6 Must-Have Basic Tools For Car Repairs

6 Must-Have Basic Tools For Car Repairs

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Overview of Car Maintenance and Further Car Repair Tools

DIY car maintenance has become a must in this age of self-reliance. Well, repairs on your own to save money sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? And, to work on cars, you would want to have some basic automotive hand tools. You should invest in high-quality tools backed by a lifetime free replacement guarantee just like a professional mechanic does. The best thing about them is that they don’t cost a fortune! For starters, basic hand tools that adorn a car repair kit should comprise of a set of combination wrenches, a ratchet wrench and set of sockets, an adjustable wrench, a couple of regular screwdrivers, some pliers and an assortment of special-purpose tools such as an oil filter wrench, small floor jack, and a tire pressure gauge.

List of Necessary 5 Tools for Car Repairs

Down below we talk elaborately about some of these important tools.

1)Hand Wrenches/Spanners

These splendid tools are the best accompaniment for carrying out simple maintenance aka car repair jobs. Just carry a set of open-end/box end wrenches (also known as combination wrenches) ranging in sizes 11 mm through to 19 mm for handling all the nuts and bolts you’re likely to encounter. When you buy spanners, buy them in a set.

More importantly, buy a wrench/spanner set that includes both open and closed-end combination wrenches. Look out for reputed spanner manufacturers whose spanners comprise of drop-forged tempered alloy steel plated for specifically for corrosion resistance with a lifetime guarantee. Taparia is one of the most popular brands of spanners. Some other top-notch manufacturers include the likes of Stanley, Crescent, etc. 

2)Specialty Wrenches

A set of flare nut wrenches or an adjustable wrench to loosen large flare nuts or to tighten a nut. Additionally, you can purchase one with a wide jaw opening that can take care of nuts that are up to an inch long in diameter.


The best way to buy screwdrivers is usually in a set. To get more versatility, a set often includes an assortment of long and short handles. Mostly two types of screwdrivers are of great help in auto repairs- flat-tipped and cross-tipped screwdrivers. They come in both plastic and wooden handles and offer a steady grip. Similarly, the screwdriver should be plated for corrosion resistance and its blade tips should be of hardened steel.


If you have a car repairs toolbox, a pair of long needle-nose pliers are a must. Pliers should be plated for corrosion resistance and ideally composed of tempered steel. At the same time, the grip of pliers is also extremely important. Some pliers boast of plastic covers on the handles. Yes, they do look nice and provide a bit of protection, but if the covers don’t fit perfectly, they’ll tend to slip off when the pliers get greasy.

5)Oil Change Tools

An oil filter wrench is one item you can’t do without for changing oil. To ensure that the wrench is of the right size and fits the oil filter in your car. Remember, there are several different filter wrenches for a multitude of cars having distinct sized oil filters. So choose an oil filter wrench carefully. Look for wrenches with a metal band that wraps itself completely around the filter. Lastly, you may have to use a filter wrench that fits over the end of the filter if access to the filter is limited.

6)Spark Plug Gauges

As is the case, most spark plugs come packed in a “pre-gapped” condition from the factory. However, the gap just may just not be right for every device the spark plugs fit. For the recommended spark plug gap, refer to the emissions decal under the hood on your vehicle and use a spark plug gauge to adjust and check the electrode gap on the spark plugs.


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