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Everything You Need To Know About Desiccators

A desiccator is a sealed container used for preserving moisture-sensitive items or for drying substances. It is commonly used in laboratories and other settings where precise control over humidity is essential. The main purpose of a desiccator is to create and maintain a low-humidity environment inside the container, protecting the contents from moisture in the air.

How do the desiccators work?

Here's how a desiccator typically works:

i) Sealed Container: The desiccator is a sealed container usually made of glass or plastic. It has a lid that forms an airtight seal when closed.
ii) Desiccant: Inside the desiccator, there's usually a desiccant, which is a substance that absorbs moisture from the air. Common desiccants include silica gel, calcium chloride, or activated alumina.
iii) Moisture Removal: When the desiccator is sealed, any moisture present inside is gradually absorbed by the desiccant. As a result, the relative humidity inside the desiccator decreases.
iv) Preservation: Items that are sensitive to moisture, such as chemicals, electronic components, or biological samples, can be placed inside the desiccator. The low-humidity environment helps prevent these items from deteriorating or reacting with moisture.
v) Monitoring: It's important to monitor the condition of the desiccant inside the desiccator regularly. Over time, the desiccant can become saturated with moisture and lose its effectiveness. When this happens, the desiccant may need to be replaced or regenerated (if it's a reusable desiccant).

Where are the desiccators commonly used?

Desiccators find common usage in various fields and environments where the preservation of moisture-sensitive items is critical. The primary application of desiccators is in laboratories as lab utilities, where precise control over humidity is essential for maintaining the integrity of sensitive lab supplies. The sealed, airtight design of a laboratory desiccator with a removable lid ensures an isolated environment. The controlled environment provided by desiccators is crucial for experiments, analyses, and the storage of hygroscopic materials. Besides laboratories, desiccators may also be utilized in industrial settings, museums, and other environments where the maintenance of a dry atmosphere is necessary for the preservation of sensitive materials or substances.


What are the types of desiccators?

1. Vacuum Desiccators: These are desiccators equipped with a vacuum pump to remove air and moisture from the environment, creating a more effective low-humidity atmosphere. The removal of air enhances the efficiency of the desiccant packet or silica gel for the desiccator
2. Gas Purging Desiccators: In these desiccators, gasses such as nitrogen or argon are used to displace air, reducing humidity levels. This is especially useful when a dry, inert atmosphere is required for experiments or storage of sensitive materials.
3. Non-Vacuum Desiccators: Standard laboratory desiccators that do not incorporate a vacuum system. These are sealed containers with a removable lid, where a desiccant packet or silica gel for desiccator is employed to maintain a low-humidity environment.
4. Automatic Desiccators: Some modern desiccators come with automatic humidity control systems. These systems monitor and adjust the humidity levels inside the desiccator without manual intervention, providing a more controlled and stable environment for stored items.
5. Stackable Desiccators: These are designed for space efficiency, allowing multiple desiccators to be stacked on top of each other. They are often used in laboratories with limited space.
6. Clear Desiccators: Some desiccators are made of transparent materials, such as glass or plastic, allowing users to visually inspect the contents without opening the container. This is particularly useful when monitoring the condition of stored items.

What are the advantages of desiccators?

i) Preservation of Moisture-Sensitive Items: Desiccators provide a controlled, low-humidity environment, preventing moisture-induced degradation or reactions in items such as dishes and crucibles.
ii) Extended Shelf Life: The use of a desiccant packet or silica gel for desiccator helps extend the shelf life of sensitive materials and lab chemicals by minimizing exposure to moisture, which can cause deterioration.
iii) Maintaining Experimental Integrity: In laboratories, where precision is essential, laboratory desiccators ensure the integrity of experiments by creating a stable environment, free from the influence of moisture.
iv) Preventing Hygroscopic Effects: Hygroscopic substances, which readily absorb moisture from the air, are protected from clumping, caking, or changes in physical properties within a desiccator.
v) Versatility in Storage: Desiccators are versatile and can be used to store a variety of items, ranging from powders and chemicals to delicate instruments, with the assurance that they remain in optimal condition.

Why choose Industrybuying?

Wide Range of Desiccators: Industrybuying provides a diverse selection of high-quality desiccators, catering to various needs in laboratory and industrial settings. This ensures that you can find the most suitable laboratory desiccator for your specific applications, whether it involves storing basins.
Quality Assurance: The desiccators available on Industrybuying meet high-quality standards, ensuring the effectiveness of the devices in preserving moisture-sensitive items. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of sensitive materials and chemicals.
Desiccant Packets and Silica Gel: In addition to offering a variety of desiccators, Industrybuying also provides accompanying accessories from desiccant packets and silica gel for desiccator to multiple lab storage organniser that enhances the moisture-absorbing capabilities of the storage solutions.

Which brands selling desiccators are available at Industrybuying?

a) AS ONE: The brand is known for providing a wide range of laboratory equipment, including high-quality desiccators designed for moisture control in scientific settings.
b) BOROSIL: This brand offers laboratory glassware and equipment, and it is likely to have a selection of reliable desiccators for various applications.
c) RASAYAN: Recognized for its laboratory and industrial equipment, RASAYAN offers a range of effective desiccators and accessories, such as silica gel for desiccators.

Top Selling Desiccators on Industrybuying:

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Product Name

Expected Price


 YMRR 150 mm PP and PC Plain Desiccator

Rs 1,590


Rasayan 300mm Desiccators with Plate Borosilicate Glass Vacuum with Stopcock 15204

Rs 9,790


 Rasayan 150mm Desiccators with Plate Borosilicate Glass Plain 15102

Rs 1,790

4 Rasayan 250mm Desiccators with Plate Borosilicate Glass Vacuum with Stopcock 15203

Rs 6,790


 YMRR 200 mm PP and PC Vacuum Desiccator

Rs 3,690


 Axiva 300 mm White Transparent PP & PC Vacuum Desicator 011300 V

Rs 8,690


 Axiva 011200V 200 mm Capacity Transparent PP & PC Vacuum Desicator

Rs 4,890


 Axiva 150 mm White Transparent PP & PC Vacuum Desicator 011150 V

Rs 3,290


 Rasayan 10cm Desiccators with Plate 39301

Rs 789


 YMRR 200 mm PP and PC Plain Desiccator

Rs 2,690

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