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It is impossible to give some thought to the machinery industry without the mention of bearings since these great machine elements effectively reduce friction between moving parts of the machine to get the required motion. Today, there are several kinds of bearings within the market differentiated on purpose, shape, and load.


If you’re looking to shop for quality bearings online from top-notch brands, it's best to trust since the online e-commerce platform provides every type of bearings from the house of reputed brands.


At, you'll be able to find SKF Bearings, NTN Bearings, FAG Bearings, KOYO Bearings, TIMKEN Bearings, KYK Japan Bearings, NBC Bearings, et al at cheap prices by making maximum use of filters and by putting in place the desired specifications within the search box.


Why are Industrial Bearings important?


Bearings reduce friction, enabling smooth acceleration in industry equipment, removing noise in ceiling fans, and make smoothness in movable metals contact. This prevents friction, heat generation and ultimately, the damage and tear of parts. It also reduces energy consumption as sliding motion is replaced with low friction rolling types of Bearings you can find at


Industry buying covered almost all types of industrial bearings portfolio on our website. It covers all range in Bearing types, Onboard top selling Brands. We deal in 25+ categories in Bearings, including pillow block bearings, radial ball bearings, cylinder roller bearings etc.


Here is the list of all type of bearings you will get at


1.Ball Bearings: You'll find many ball bearings and many kinds of ball bearings at like deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings etc. These forms of bearings assist in reducing friction btw movable parts, reduce wear and tear etc.


2.Cylinder roller bearings: Cylindrical roller bearings also are very robust and have a protracted bearing life. If you wish to buy these varieties of bearing just visit and we will fulfill your requirements.


3. Deep groove ball bearings: Deep groove ball bearings are the mostly used bearing type and are particularly versatile. They need low friction and are made for low noise and low vibration which enables high rotational speeds. They maintain radial and axial loads in both directions, are easy to mount, and need less maintenance than other bearing types.


4.Tapered roller bearings: have a large range of styles to decide on tapered roller bearings, also are customizable to match your specific speed, load, contamination, temperature or vibration conditions. Tapered roller bearings consist feature a cup and cone assembly. The cup consists of the outer ring and also the cone assembly consists of inner ring, rollers, and cage.


5.Radial Ball Bearings: Radial ball bearings are used for friction reduction devices that carry loads radially around its axis. it's subtype of ball bearings, they operate through the utilization of lubricated steel balls placed between two grooved rings.


6.Pillow Block Bearings: Support bearings, also referred to as Plummer block bearings, are mounted bearings that are used to supply load support for a rod. Their mounting surface is on a plane parallel and offsets to the axis of the shaft. Mounting holes or slots within the base or feet of support bearings permit adjustment and simple mounting.


7.Spherical Ball bearings: Spherical Ball Bearings are best for very heavy radial and axial loads in applications susceptible to misalignment or shaft deflections. Its high load carrying capacity and skill to accommodate misalignment facilitate low maintenance

costs and long bearing service life.


8.Self-aligning Ball Bearings: Self-aligning ball bearings feature an inner ring and ball assembly, which is held securely within an outer ring with a spherical raceway. The organisation of those ball bearings is specified they will tolerate a minor angular misalignment occurring as a result of either deflections or incorrect mounting.


Such ball bearings are typically incorporated within long shafts because of the associated difficulty of properly mounting housing bores. It's also quite common for such bearings to be included in mechanical systems where there would preferably be a risk of shaft bending during operation. However, the employment of self-aligning bearings should be restricted to light axial load applications because the outer ring raceway provides a limited amount of support for the rolling elements.


9.Angular Contact Ball Bearings: Angular contact bearings have inner and outer raceways that are slightly offset from one another which ends within the balls being mounted at an angle. Thanks to this offset, they're suitable to be used with radial and axial loads. The most good thing about arranging bearings in an angular placement is that the axial load carrying capacity increases because the angle of the bearing balls increases. This angular placement also increases the bearing's service life.


10.Needle Roller Bearings:  Needle roller bearings utilize small, cylindrical rollers, noted as needle rollers, to cut back friction between moving components. The needle rollers are the load-carrying components of the needle bearing. They can be located between two races: between one race and a shaft, or between a shaft and a housing, depending on the planning of the bearing.

Our competitive pricing and assured quality are what make us the best in the market.

We are proud to disclose that we deal in many well-known Brands i.e SKF, NBC, FAG etc. and also international brand such as NTN Japan, KOYO, IKO etc.


SKF: It's a widely known brand known for manufacturing multiple forms of bearing like ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical ball bearings etc., and provides all kinds of bearings.


NBC: NBC is India's leading bearings manufacturing company with a large range of bearings. covers every kind of NBC bearing like ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical ball bearings etc.


FAG: It's a component of a very well-known group called Schaeffler Group. Schaeffler Group Industrial could be a leading supplier of rolling bearings, spherical plain bearings, plain bearings, linear guidance products, bearing-related accessories in addition as a comprehensive range of service products worldwide. 


Application of Industrial bearings (Industries and Automation):


1.Ball Bearings: Ball bearings are very common because they can handle both radial and thrust loads but can only handle a small amount of weight. There is some area you can use Ball Bearings:

Household Items: Bicycles, Skateboards, Sewing Machines, Washing Machines, Tumble Driers, Food Processors, Hair Dryers, DVD Players, Fishing Rods.

Office Equipment: Photocopiers, Fax Machines, Hard-Drives, Fans, Air-Conditioners

Industries: Elevators, Assembly Lines, Escalators, Medical and Dental Equipment, High-speed Machine Tooling Equipment, Paper Making Machinery, Chain Saws, Power Tools, Pumps, Compressors. Toy Manufacturing, Trains, Wind Turbines.

Automotive: Engines, Steering, Driveshaft and Driveline, Electric Motors, Gear Boxes, Transmissions


2.Tapered Roller Bearings: It is used in Agriculture, construction and mining equipment, sports robot combat, axle systems, gearbox, engine motors and reducers, propeller shaft, railroad axle-box, differential, wind turbines, etc.


3.Spherical Roller Bearings: It is used in Gearboxes, wind turbines, continuous casting machines, material handling, pumps, mechanical fans and blowers, mining and construction equipment, pulp and paper processing equipment, marine propulsion and offshore drilling, off-road vehicles


4.Cylindrical Roller Bearings: It is used in mining, petroleum production, power generation, power transmission, cement processing, aggregate crushing, and metal recycling, briquetting machines, rubber mixing equipment, rolling mills, rotary dryers, or pulp and paper machinery, construction equipment, crushers, electric motors, blowers and fans, gears and drives, plastics machinery, machine tools and traction motors and pumps


5.Needle Roller Bearings: It is heavily used in automobile components such as rocker arm pivots, pumps, gearboxes, automotive power transmission systems, two and four-stroke engines, planetary gear sets and air compressors.


Some Safety Rules for Bearing:


  1. Handle with care

Bearings are delicate enough to cause damage quickly. As such, they must be stored horizontally in a clean and dry environment with their packaging intact. Don't expose them to any airborne contaminants, as even a little speck of dirt can cause premature failure. Never hammer or pound them, or apply an immediate force on that or its outer ring, which may cause damage to the rolling elements, leading to misalignment. The foremost important thing to recollect is to never remove bearings from their packaging until ready to be used.


  1. Check the bearing housing and shaft

Whenever a sway is employed for mounting, it's crucial that the housing and shaft are inspected for any type of soundness or damage. Always use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces clean and confirm any nicks and burrs are removed.

  1. Mount the bearings correctly

The method to mount the bearings depends on the kind of bearing. For instance, bearings with cylindrical bores are generally mounted through a press-fit method. Bearings with tapered bores are often mounted directly on tapered or cylindrical shafts with the utilization of tapered sleeves. However, pressure should be applied only with a press fit because without it the raceways can become damaged.

  1. Avoid preheating or overheating

The maximum heating allowed on the bearings depends on the warmth treatment of the fabric. If they're heated above the permitted limit, they will permanently deform or soften the bearing steel, lowering load carrying capacity and leading to a failure. Always heat the bearings using induction heaters, and never with an open flame.

  1. Always use the right tools

Specialised tools like bearing pullers, bearing fitting tool kits, oil injector kits, hydraulic nuts, or induction heaters should be utilised in the mounting and dismounting processes. These tools ensure the smooth process of mounting or dismounting to attenuate the danger of harm.

  1. Avoid corrosion

It is crucial that you just mustn't expose bearings to the presence of water for an extended time because it will result in rust and corrosion. It'll also cause the premature failure of the bearings, which may affect the machine's performance and productivity. As a result, it'll increase your operating costs. Also, ensure to wear gloves when handling bearings. Perspiration may cause rust and corrosion.

  1. Proper lubrication

If you wish to own a chronic lifetime of your bearings, it is important to lubricate them properly. The proper lubricant depends on the environmental conditions, temperature, speed and cargo. During this case, it's advisable that you simply should follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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