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In a chemical industry where people need to work with chemicals and other minerals, it is really important to work with pure glass materials. Whether it is a school or a college or a chemical factory or even a lab where you need to test products, you must need laboratory glassware products. One of such laboratory glassware product is funnels, which is really hard to find in any of the departmental stores. But you can easily shop online on and purchase them in bulk at much better prices.

At IndustryBuying, you get to find any type of funnels, and that too of the finest quality. We sell BOROSIL funnels which is one of the most top selling products in the market. Most importantly, whatever size you need, we have it for you. Here you get to buy online in bulk and get an exciting discount on it as well.

What is a funnel?

A funnel is normally made out of glass or plastic. It is a tube or a pipe which is narrow on the bottom and wide at the top. It helps to guide liquid or powder into a small opening. Most of us have used them in our homes or during chemical tests in our schools and colleges. But what most of us don’t know is that these funnels vary from size and type depending on their usage. In chemical industries funnels like dropping funnels, separating funnels and even pear shaped funnels are used to complete various tasks. While normal funnels are easily available, industrial funnels are tough to find.


What is the best thing you will get from this online store?

In industrybuying you get your hands on all these types of funnels. If you need Borosil Funnels Plains or Borosil Funnels powder or even Borosil 6150010 capacity 30ML funnel test tubes, we have it for you.  We have all sorts of different types of funnels for sale and you will surely find the one you need right here. If you need other Lab Supplies, then we have that for you as well. Different types of funnels like Plain 60 degree angle stem, separating globe shaped with the stopcock and interchangeable stopper, funnel testubes or even pressure equalizing cylindrical with PTFE stopcock, all can be bought from here.

Buy from for the best products

If you buy from Industry Buying, then we can assure you that you will receive the finest product that is available in the market. We provide doorstep delivery and will deliver your product right on time. You can shop online using your debit or credit card as well. Or you can simply pay cash on delivery for the product you have bought. If you need products in bulk then we provide that service as well and can buy everything that is needed to complete your projects. On bulk purchase, we have various exclusive discounts and you can check them out at our website.

Get the best laboratory glassware products for your business from an authentic and reliable store.

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