Get The Most Precise Measurements With Vernier Calipers

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Vernier caliper is an instrument that is used to measure internal and external dimensions and distances. Vernier calipers can measure accuracy to one-hundredth of a millimeter and one thousand of an inch. With a vernier caliper, you can make more precise measurements than you could with regular rulers. On a vernier caliper, there are two types of scales. The main scale remains fixed to the device and can be found on the length of the caliper. It works like a ruler. Whereas the other scale is portable and is divided into ten sets of equal length.

How to Choose the Right Digital Caliper?

Electronic digital calipers have become more and more popular these days. This is because they are easier to use, more accurate and multifunctional. With different slider covers and sensor slipcovers, they get a beautiful appearance. But there are thousands of digital calipers in the catalog and you must know how to choose the right tool for your work.

Application environment

The normal electronic digital calipers have a capacitator sensor that may malfunction in a humid environment or if in contact with water or any other liquid. Waterproof calipers must be used in this case.

Accuracy requirement

Most electronic digital calipers have a resolution of 0.01mm. You may choose the Hi-Precision Digital calipers with a resolution of 0.005mm or 0.001mm with a higher accuracy if your request is higher than that. You may even choose from others as well like-1000 mm Vernier Caliper, 1500 mm Vernier Caliper, 2000 mm Vernier Caliper, Hi-Mezar Vernier Caliper, Gear Tooth Type Vernier Caliper, Mitutoyo vernier caliper, etc according to your requirement.


In application, Electronic digital calipers are divided into General-Purpose Calipers (GP Calipers), Improved GP Calipers and Special Calipers. GP Calipers do not give accurate data, decrease efficiency, and wear off easily when applied in special measuring jobs (like inside groove measuring). It is better to opt for special calipers. When purchasing calipers, you should inform the dealer or manufacturer of the application environment.


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