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Our selection features top-notch brands such as Kisankraft, Nosimon, Falcon, and Neptune, each offering a range of earth auger machines to cater to your needs. Prices for these essential tools are designed to accommodate various budgets, with the most budget-friendly options starting at approximately Rs.10,000 for Kisankraft augers and Nosimon augers. Mid-range choices like Falcon augers are priced around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000, while advanced Neptune models are available at a higher range, starting at approximately Rs. 40,000. Whether you're a gardener, landscaper, or professional, our earth augers ensure efficient and hassle-free digging while aligning with your budget.

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Earth Auger- A Mechanical Drilling Machine

An auger can be a mechanical drilling machine for digging tough and rigid surfaces. It is used to dig precise holes in the ground. This machine is generally employed for heavy-duty jobs and several industrial applications. An earth auger machine can also be referred to as a hole machine. It is designed with robust construction, making it suitable for heavy-duty purposes. An earth auger consists of a conveyor which is shaped like a screw. This machine descends into the ground and moves the dust upwards, creating the desired surface hole. A hole digger machine is an essential product to buy when it comes to drilling for different purposes. You can also explore similar products like hedge trimmer, etc. 

What Are The Different Types Of Earth Augers?

An earth auger drill machine can be classified into different types based on size and utility. The machine can be classified into 4 main categories:


One-man Auger- This auger is powered mostly by an engine or a battery. One-man auger is mostly employed for deep drilling, which is required to put up fences, and posts or for planting trees.


Two-man Auger- A two-man auger is comparatively more powerful than a one-man manual earth auger. 2 people operate this earth auger to ensure the best efficiency and safety. This auger is suitable for mass digging and drilling holes in a wide space. 


Hand Auger- A hand earth auger is the most simple auger in terms of its design and usage. It is extremely light in weight and is easily portable. This auger is widely used for smaller jobs which require less power and effort, such as digging up small holes or gardening.


Earth Drill/ Auger Drive- An auger drive is a robust machine designed to suit heavy-duty purposes. This machine is mostly attached to a skid steer loader or an excavator. An earth drill is mostly used by tradesmen, earthmoving operators, civil contractors etc.

What Are The Common Uses Of An Earth Auger?

An Earth Auger machine is highly versatile and thus can be put to several uses. Depending upon the size, an auger machine can be used in various applications to ensure the highest accuracy and the best results. Some applications of earth augers include the following:


Agricultural Practices- An earth auger machine is extremely useful in agriculture. A hand-operated auger is used by farmers to ease out their job and to eliminate excess time taken. There are other products like lawn mowers to use for agriculture purposes. It can be used for drilling irrigation trenches, weeding garden beds, loosening soil, and other purposes. 


Remove Clogs- An earth auger can be used for clearing up clogs. It can easily clear straight trenches of drains. An auger can be selected based on the PVC pipe size to ensure effective system cleaning.


Horizontal Drilling- An earth drilling machine can be used for applications which require drilling in a horizontal line. For instance, an auger can drill horizontally beneath a sidewalk or road without completely tearing it up. 


Domestic Purposes- A compact-sized manual hand earth auger machine is a useful tool for applications related to gardening and other small jobs. It allows the user to complete some home projects which require drilling small holes for placing the plants etc.


Drilling Through Ice- The auger machine drills through hard ice. It is a useful tool which assists in ice fishing. A hand-operated or gas-powered auger can be used for this purpose. 

Other Uses- An auger is used for several other purposes. These electric earth auger machines can be used as oil drilling equipment for digging bars and can also be used as post-hole augers. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Earth Auger?

An earth auger machine comes with many advantages and benefits for its users. This machine can be effectively used to simplify several operations. There are products like harvesters to make agriculture work done with ease. Some advantages of using an earth auger are:


Reduces Labour- An earth auger can eliminate the need for human labour. This machine can alone dig up a hole easily, which would otherwise require 4 to 5 people. It also ensures better productivity and efficiency than manual labour.


Portability- This auger machine can be carried around to the worksite. It can conveniently be transported from one place to another, allowing ease of operation. 


Versatility- An auger machine comes with several variants, each capable of catering to different applications. This machine can dig through several tough surfaces such as ice, wood, concrete, cement, etc. thus ideal for various applications. 


Time effective- An earth auger machine saves time while performing the job. It can drill through hard surfaces easily, with no time and thus eliminates any excess time required for the application. 

Why choose Industrybuying for purchasing Earth Auger?

Industrybuying is regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms which deal in industrial goods and related products. Our site works in collaboration with leading manufacturers and popular brands which sell high-quality earth auger machines and earth auger bits. Industrybuying deals in superior quality products like a garden hoe as well. We strive to assure consumers of the best and most affordable auger machine price.

Check the hole digger machine price list to make the purchase right.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


AgriPro Earth Auger with 4" Drill Bit 52 CC APEA52 

 Rs. 7,990


Balwaan Earth Auger 63CC with 8" and 12" Bit Petrol Engine Hole Digger 

Rs. 18,900  


Balwaan 8 inch Earth Auger Drill Bit, MTAK-AC-EA-706 

Rs. 1,780  

4 Samrat ASDB4 4 inch (100 mm) Black Auger Spiral Drill Bit 

Rs. 1,090  


Falcon Post Hole Digger/Auger 2" Diameter FPHD-1902 

Rs. 1,090 


AgriPro Heavy Duty Auger Bit - 8 Inch 

Rs. 1,780  


AgriPro Heavy Duty Auger Bit - 6 Inch 

Rs. 1,780  


AgriPro 72 CC Man Operated Earth Auger with 12 Inches Auger Bit 

Rs. 1,7800 


Samrat 2 Stroke 68CC Earth Auger- SM68 

Rs. 11,900  


Agripro Quality Heavy Duty Auger Bit 4 Inch 

Rs.  848  

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Earth Auger

1. What sizes of earth auger is considered best?

An earth auger is a tool that homeowners and professionals alike use for landscaping and gardening. These augers are typically used for planting trees and shrubs or refreshing beds and borders with mulch or compost, but they're also useful for cultivating soil to plant trees or shrubs.

2. What is a hole digger called?

The Earth Auger is an essential tool for digging holes in various situations. It is approximately 11 inches wide and can handle post hole sizes up to 8 inches in diameter and 7.5 feet deep. The auger has jaws that clamp down on the soil for centring, then rotate open with a twist at the end of each pull stroke, pulling out the dirt from around the post.

3. What is the price of an ideal earth auger?

The price range of the earth auger starts from Rs. 800 to Rs. 23,000. The product is worth the price and due to its durability, efficiency and quality assurance.
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