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LED Tube Light

Premium Quality LED Tube Lights for Homes & Offices

LED tube lights are the modern counterparts of traditional fluorescent tube lights. They have been designed with the vision to curtail and eventually replace the dominance of fluorescent tube lights in homes and offices for the purpose of lighting. The LED tube lights emit light which is comparable in brightness to that produced by other lighting sources and, in addition, is known to be more pleasant of all types of existing lighting solutions available in the present day.

Uses of LED Lights

Led lights have far more benefits than can be enlisted. LED tube home lighting is used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and homes. LED lights are used for lighting under cabinets regions, over cabinet areas, outdoor lighting purposes and deck lighting, among other uses. Especially outdoor lighting can also be done conveniently by making use of LED strip lights. LED tube lights are used as storefront lights, elevator lights and restaurant lights, besides also being used in offices.

LED Tube Lights v/s Fluorescent Tube Lights

LED tube lights are far better than fluorescent lights in every respect. Whereas on the one hand a fluorescent tube light is consumes anywhere 28 watts of power, on the other hand, an LED tube light consumes only around 15 to 22 watts of power. Upon comparing the lifespan of a LED tube light with that of a fluorescent tube light, it can be easily seen that the latter lasts for only around 30,000 hours in comparison with the former which can easily last for at least 50,000 hours.  Upon considering these factors, it can be seen that an LED light, although more expensive than conventional lighting.

Best LED Tube Lights Online at Industrybuying

You can buy LED tube lights online at the best prices from Industrybuying! Not just this, you can also buy LED tube lights of different kinds on the Industrybuying portal—from warm white LED tube lights and cool white tube lights to even neutral white tube lights.

You can also buy other LED products of great importance such as LED street lights, LED bulbs to name a few. Some names to reckon with to buy LED tube lights from are Oreva, Noble Electricals, Pharox, Opple, Syska, Crompton, Powerlite and Warm Lights among many others.

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