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Grain Processing Machine

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A Guide to Buy Grain Processing Machine

A grain processing machine is a virtual rice processing machine, especially for farmers. This machine comes into the picture when grains are harvested and ready to move in the market. The machine is suited for cleaning all cereal grains efficiently, melting barley, pulses, and rice pre-cleaning all crop seeds. This flour mill machine will scale the grains based on their size. However, grains are naturally coated with cellulosic components known as hulls or husks, which are inedible to humans. To make the grain edible and ready for further processing, it is first processed through several cleaners and graders to remove contaminants and grade the grains into different quality fractions. This grain processing machine comes into the picture when grains are harvested and ready to move into the market.


To get all this information done successfully, you must have a quality-assured product. This machine will help in giving grained barley, pulses etc. Not only that, you can purchase a seed planter to get the work done easily.  

How Grain Processing Machine Increases Farmers’ productivity?

This agriculture machine is a boon for small, medium, or large farmers. It can increase income by not only processing your crops but also by processing other farmers' crops. So, having a Wheat processing machine is a win-win investment. 


The first step in grain processing is removing the bran. This can be done by hand or with an electric machine. It is done by sifting and dehulling, which involves putting a screen over your grain and shaking it up so that all of the complex parts fall through the holes in your screen. 


Owning a wheat processing machine would give you the comfort of processing your crops anytime. Husk protects rice from bacteria and fungus, and storing rice with the husk is recommended. So, if you're planning to hold the crops for longer, this grain processing machine can help you increase your profit.


Coming back to the point, when choosing your ideal machine, consider what will work best for your needs: if you're only doing small batches at home, then there's no need for anything too fancy; however, if this is something more commercial, then perhaps consider investing in something more heavy duty like chaff cutter with improved output options.

Types Of Grain Processing Machines

1. Hammer Mill: A hammer mill breaks aggregate material into tiny bits using rectangular hammers (beaters) made of hardened alloy steel for effective grinding. Hammer mills also pulverize coconut byproducts (copra), palm kernels, and other oil seeds (press cake). They are appropriate for a wide range of grains and create fine-textured flour.


2. Roller mills are used to grind wheat, but they are too costly for small-scale enterprises.


3. Plate Mills: The grain is passed between plates that spin to grind the flour in a plate mill, and the fineness of the flour may be regulated in this type of mill. When opposed to hammer mills, these mills often yield coarser flour.


4. Stone Mills: Two milestones are aligned on top of one another, so there is a hole in the center to add the grain. The milestone is then rotated to ground the flour, and the flour travels to the periphery of the stones.

However, to buy grain processing machines online, you must know the types to make the right purchase for your work.

About AgriPro Brand

Agripro Industries is a Partnership company headquartered in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. It started as a prominent maker of Coconut Oil and a few other items in 2000. AgriPro offers high-quality goods and comprehensive industry knowledge. They provide in-depth training sessions on properly using agricultural instruments to enhance productivity and passionately believe in customer openness.


In agro-industrial enterprises, grain processing machines are in high demand. Top Cities with distributors include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

Why Should You Buy Grain Processing Machine From Industrybuying?

Industrybuying is a leading e-commerce company for B2B consumers. Here you can purchase wholesale products and offer huge discounts and offers. Industrybuying is the perfect platform to buy rice processing machines, corn processing machines or rice miller machines. Here, you’ll find the original product with an onsite manufacturer warranty. Industrybuying also offers payment through BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) wallet so that you can instantly check out the rice mill machine. This is the right time to purchase; go buy now!

Top-Selling Products Available At Industrybuying

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AgriPro 3 HP Butterfly Combined Rice Mill Machine without Motor APCRM6N9FC 

Rs. 19,800 


AgriPro 3 HP Motor for Butterfly Combined Rice Mill APCRM6N9FC 

Rs. 9,990 


AgriPro 3 HP Butterfly Rice Mill Machine without Motor APRM6N 

Rs. 11,800 

4 AgriPro 3 HP Disc Mill Crusher with Milling Screen Without Motor APDMC9FC 

Rs. 11,800 


AgriPro 3 HP Motor for Butterfly Rice Mill APRM6N 



AgriPro 3 HP Motor for Disc Mill Crusher APDMC9FC 

 Rs. 8,580


AgriPro 1 HP Maize Thresher Machine Without Motor APMZ5TY-



AgriPro 3 HP Disc Mill Crusher with Milling Screen and Motor APDMC9FC 

Rs. 24,800 


AgriPro 3 HP Combined Rice Mill Machine without Motor APCR6N409FC 



AgriPro 1 HP Motor for Maize Thresher Machine APMZ5TY 

Rs. 6,680 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Grain Processing Machine

1. What are the different types of grain processing machines?

There are types of grain processing machines available at affordable prices, such as: ➯ AgriPro 3 HP Butterfly Rice Mill Machine Without Motor ➯ AgriPro 3 HP Disc Mill Crusher with Milling Screen Without Motor ➯ Falcon Premium Maize Sheller

2. How much does a wheat processing machine cost?

A wheat processing machine costs min. Rs. 6000 to Rs 25000. You can buy the product by opting for easy repayment options introduced by Industrybuying.

3. What are the different types of grain processing machines?

There are types of grain processing machines available in the market, such as: ➯ Hammer Mills ➯ Roller Mills ➯ Plate Mills ➯ Stone Mills

4. Which machine is used in rice processing?

Based on the most advanced technology, SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine is optimized to mill rice according to product specifications, hardness and appearance. There are two kinds of rice mills, the vertical and the horizontal types, commonly used in the milling industry.

5. Is a grain processing machine different from a rice mill machine?

A rice mill is a food-processing arrangement & facility where raw paddy is processed into the rice. The final price is procured from paddy fields, milled and processed in modern machinery. Rice milling provides economic benefits to farmers and consumers. Grain processing machinery releases nutrients and dietary fibre locked inside the grains, helping you enjoy all the goodness of whole grains in your food.
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