Demolition Hammer Buying guide

Demolition Hammer Buying guide

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What is a Demolition Hammer?

A demolition hammer is a powerful tool that is specifically designed for demolition of the structure. It is typically powerful and heavy and hence it is utilized for breaking down a variety of substances, ranging from wooden walls to concrete floors. It is used to bring down entire walls made out of tough concrete, for instance. It serves as an essential tool for all kinds of construction crews.

List of Free Useful Tips to Buy Demolition Hammer

There are plenty of types of Demolition hammers in the market. To choose the best tool it is necessary that you are aware of their respective features. The three prominent types of Demolition hammer are:

  • Electric Hammer

  • Pneumatic Hammer

  • Hydraulic Hammer

Major Features to Consider to buy Demolition Hammer

These are some of the key features of buying a demolition hammer.

Chisels/Bits: Demolition hammer typically use SDS shank bit which allows a bit to simply slip in without having to tighten the chuck. Many manufacturers, such as Bosch, Makita, and Hilti, offer demolition hammers in many weight classes with SDS shanks.

List of Different Types of Chisel Available in the Market

1)Flat Tip

Flat tip chisels allow direction control or finer finishes around edges.

2)Stake Driver:

Stake drivers drive concrete from stakes.


Spades provide flat finishes for concrete or edging in dirt.

4)Flex Chisel

Flex chisels are flexible metal blades used for tile removal and


Scrabblers finish surfaces smoothly, and are also used for cleaning before bonding.


Points are used for general breaking.

7)Brushing Tools

Brushing tools consist of multiple carbine points, which are used for cleaning seams and knocking down rough spots on concrete.

How to Use Demolition Hammers?

To get the most out of a demolition hammer, the angle at which it should be used to strike and pound a surface should be an absolute 90 degrees. The user can create a maximum force from the long handle of the hammers, and hence it can break through almost is often used for tearing up roadways and breaking up of foundations.

Improper use of a demolition hammer can cause serious damage to property as well as yourself. Follow the steps below to properly use a demolition hammer.

Safety Tips While Using the Demolition Hammers

As with any other power tool, it is important that proper safety be maintained while working with the hammer. he uses of a pair of safety gloves ensure a firmer grip of the tool and also prevents any sweat-induced slips. Similarly, safety glasses protect debris and dust from making their way to the eyes of the workers also use a helmet (hard hat) to prevent any injuries to the skull from entire falling structures or debris.

Firm Pressure: When you operate the demolition hammer, you need to keep a tight grip on it at the same time you are pressing it firmly into the area you are demolishing to avoid any serious problem.

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