How to Choose the Right Motor Driver- Free Tips and Tricks

Important Points to Choose the right Motor Driver

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Overview of Motor Driver

A motor driver is essentially an IC (Integrated circuit) chip which used to control the motors in robots in varied applications – the robots might be self-driving cars or just a simple school project.  It is current amplifier i.e. its function is to take a small low-current signal and amplify it to a higher current which can drive a motor. Motor driver acts as an interface between the microcontroller or processor and the motor.

Use of Motor Driver

Normal DC motors used in robotic applications require a driving current of greater than 250 mA. A microcontroller or a timer IC can’t provide such magnitudes of current to the motor and there is a chance that the motor may get damaged.

Hence, here is where the motor driver and their amplification powers come into the picture. As was said above, they act as an interface or a ‘bridge’ between the micro-controller and the motor.

Tips to choose Motor drivers

Motor drivers are classified on the basis of:-

  • Maximum Supply Voltage
  • Maximum Output Current
  • Rated Power Dissipation
  • Load Voltage
  • Packaging Type
  • Number Of Outputs.

All these specifications will have to be taken into account by you depending upon your requirements.

We will here discuss one of the most famous and versatile motor controllers, the L293 series motor controller by Texas Instruments.

There are different variants of this motor controller. For example, L293D is the one that has 2 H- bridges while L293E is the same as L293D but has additional sensing resistors. You can check out which variants suit you by looking at the datasheets of these. For all general purposes, L293D works pretty well.

L293D has two H-bridges built into the chip itself. Hence, it can drive a motor forward as well as backward. Moreover, it can drive two motors simultaneously making it very suitable to be used in robotic applications.

Applications of Motor Drivers

  • Motor drivers have varied application in a variety of fields which includes:
  • Relay and Solenoid switching
  • Stepping motor
  • LED and incandescent displays
  • Automotive applications
  • PC peripherals
  • Car navigational systems
  • Robotics

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