizzas come in cardboard boxes. It aids in the prevention of cheese and sauce seeping from the pizza. Furthermore, they protect goods from damp surroundings, keeping them bacteria-free.

Corrugated shipping boxes are ideal for moving to a new location or transporting office supplies.

Electric Appliances:
Laptops, irons, electric beaters, and practically every other electrical equipment are safely put in corrugated boxes due to their durability.

Utensils and glassware:
Glassware is fragile and requires sturdy shock-absorbing packing. Corrugated shipping boxes give the best protection while shipping in these scenarios.

The textile industry requires a large number of printed corrugated boxes. Because carton boxes are the most cost-effective and efficient method for storing clothes.

What Should You Check For While Buying Corrugated Boxes Online?

Buying corrugated boxes online is a convenient way of saving on expensive shipping costs. However, the variety of options can sometimes confuse customers concerning which features to look for in an ideal corrugated box. 

Here are some things to remember while shopping for corrugated boxes:

Strength: Because they are comprised of numerous layers, they are more robust than regular cardboard boxes. So, consider their strength and durability if you want corrugated shipping boxes. You want to avoid flimsy packaging that will rip apart nearly immediately.

Size and shape:
First, determine if these boxes are needed for meals, beverages, or other reasons. A flat box is preferable to a vertical one for storing jewellery, notebooks, pencils, and other small items. A big box is required for electrical equipment such as TVs, speakers, washing machines, and so on, whereas a compact package is preferred for appliances such as irons and electric beaters.

Choose an appropriate design after deciding on the required size and form. The plan highlights your brand and logo. Decorating your plain corrugated box requires an appealing design and a colourful logo.

Popular Carton Boxes Brands & Products

Carton boxes are very useful supplies; now, you can get premium-quality carton boxes at wholesale prices. The best-selling corrugated box brands at Industrybuying are MarutiSecurement, Ace and IB Basics.

Here are some popular products based on the highest ratings:

1. Maruti 6 x 5 x 5 inch 3-ply Brown Box

2. Securement 3 Ply 150 GSM 9x6x3 inch Corrugated Brown Boxes - 9x6x3-100

3. IB Basics 10x10x10 Inch 5 Ply Brown Corrugated Box

4. IB Basics 6x6x6 Inch 3 Ply Brown Corrugated Box

Why Industrybuying?

Industrybuying is India’s one of the best online B2B eCommerce stores. Here you’ll get everything for your industrial supply needs. At Industrybuying, you can purchase 5- ply corrugated boxes 0r 3-ply corrugated boxes based on your requirements. We have them in various shapes and sizes available at wholesale prices. Industrybuying commits to supplying high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes at affordable prices. Check out our corrugated box collection and select the finest ones for you.

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