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Safety products such as safety shoes or safety gloves protect the worker from getting injured during a slip or fall. Respiratory masks help prevent breathing in toxic fumes and gases that may cause health issues. Fall protection equipment prevents accidents caused by falling off tall buildings, construction sites and mines. Safety jackets also come in handy in protecting workers from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow and cold wind. Hearing protection devices ensure that noise levels at a workplace do not go beyond safe limits, thus preventing damage to the hearing mechanism of employees.


Importance of Safety at Workplaces

Safety products are required at workplaces. For a high level of safety in the workplace, companies often make it mandatory for workers to use safety products such as Safety Shoes, Respiratory Masks, Fall Protection Equipment and more. Injuries caused due to the fall of heavy objects can cause injuries to an individual and sometimes prove to be harmful. The spilling of chemicals also accounts for several industry-related mishaps.


Types of Safety Products

Take a look at the exclusive collection of Safety equipment available at Industrybuying:

Safety Shoes: Industrybuying has a variety of Safety Shoes and Gumboots for you to choose from. We have them manufactured by well-known companies such as Allen Cooper, Bata, Hillson, Safari Pro, and Karam. These shoes are available with different soles such as compact PVC, Airmix Lug, Airmax Sole, Airmix PU Sole and more. Most of the shoes that Industrybuying offers are abrasion, chemical and oil resistant.

Safety shoes help protect your feet from falling objects and sharp items. The protective steel toe and flexible PVC make our Safety Shoes suitable for use in industries such as Real Estate, Steel, Iron, Drill, Metallurgy, Logistics etc. The Safety Footwears come with a Steel Toe and are perspiration resistant. These gumboots are non-slippery and shock-resistant. The Gumboots can be worn for long hours by professionals and technicians while being on the move.

Public Address System (PA System): Public Address Systems are one of the most common and popular forms of audio equipment due to their utility. A PA system has many uses, including loudspeakers for public addresses in schools and libraries, intercom systems on ships and railroads, stadium PAs for sporting events and political rallies, sound reinforcement at theatres and music performances, loudspeakers for commercial advertisements outside stores, as well as many more applications where amplification is required or desired.

Public, institutional and commercial structures frequently use PA systems. Public assembly areas in buildings such as churches, auditoriums, clubs, schools and stadiums all employ PA systems with many speakers to make announcements. Several buildings include intercom systems with several microphones in rooms so that residents can reply to announcements. PA and intercom systems are routinely employed as part of an emergency communication system.

Safety Goggles: Safety Goggles are effective in protecting your eyes from sparks caused during industrial applications such as welding, drilling etc. They can also protect against chemicals and smoke. The UV protection glasses available at Industrybuying have been created using the smoked lens. They are highly efficient in protecting the eyes of the wearer from UV radiation while working outdoors.

Safety is important when working at construction sites, factories and various other workplaces. The Safety Glasses at Industrybuying have been sourced from trusted brands such as Escorts, 3M, Karam, Super Deals, Frontier, CL, Zoom, Savior, and Innovision etc. Safety Goggles are equipped with an anti-scratch lens, keeping in touch with the changing needs of professionals. Industrybuying also offers Safety Goggles made from high-quality polycarbonate material.

Fall Protection: Safety is of paramount importance while working at great heights. To ensure that professionals working in the construction industry remain safe and secure all the time, we offer a wide range of Fall Arresters to help users stay safe even when they lose balance. These devices are highly useful for working in rough terrains and under harsh weather conditions. Using these devices can ensure that workers remain safe from the impacts of falling from heights, even if they lose their balance while working at great heights.

Traffic Safety: Traffic safety equipment is widely used in developing construction sites, road works, and even managing traffic. Industrybuying offers a variety of these products as a part of the traffic safety category. These include Traffic Cone, Safety Barriers, Delineators, Road Studs, Speed Breakers and Bumps, which are strong and sturdy. The traffic safety equipment offered by Industrybuying has been manufactured with a high standard of quality and can withstand adverse weather conditions like snow and rain.

Safety Signs and Signals: Safety signs provide information to help workers and visitors in an easily understandable way. Safety signs are widely utilised in construction sites, emergency signs, buses, ambulances etc. At Industrybuying, you can select from a wide range of First Aid Signs, General Signs, Danger Signs, Notice Signs, Direction Signs, Emergency Signs and Fire Safety Signs to suit your needs. These products have been sourced from top brands such as Safety Sign Store, Signtech and Dishsignage.

Safety Helmets: The safety helmets we offer are manufactured from high-density polyethene, which has a wide range of applications across different industries. These helmets have been designed to withstand impacts, prevent head injuries and are easy to wear. Moreover, these are fire retardants and have been subjected to extreme tests that make them ideal for use in projects where people work under harsh conditions or during maintenance at highly hazardous sites. At Industrybuying, we offer our customers a wide range of Safety Helmets that can be used for many other purposes – such as welding or repair shops etc.

Safety Gloves:- The safety gloves offered by Industrybuying are made from materials varying from cotton to leather. The gloves can be used for a long time without getting damaged and are resistant to water, oil and chemicals. The use of Safety Gloves is confined not only to construction spaces but also to workshops and homes. These Gloves can keep industrial users safe from cuts and abrasions while using different types of machinery. Safety situations may arise at any time during their work schedules, so it's important to have the protection gear handy. One such great protective gear is the Safety Gloves that Industrybuying has in stock online at its store at Industrybuying.

Respiratory Masks:- Safety is the foremost concern of workers engaged in industries such as oil & gas, petroleum refining, petrochemicals etc. The new range of Respiratory Masks offered by Industrybuying provides a high level of protection to users from dust, dirt and mist. These safety masks have been sourced from well-known brands such as 3M and Sorbent. These high-quality protective masks are stapled at the headband, which makes it easy to adjust their size according to individual requirements. These respirators also feature an immense exhalation value which helps keep your respiratory system free from any irritants, thereby maintaining the user's health and comfort.

Hearing Protection:- The ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Daily exposure to noise caused by industrial applications can cause serious hearing problems. The products in these sections offer solutions designed specifically for protecting your ears, such as ear plugs and silicone ear plugs.

Safety is the most important aspect that you have to look at in any safety eyewear. Industrybuying is a well-known brand that provides a wide range of safety glasses and ear muffs. The Ear Muffs offered by Industrybuying come with a cushioned headband which provides a high level of comfort for long hours. They are equipped with foam-filled cushions, which ensure a high level of comfort during use over long periods. They are lightweight and can also be utilised along with an earplug to ensure minor hindrance in working.

Safety Jackets: Safety Jackets are widely used by workers in railroad, airport, and highway construction. They effectively ensure workers' visibility to drivers while passing through dark areas. The safety jackets available at Industrybuying are highly reflective, lightweight and have fine finishing. The jackets have been sourced from well-known brands such as Safari, Novasafe, Innovision, Hosiery, Creative etc. The jacket is manufactured using high-grade raw materials like cotton and polyester, making it durable and wear-resistant to tear wear.

Top Selling Safety Brands at Industrybuying


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Allen Cooper AC 1156 Antistatic Steel Toe Grey & Black Safety Shoes, Size 9

Rs. 2100

Rs. 1505


Ahuja SSA-100M 100 Watts High Power PA Amplifier

Rs. 10500

Rs. 10322


BELLSTONE PVC Traffic Safety Cones (Pack of 10) 

Rs. 4099

Rs. 3922


Creative CEPEW-12 Portable Eye Wash Shower

Rs. 11999

Rs. 6164


Local Dotted Gloves Pack of 100 Pair

Rs. 1999

Rs. 1409


Mallcom Floriad Navy Blue Coverall Safety Work Wear Size Medium

Rs. 1699

Rs. 1149


3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs Black and Red X3A

Rs. 2999

Rs. 2507


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it safe to buy Safety equipment online?

It is perfectly safe to purchase all kinds of Safety equipment online. You can find the best industrial Safety equipment and accessories at Products here are warranty assured and have been procured from top brands.


2. What should we look for in Safety Shoes?

Safety Shoes should be made of superior quality raw materials with a metal toe. It should be heat resistant, non-slippery and durable.


3. What are the most important safety equipment?

Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes, Earplugs, Hard Hats, Respirators, and Protective Eye Gear are some of the most important safety equipment that everyone should have.


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