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A chaff cutter is a mechanical machinery used to cut straw or hay into small chunks before combining it with other food and giving it to livestock animals. Due to this, animals' digestion is helped, and they are less likely to reject any portion of their diet.

Chaff cutter machines have been enhanced from simple devices to commercial standard equipment that runs at different speeds and produces multiple lengths of chaff cuts depending on animal preference type. New chaff cutter machines include portable tractor-driven chaff cutters that may be used in the field and load trolleys (if required). This product is the most significant tool in the agricultural industry and is available at affordable pricing. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Chaff Cutters?

Livestock farmers primarily use chaff cutters, also known as Kutti machines or chara machines; depending on the size and engine of the cutter, capacity can range from 100 kgs per hour to 10 tonnes per hour and higher. So, if your farm has fewer livestock animals, you won't need the bigger chaff cutters. Depending on the type of cutting head, chaff cutters may be classified. However, you’ll find these types of chaff cutters in the market:

1. Hand-Operated Chaff Cutters:

The hand-operated chaff cutter incorporates a frame, an anvil, a curved blade on a spring lever, and a tray for feeding fodder to the blade. The curved cutting blade is operated by the other hand and leg, while the fodder is supplied through a tray with one hand pushing it. As the blades shear the fodder, a thin coating of forage is deposited on the anvil. Hand-cutting is a time-consuming and labour-intensive operation with limited output. Hand chaff cutters have an average RPM of 35, but industrial cutters can cut fodder at a speed of more than 1000 RPMs. You can easily find a chaff cutter under a price range of 10,000 or Rs. 5,000. 

Electric Chaff Cutters:

If you own large numbers of livestock animals, you should go for electric chaff cutters. This electric chaff cutter will let you save time and labour. Using an electric cutter, you can handle 100kgs of fodder in ten minutes, significantly reducing laborious feed preparations. Electric chaff cutters also allow you to customise the cutting size depending on the specific density and type of forage you need to handle, letting you fit the stem and forage types to your feeding needs.

3. Mini Chaff Cutters:

Mini chaff cutters are ideal for small-scale farming operations. They are often less costly than bigger manual feed systems and are lighter and more portable. The Mini chaff cutters are portable and lightweight, offering up to 1000 t/hr of processed clippings. The power requirements for tiny chaff cutters are generally 2-3 kW with a motor speed of around 2000 rpm. Although the mini motorised chaff cutters seem small than the hand-operated ones, the yields are substantially higher.

Manual Chaff Cutters:

Manual chaff cutters are portable and lightweight and are ideal for cutting straw, wheat, and grass. These machines are suitable for medium size livestock farmers with lesser feed requirements. The manual feed choppers lack a mechanical belt system for drawing feed into the machine; therefore, the forage is provided manually through the feed funnel. This procedure requires the operator to push the fodder by hand and manually feed it into the machine, which may be time-consuming when cutting huge volumes of chaff.

5. Automatic Chaff Cutters:

Automatic chaff cutters use an innovative feed mechanism to convey fodder to the cutters through a belt system. These cutters often have a unique gearbox for adjusting processing lengths and various power choices like motors, diesel engines, and tractors. The automated system also includes a one-of-a-kind feed roller gear that boosts cutting production for large-scale farming operations. Automatic chaff cutters are the most extensive and efficient cutting alternatives, with capacities ranging from 3 to 10 tonnes per hour. These 2HP chaff cutter machines are more adaptable, can handle higher quantities of chopped feed, and can be powered by various sources.

The Best Sellers of Chaff Cutter Use

Green fodder crops are an essential food source for agricultural animals. These fodder crops are collected daily from the fields. The chaff cutter machine is used to trim the fodder so that it is fed to the animals. Because livestock animals are ruminants, fiber is a crucial element of their diet, providing energy and promoting proper rumen function. Chaff cutters are used to break chaff into little bits, which aids in chewing and swallowing; this supports healthy digestion. Also, because livestock animals like cows & buffalo eat the feed quickly, finely chopped hay produces less waste, and the longer strands are not lost by being trampled underfoot.

Benefits of Chaff Cutting Machine

Following are some benefits of a chaff cutter or toka machine:

➜ Cutting the fodder into little pieces lessens the harm to the fodder and makes it easier for the animal to chew and digest.

➜ When the particle size of the fodder is reduced, the surface area for bacterial activity increases. Because of the smaller size, digestion and nutrient absorption speed up.

➜ Chaff-cutting machines are durable. There's minimum maintenance, and they're highly economical.

➜ Because chopped hay improves digestion and nutrition, your cows will gain weight more effectively than those fed unprocessed grass.

➜ It is easy to use, reduces labour and saves time.

How To Use A Chaff Cutter?

(1) The mechanism of the chaff cutter is simple; however, one should take precautions while using a chaff cutter. It doesn’t matter what type of chaff cutter you use; precautions are necessary.

(2) Ensure you wear protective gloves while putting fodder inside the chaff cutter. If the gloves are inaccessible, maintain adequate distance between hands and shafts.

(3) Insert fodder inside the chara machine properly, do not fill less or more, as it may result in the inconsistent size of chopped fodder.

(4) After chopping fodder, clean the chaff cutter machine and apply the safety lock.

You Can Select From Several Brands!

Many renowned brands are available in the market that manufactures quality chaff cutters. Each brand offers different kinds of chaff cutters with different models. Currently, the brands ruling the industry are AgriPro, Agrimate, J.S.P,Kisankraft, Kisan Agri India ,NVK, Really and Vidhata. All the above brands are exclusive partners of Industrybuying. You can buy the latest model of chara cutting machine from Industrybuying at wholesale price.

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