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Unleash the full potential of your PC with processors from top brands like Invento, Intel and AMD, all at IndustryBuying's IT Electronics section. Whether you're searching for a budget-friendly option or high-performance computing, we have you covered. On our landing page, discover a diverse range of processors, including Intel Core i5 processors price starting as low as INR 798 and going up to INR 57,800. Upgrade your computing power today and experience seamless performance like never before. Explore our selection now to find the perfect processor for your needs.

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Everything You Need To Know About Processors

A Processor, also known as a central processing unit, is the main component of a computer that performs calculations and logical operations. The CPU is responsible for executing instructions from software programs, and it is the most important factor in determining the speed and performance of a computer.

What are the different types of processors?

Here's a brief overview of the different types of CPUs available:

1. Intel Core CPUs: Industry-leading CPUs known for their exceptional performance and power efficiency.
2. Dual-Core CPUs: Ideal for basic computing tasks, these CPUs offer a balance between performance and affordability.
3. CPU Accessories: Enhance your CPU setup with a variety of accessories, such as cooling solutions, heatsinks, and thermal paste.
4. Computer Chassis: Ensure optimal airflow and protection for your CPU by choosing the right computer chassis.
5. Graphic Cards: Elevate your graphics processing capabilities with a high-performance graphics card, enabling smooth visuals and gaming experiences.
6. System board: The backbone of your CPU, a reliable and compatible system board is essential for seamless CPU integration.

With competitive computer CPU price and a wide selection of options, is your go-to destination for buying processors and related components. Explore the range now and find the perfect CPU that meets your requirements.

What factors should be considered when choosing a processor for a specific device?

When selecting a CPU for a specific device, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. offers a wide range of CPUs at competitive prices, making it easier for you to find the perfect match. Here are some key factors to consider:

i) Performance Requirements: Assess the computing needs of your device, whether it's for basic tasks, gaming, content creation, or high-end applications.
ii) Cores and Threads: Determine the number of cores and threads needed based on multitasking requirements and the ability to handle parallel tasks efficiently.
iii) Clock Speed: Consider the clock speed, measured in GHz, to gauge the CPU's processing speed.
iv) Cache: Look for CPUs with larger cache sizes to improve data retrieval and processing efficiency.
v) Power Consumption: Opt for energy-efficient processors to reduce power consumption and heat generation.
vi) Socket Compatibility: Ensure that the CPU is compatible with the motherboard's socket type.
vii) Budget: Compare CPU prices and choose the one that fits your budget without compromising on performance.

At Industrybuying, you can buy CPU at a very affordable rate.

How does the speed and architecture of a processor impact its performance?

The speed and architecture of a CPU significantly impact its overall performance. Here's how the speed and architecture influence a CPU's performance:

a) Clock Speed: The clock speed, measured in GHz, determines the number of instructions a CPU can execute per second. Higher clock speeds generally result in faster processing times.
b) Instructions Per Cycle (IPC): The IPC reflects the CPU's efficiency in executing instructions. CPUs with higher IPC can accomplish more work in each clock cycle.
c) Number of Cores: CPUs with multiple cores can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, enhancing multitasking capabilities and overall performance.
d) Cache Size: The cache is a small but ultra-fast memory located within the processor. A larger cache allows for quicker access to frequently used data, improving performance.
e) Architecture: Different CPU architectures, such as Intel Core CPUs, offer varying levels of performance, power efficiency, and features tailored to specific tasks.
f) Thermal Design Power (TDP): TDP indicates the maximum amount of heat generated by a CPU. Lower TDP ensures energy efficiency and reduced heat output.

What are the latest advancements in processor technology?

Here are some of the latest advancements shaping the world of CPUs:

1. Multi-Core CPUs: Modern CPUs feature multiple cores, allowing for parallel processing and improved multitasking capabilities.
2. Increased Clock Speeds: CPUs now offer higher clock speeds, enabling faster execution of tasks and smoother performance.
3. Advanced Architectures: New CPU architectures, such as Intel Core CPUs, provide enhanced efficiency, power management, and performance.
4. Smaller Nanometer Processes: CPUs are being manufactured using smaller nanometer processes, resulting in improved power efficiency and reduced heat generation.
5. Integrated Graphics: Many CPUs now incorporate powerful integrated graphics, eliminating the need for a separate graphics card for basic graphical tasks.
6. AI and Machine Learning Integration: CPUs are being designed with specialized AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling faster data processing and inference.
7. Enhanced Security Features: Latest CPUs include improved security features like hardware-level encryption and protection against vulnerabilities.
8. Overclocking Capabilities: Enthusiast CPUs offer overclocking features, allowing users to push their CPUs beyond their default performance levels.

What are the advantages of having powerful processors?

Having a powerful CPU from offers numerous advantages, enhancing your computing experience and overall system performance. Explore a wide range of CPUs, processor accessories, computer cabinets, video cards, and system boards, processor price at competitive  prices. Here are the key advantages of having a powerful CPU:

a) Enhanced Performance: A powerful CPU delivers faster and more efficient execution of tasks, resulting in improved overall system performance.
b) Seamless Multitasking: With a powerful CPU, you can effortlessly handle multiple applications and resource-intensive tasks simultaneously.
c) Smooth Gaming Experience: A powerful CPU provides the necessary processing power for smooth gameplay, high frame rates, and realistic graphics.
d) Quick Response Times: A high-performance CPU ensures quick response times, reducing lag and delivering a snappy user experience.
e) Efficient Content Creation: Powerful CPUs handle demanding content creation tasks like video editing, 3D modelling, and rendering with ease.
f) Future-Proofing: Investing in a powerful CPU ensures compatibility with upcoming software updates and resource-demanding applications, extending the lifespan of your device.
g) Energy Efficiency: Advanced CPUs incorporate power-saving technologies, optimizing energy consumption and reducing  processor costs in the long run.

Top selling products of Industrybuying:

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Invento ISC 197-3X Series 264Kb SRAM Raspberry PI PICO Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor

Rs 3,280 


 Intel Core i9-11900K 8 Cores up to 5.2 GHz Unlocked LGA1200 125W Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 33,900 


 AMD CPU Ryzen 3 3200G Processor

Rs 8,990 

4  AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Desktop Processor with Fan 6 Cores up to 4.2 GHz 35MB Cache AM4 Socket (Silver)

Rs 15,800 


 Intel Core i9-12900K Desktop Processor 16 Cores Up to 5.2 GHz Unlocked LGA1700 600 Series Chipset 125W (Blue)

Rs 57,800 


 Intel Core i3-12100F Upto 4.3 GHz LGA1700 Socket 4 Cores 8 Threads Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 9,990 


 Intel Core i5-12400F Upto 4.4 GHz LGA1700 Socket 6 Cores 12 Threads Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 16,900 


 Intel Core i5-12400 Upto 4.4 GHz LGA1700 Socket 6 Cores 12 Threads Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 19,900 


 Intel Core i7-12700F Upto 4.9 GHz LGA1700 Socket 12 Cores 20 Threads Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 33,800 


 Intel Core i7-12700 Upto 4.9 GHz LGA1700 Socket 12 Cores 20 Threads Desktop Processor (Blue)

Rs 35,900 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Processors

1. What are the benefits of choosing an Intel Core processor?

Opting for an Intel Core CPU offers several advantages. These CPUs are known for their powerful performance, efficient power consumption, and advanced technologies. Intel Core CPUs deliver high processing speeds, superior multitasking capabilities, and compatibility with a wide range of software applications. They are also known for their reliable performance and longevity, making them a popular choice among users seeking top-notch processing power. Intel cpu price is also effective, you can check at industrybuying.

2. What is the difference between a dual-core processor and a quad-core processor?

The primary difference between a dual-core and a quad-core CPU lies in the number of processing cores they have. A dual-core CPU contains two cores, while a quad-core CPU consists of four cores. Quad-core CPUs are generally more powerful and suitable for resource-intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, and running multiple applications concurrently, whereas dual-core CPUs are more suitable for basic computing needs with less demanding workloads, and dual-core processor price is also very less at Industrybuying.

3. What is the general cpu price in india?

Here are some key points about general CPU prices in India:

a) CPU prices in India vary based on factors such as brand, model, specifications, and performance capabilities.
b) Entry-level CPUs, such as i3 processor price, i9 processor price are generally more affordable and suitable for basic computing needs.
c) The i5 processor price is mid-ranged offering a balance of performance and price, making them a popular choice for many users.
d) High-end CPUs, such as i9 and i7 processors, provide top-tier performance and are ideal for gaming, content creation, and demanding tasks.
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