Eye Wash Station Buying Guide

Eye Wash Station Buying Guide

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What is The Need for Eyewash Equipment?

Incidents involving chemical splashes are very dangerous in any industry. In order to minimize the effect of accidental contact and exposures, usage of emergency eyewash and shower equipment is mandated by law. According to Occupational health and safety (OHSA), the workplace where chemicals, paints or hazardous material is used, the installation of an emergency eyewash ad shower station is mandatory. As workers come in contact with harmful chemicals, there are chances of splashes damaging the eye or a reaction to the skin. These units are used to quickly flush out any chemical contaminant on the skin or in the eyes, thus protecting the employee from fatal damage to body parts.

Overview of Emergency Eye Wash Station

An eyewash station consists of a basin with two water nozzles to allow for both eyes to be rinsed simultaneously. The system is usually activated by a lever or a pedal and is equipped with a valve that allows water to run continuously until it is turned off. This ensures the unit will not shut off prematurely and allows the injured worker to use both hands to keep the eyelids open. There has to be a regulated flow with low velocity to avoid eye injury.

Quick Buying Tips for Emergency Eye Wash Station

Just check these useful tips and tricks to buy a reliable and top quality emergency eyewash station.

#1.Regulatory Compliance

The ANSI standard calls for at least 1.5 liters of water per minute to be flushed through the eyewash unit at 206.8 Kpa (30 psi). As per ANSI standard tanks of eyewash station should be large enough to maintain at least 15 minutes or longer flushing time, depending on the chemical being flushed.

#2.Connection Types

Usually, eyewash stations are directly connected to the water system. However, there are other approved self-contained eyewash units that are gravity-fed or pressurized. These eyewashes are useful in work areas where there is no plumbing.

List of Different Types of Eye Wash Stations

These are the complete list of different types of eyewash stations available in the market.

#1)Plumbed Eyewash

These units deliver plumbed tap water to the eyes in plentiful amounts. However, plumbed stations are expensive to install, impractical to move and require weekly maintenance. Plumbed eyewash units require attention to blending valves, scald valves or other components that work to ensure water temperature.

#2)Portable Eyewash Stations

Portable eyewash stations contain water, saline solution or 100 percent sterile saline, which is maintained at room temperature inside the unit. A monthly test of the flow through the eyewash heads is necessary to ensure delivery performance. It also is important that the water is changed or treated, as it becomes impotable over time.

#3)Secondary Eyewash Bottles

Many workplaces also need to consider making secondary eyewash stations available. Delivered in a variety of sizes, personal eyewash bottles are small and highly portable, and, therefore, can readily be made available at the site of any hazard. In fact, secondary eyewash systems can be as critical for the treatment of an injured eye as their primary counterparts. Bottles containing 100 percent sterile buffered saline solutions are best for rinsing injured eyes and provide a lengthy, 36-month shelf life.

#4)Emergency Shower

It contains a shower to flush the entire body with water. It is usually activated with a handle that hangs from the unit itself. The valve must remain open without the use of the operator’s hands until intentionally closed. The valve must be simple to operate and go from an off to an on the position in one second or less. Some models come equipped with an attached eyewash.

Buying Tips for an Emergency Shower

These below-written tips and tricks will definitely help you in buying the right emergency shower.

1)Regulatory Compliance

The ANSI standard calls for at least 113.6 liters (30 gallons) of water per minute to flow through the plumbed shower unit. Units such as self-contained shower require at least 75.7 liters (20 gallons) of water per minute.

2)Installation Location

The best location for an emergency shower or eyewash depends on the space configuration of your workplace. Equipment should be in close proximity to the user, but in no instance should it take an individual longer than 10 seconds to reach the nearest facility. The greater the danger of contamination, the closer the emergency shower and eyewash should be to the work area

3)Flushing Duration

Medical and industrial experience has shown that the eyes and skin should be flushed for at least 15 minutes. Certain chemicals may require longer flushing times. Consult your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) at the appropriate times. The sooner the flushing starts, the better the chances are for eye and skin recovery.

ANSI standard requires that the flushing starts within 10 seconds of the chemical splash to minimize tissue damage. If the injured worker is taken directly to the hospital for first aid without flushing at the worksite, the chemical may have time to cause permanent eye or skin damage.


Eye Washer material depends upon the industry of use, a sterile environment requires stainless steel and others require GI.

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