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Best Milling Cutters Online to Perform Milling Operations

Milling is a process of generating machined surfaces by progressively removing a prefixed amount of material from the workpiece, which is advanced at a relatively slow feed rate to the device that performs the cutting action—the milling cutter.

A milling cutter is a tooling and cutting device that performs the milling process in such a manner that each milling cutter tooth abolishes its share of the stock in the form of small individual chips. The milling technique is used on prismatic, flat, curved, parallel, stepped, square and apt faces as well as slots, grooves, threads and tooth systems.

Selecting a milling cutter is not an easy task. There are many variables, opinions that have to be kept in mind. The cost of the job is one thing that every buyer should keep in mind.  The cost of the job is an amalgamation of the price of the tool, the time taken by the milling machine, and the time taken by the machinist. Moreover, major considerations should be done on the material, flutes, diameter, coating and helix angle before purchasing a milling cutter.

Types of Milling Cutters

There are different types of milling cutters that are available for use ranging from angle cutters, annular cutters, concave cutters, convex cutters, counter sinks, counter bores, cylindrical cutters, face cutters, involute gear cutters, keyway milling cutters, pilot pins, rotary form cutters for roller chain wheels, rounding cutters, screw on extension pilots, side and face cutters, slot milling cutters, slotting cutters, t-slot cutters and woodruff key slot cutters to woodruff key seat cutters.

 An angle cutter has its peripheral cutting edge lying on a cone rather than on a cylinder; a single or double angle may be provided. An annular cutter is a hollow, multiple cutting edge cutting tool that is used to bore holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Convex cutters come with teeth on the peripheral surface or on the side or on both the aforesaid surfaces. These convex milling cutters are especially designed to achieve precision cutting of any shape, however intricate, while also giving vital support to the users to maintain correct cutting angle. Side and face milling cutters can grip long, deep, open slots in a more efficient manner and provide the best stability and productivity. Woodruff keyslot cutters possess an accurate diameter and width for milling a keyway to fit a woodruff key. Square-end keyways can be cut with a basic milling cutter or a side milling cutter of the proper width for the key. Round-end keyways should be milled with end milling cutters, so that the rounded end or ends of the key may fit the ends of the keyway. The cutter must be equal in diameter to the width of the key.

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Check our extensive range of milling cutters perfect for a wide range of profiling and finishing applications sourced though well-known brands such as Addison, Indian Tools,YG1,BDS Maschinen, Broach Cutter, Karnasch, Miranda Tools, Sagar Tools/Equipments, Duratool and Bharat Tools. Industrybuying.com ensures better feeds and speeds, chip clearing, work holding, tooling, tool path considerations of all the milling cutter made available to you.

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