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Tata Agrico


Tata Agrico has been the pioneer in agricultural hand tools like crowbars, hammers, hoes, sickles, pickaxes and shovels since 1952. One of the oldest brands of Tata Steel, it is the leading name in advanced agricultural products. Their current range of tools caters to a broad category of requirements, including but not limited to agriculture, home improvement, and infrastructure. In their product range, they have conventional tools for gardening activities, such as digging trowels, weeding forks, pruning & roll cut secateurs, hedge shears and modern garden and bonsai kits to take care of customized consumer demands. They ensure the manufacture and supply of high quality products. 

Agri and Construction Tools

Agriculture tools can be a hassle, but you can make work easier with the right agricultural tools. Tata Agrico offers an extensive range of agriculture and gardening hand tools to meet all your needs. The equipment list includes an axe, chisel, crowbar, hammer, hoe, shovel and pickaxe to help you in your garden or farm work. Along with its wide range of agricultural tools, Tata Agrico is also a leading supplier of garden tools used for gardening and overlaps with the range of tools for agriculture. 

Industrial and Hardware Consumables

It offers a range of chaff cutters, cultivators, electrodes, harrow discs, and rotavator blades. Made using strong steel, the agricultural implements are built to perform better than others in terms of wear resistance and durability while tilling the land or mixing soil.

Hand Tools

Builders and tradesmen know that there are a million little jobs around the house, workshop or office that can be done with the right tool. That's why Tata Agrico has an extensive range of hand tools, from combination spanners to adjustable wrenches, ball peen hammers and even plumbers' kits to help you get it done faster. The high quality tools are designed to make your work easier and more efficient. From sawing, plumbing, paint stripping and painting to adjusting, repairing and bending, their range of trade hand tools will not disappoint you.


Hand tools are the most commonly used tools in home and industrial applications. 


Hand tools are easy to use, and they can fix almost anything. This article will discuss standard hand tools and explain how to use them correctly.


The Allen key is a hex wrench that turns screws with hexagonal sockets. It's also known as an Allen wrench.


Grease guns are used to lubricate moving parts. The grease gun must be pumped manually to pressurize the chamber with air and then release the pressure on a piston, forcing it against the o-ring seal and expelling the grease into its target location.


Cutting tools are used to cut wood and metal. The  cutting tools include chisels, saws, and knives. Cutting tools can be used for both home and industrial applications. The tool's blade should be long enough to accommodate the thickness of your material, and its angle should be sharp enough to allow you to make clean cuts without having to apply excessive pressure on your part.


Hammers are handy tools for driving nails and other fasteners, breaking up concrete and brick, driving chisels, driving wedges into wood or metal, and striking chisels to split wood or stone. Hammers can also be used to strike punches to indent metals such as brass; they're also used for striking rivets in place.


Pincers are used to hold and manipulate objects. They can be used in various industries, including construction, electronics, and medicine. Pincers can be used to hold small parts or to hold a larger object. The curved tips provide enough friction between the jaws to grip items without damaging them while they are being held or moved.


A screwdriver is a handy hand tool used to drive screws. The same principles apply to removing screws but in reverse. Screwdrivers come in many shapes and sizes, with different types of tips that can fit into various recesses on the heads of screws and bolts.


A socket set is a collection of sockets that tighten or loosen fasteners. Socket sets are used for various applications and can be made from metal or plastic. They come in many sizes and configurations, with each size designed for a different purpose.


A spanner is a tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the size of the nut or bolt being worked on. Smaller spanners are used for smaller nuts and bolts, while larger ones can be used for larger ones.


Wrenches are used to turn nuts and bolts. They come in many sizes and shapes, but the basic idea is that they have a head on one end, which fits around the nut or bolt, and a handle on the other (called an "open" wrench). The distance between its two ends measures the size of a wrench—for example, an adjustable wrench may be only 4 inches long but can span several sizes of nuts or bolts.

Welding Tools

Welding is a method that can be used to join two pieces of metal together through the use of heat and pressure. Welding is often used in construction, manufacturing and the shipbuilding industries, but it is also used in arts and crafts applications such as jewellery or furniture making. Many welding processes are available, each producing a different type of weld.


Welding tools and supplies can be a confusing subject for beginners. But once you get the hang of it, it's relatively simple to figure out which tool is right for your project. Welding tools are designed to meet various needs: some are used to join different types of metals, while others are best suited for specific applications, such as sheet metal fabrication or pipe welding. The tools include welding electrodes, rods, wire and cable.

Welding cable is made from multiple strands of copper wire tightly bonded to form a single piece of cable. This bond strengthens the cable and makes it flexible to be bent or twisted without damage.


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