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The Basics of Fire Extinguishers: Understanding Uses and Classes

It is very important to understand the various types and classes of fire extinguishers and their importance. A fire accident is a hazardous calamity to any infrastructural setup be it apartments, markets, commercial buildings or a corporate office. There are different safety measures and so the types of fire extinguishers vary according to nature of fire that is to be doused. Fire causes vary greatly and may be due to different possible reasons; short circuits, explosion of any flammable chemicals, cylinder explosions or machine wiring failures are among the top causes of fires.

Uses of a Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is used to douse fires in an initial firefighting set up. It carries a firefighting or fire extinguishing element that puts out the smoke and flames as they are in their initial stages. Different cause of fire require specific extinguishing agents to cut off the expansion of the fire from its cause.

The Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Sometimes fire extinguishers are not replaced timely or are not present at all. That can lead to a big fire hazard as fire extinguishers are the first step to effective firefighting which can minimize the spread of fire. A majority of minor and major fire accidents that happen all over the world that can be prevented simply by using the right fire extinguisher in time. Any fire safety or fire firefighting course is incomplete without acquiring proper knowledge on the careful selection of fire extinguishers. Every building area-be it apartments, flats, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, educational institutions, offices or any closed public or private places-should be placed out with a satisfactory number of fire extinguishers to ensure ease of access should a fire really start out.

Classification of Fire Extinguishers

You can order a fire extinguisher of your choice according to your requirement and nature of use. But for that, you should understand the different classifications of these extinguishers really well so as to be able to select the right kind:

Class A :  Ordinary substances which are easily combustible are paper, wood, different kinds of waste or trash. Their burning is accompanied with ash. Here a water fire extinguisher works the best.

Class B:  The fueling of fire involving flammable substances generally includes oil, combustible liquid, gasoline etc. Such fires can be stopped by cutting the oxygen supply in the process.

Class C: Class C extinguishers work well on electric fires and by using any bad or non-conducting extinguishing agent such as CO2.

Class D:  Titanium and magnesium fires are metal fires where water cannot be used. Only dry powder can be put to use on these fires as the appropriate extinguishing agent.

Before buying a fire extinguisher, it is very important to first assess its utility. If an extinguisher is to be purchased for a chemical factory, then it will be different from the one meant for a regular office or home use.

In order to buy different types of fire extinguishers, visit This online store allows you to buy the fire extinguisher of your choice by top most brands such as grap fire, ECO Fire, Cease Fire . Browse through the diverse safety products catalogue and buy the one that best suits your needs.

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