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List of Top 5 Best Face Masks to Protect from COVID-19

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Face Masks Overview in Detail

COVID-19 has taken over the world. It is widely spreading across the globe. According to the latest statistics, there are over 7 million cases of Corona among which 432k patients have led to death. To begin with, these COVID-19 cases statistics are equivalent to a country’s population. To protect oneself from coronavirus infection, a face mask is one of the most essential elements to wear in public & private.

But, people are mainly concerned about what type of face mask they should be using? Furthermore, there are other significant factors to face masks and their uses. For example, not all masks are disposable. Similarly, not all types of Face masks guarantee protection against coronavirus.

Thus, let’s take a glimpse of everything you need to know about Face Mask so far!

What is Face Mask?

A face mask is a type of surgical mask that one wears on the face to cover the mouth and nose. These masks were earlier used during healthcare procedures only by doctors, surgeons, and nurses to protect themselves from contracting any type of bacteria or infectious microbes. 

Nowadays, governments in all countries are requesting people to use face masks as protection against CoronaVirus. There are two types of face masks available in India.

#1)N-95 Respiratory Masks

These masks are generally expensive as compared to others. One should fit an N-95 mask perfectly around the mouth in order to filter out all the air-bond viruses and microbes. Further, protect them from entering the mouth or nose. Apart from these, respiratory masks also protect viruses or microbes from spreading around by the user when he/she sneezes or coughs.

#2)Surgical Face Masks (two-ply or three-ply masks)

Surgical face masks are generally disposable. These masks do not fit tightly around the user’s mouth. Thus, they only protect the user from large infectious droplets upon sneezing or coughing by someone. In India, currently, Surgical Masks are available in the COVID-19 Safety Kit. These are useful if you are going out in public for a short time period or in the house with people around you. Always remember to dispose of a surgical face mask properly after 3-4 hours.

Which Face does Mask protect against COVID-19?

Both Surgical masks and N-95 respiratory masks are protective against COVID-19. But, their uses depend on the time and budget time. For example, if you are traveling for 10-12 hours via public transport, you should use the N-95 mask. On the other hand, if you are going out in public for no longer than 2-3 hours, a surgical mask is applicable. Apart from this, if you have less budget, you can go for Surgical Face Mask that costs only 10 Rs. N-95 Face mask costs 300 to 500 Rs depending on quality. 

How to Dispose of a Face Mask?

Follow the given instructions to dispose of a Face Mask properly:-

  1. Remove the face mask without touching its upper surface. Always remove it with ear holders. 
  2. Place the face mask in a paper bag or simply roll it into a newspaper rug. 
  3. Dispose it into the garbage can or bin if you are in public. 
  4. Wash your hands.
  5. Sanitize properly.
  6. Put on a new mask if you are still in public.

To purchase Face Masks along with other Coronavirus essentials, buy the COVID-19 safety kit online and get a safe and sanitized delivery at your doorsteps.

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