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Understanding the Masonry Drill

A drill which is tipped with cemented carbide to drill in a concrete or masonry is known as masonry drill. Drilling in concrete or hard materials is a very difficult process. Craftsmen need different sets of tools to be able to do so effectively.

A regular drill cannot penetrate into hard material, concrete and stones. Masonry drill bits have tungsten carbide at their tip. The carbide gives strength and sharpness to the bits, allowing them to drill through hard surfaces. Therefore masonry drill bits become a necessity.

Types of Masonry Drills Bits

The demand for masonry drills among drillers has risen aplenty. The drill bit can drill in any hard surface or stone without any trouble. There are two types of masonry drill bits available in market; they are multi-purpose drill bits and spline-shank drill bits. The multi-purpose drill bits work well with standard drills while the latter work with rotary hammer drills. Multi-purpose masonry drill bits are used when the worker needs to drill into surfaces which are soft enough for being bored through with standard drills. The second masonry drill bit is much more powerful. It is a necessity for surfaces which are very hard to drill through - such as bricks and concrete floors.

How to Drill with Masonry Drills?

Users are advised to begin with small diameter drill bits to drill through surfaces initially and should mark the desired depth to begin with. This will help in not drilling too deep. The masking tape can be used to mark the depth. Having masonry bit on the drill, makes the drilling efficient. The clutch of the drill should be placed on fastest setting. The drill machine should be held perpendicular to the surface to be drilled. Then masonry drill must be pushed into the material. However the push must not be too hard. It is best to pull out the drill from hole and blow the dust, once every ten seconds. When drilling concrete, it is best to drill through slowly; slow drilling on concrete is more efficient. This is because the masonry drill gets overheated. Running cold water on the bits and surface in between drilling reduces the temperature.

Once the pilot hole has been done, drillers are advised to shift to larger-diameter drills if a larger hole is required. Most of masonry large drills have depth gauges. However masking tapes can be used to mark the depth in case depth gauges are not provided. In order to deep drill, slow drilling is advised. The new holes are deeper and it is not possible to blow away the dust that easily. Henceforth, compressed air should be used to blow out the debris. Drilling a hard wall or concrete usually takes two minutes to drill in with masonry drills.

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