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Everything You Wanted To Know About Parafilms

It is a versatile laboratory film that plays a crucial role in scientific research and experimentation. It is composed of a unique blend of waxes and polyolefins, creating a stretchable and self-sealing material. Parafilm material finds widespread use in laboratories for various applications due to its ability to conform to different shapes and provide a protective barrier. It is a fundamental tool in the arsenal of lab supplies, indispensable for maintaining the integrity of experiments and ensuring accurate results.

i) Versatility: They are a multipurpose material used for sealing, wrapping, and securing laboratory items, such as petri dishes, beakers, and culture tubes.
ii) Stretchable Composition: The material is highly stretchable, allowing it to conform to the shape of containers and openings, providing a tight and secure seal.
iii) Protective Barrier: It acts as a protective barrier, preventing the entry of contaminants like dust and moisture, thereby safeguarding experimental integrity.

How Do They Work?

Parafilm is a flexible, stretchable laboratory film made of paraffin wax and LDPE. It seals containers tightly, protecting contents from contaminants and moisture. Its stretchability allows it to conform to various shapes and sizes. Parafilm laboratory film is permeable to gases but provides an effective barrier against liquids. Easy to handle and remove, it's ideal for sealing and covering lab items. They may also come in use in making many useful lab science models.

Where are they commonly used?

Parafilm finds widespread applications across various industries and laboratory settings due to its versatile nature and protective features:

i)  Biological Research: In laboratories conducting biological research, Parafilm is extensively used for sealing petri dishes, culture tubes, and flasks, creating a protective barrier for delicate samples.
ii) Chemical Laboratories: Parafilm is an essential tool in chemical laboratories, where it is applied to seal containers, prevent evaporation, and protect chemicals from contamination.
iii) Microbiology Labs: Microbiologists often use parafilm laboratory film to create a secure seal around agar plates, ensuring a controlled environment for the growth of microorganisms.
iv) Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical research and development, they are utilised to seal vials and containers containing sensitive drug formulations, safeguarding them during experiments.

Moreover, they exhibits excellent resistance to temperature variations and chemical exposure, making it suitable for use in centrifuges and cod digesters. 

What Are their different types?

 There are various types of available which are designed to cater to specific requirements in laboratory work:

i) Parafilm Laboratory Film: This standard offers stretchability and self-sealing properties for general laboratory applications.
ii) Parafilm M: This variant is formulated for increased moisture resistance, making it suitable for experiments where a higher level of protection against moisture is required.
iii) Parafilm PM996: PM996 is a transparent and flexible film with excellent moisture barrier properties, often chosen for applications demanding enhanced protection.
iv) Parafilm Dispenser: Dispensers are available for conveniently and efficiently cutting Parafilm rolls and streamlining sealing containers and surfaces.

All of these types are available at best-in-market parafilm prices on our website.

What Are the Advantages of using them?

They offer a range of advantages, making them a preferred choice in laboratories and research environments:

 i) Versatility: They are versatile and adaptable, conforming to various shapes and sizes of containers, providing a secure seal for a wide range of laboratory applications.
ii) Protective Barrier: Acting as a protective barrier, they shield experiments and samples from contaminants such as dust, moisture, and airborne particles, ensuring the integrity of the research.
iii) Self-Sealing Properties: The self-sealing nature of Parafilm eliminates the need for additional adhesives, making the application process quick and convenient.
iv) Stretchability: They are highly stretchable, allowing easy application and moulding around openings or irregular surfaces, ensuring a tight and secure fit.
v) Easy Removal: Its material can be easily removed without leaving residue, facilitating quick and efficient access to samples and experiments.

And,  flasks to maintain a sterile environment, prevent contamination, and minimize evaporation. It is particularly indispensable in laboratories conducting experiments involving delicate procedures such as DNA extractions, enzyme assays, or cell cultures. Its flexibility allows for easy manipulation, ensuring a secure seal around items like cannulae, burettes, and other laboratory equipments.

Why Choose Industrybuying?

 Choosing Industrybuying for your lab needs comes with several benefits:

i)  Diverse Range: Industrybuying offers a diverse range of lab necessities at affordable parafilm tape price.
ii) Quality Assurance: Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high-quality standards and reliable performance in laboratory applications.
iii) Convenience: Industrybuying provides a one-stop solution for all your lab needs, simplifying the procurement process and saving valuable time.
iv) Customer Support: Count on Industrybuying for excellent customer support, assisting you in finding the right products and addressing any queries or concerns.

Which Parfilm brands are available at Industrybuying?

Elevate your laboratory sealing solutions with Industrybuying's extensive collection of Parafilm, featuring trusted brands known for quality and reliability:

i)  PARAFILMM: This widely recognised brand offers PARAFIMM known for their exceptional stretchability and self-sealing properties, making them ideal for various lab applications.
ii) Abdos: Abdos are known for their durability and versatility. The brand is a go-to choice for researchers and professionals requiring a reliable laboratory film for sealing and protection.
iii) Tarson: Tarson's lab film provides a secure and flexible seal, protecting laboratory samples and equipment. The brand is synonymous with quality in the scientific community.
iv) Parafilm Dispenser by Heathrow Scientific: For added convenience, Heathrow Scientific offers Parafilm dispensers designed for efficient and precise cutting of Parafilm, enhancing workflow in the lab.
v) Parafilm Tape by Sigma-Aldrich: Sigma-Aldrich, a trusted name in laboratory supplies, offers Parafilm tapes known for their excellent adhesive properties, ensuring a secure and airtight seal.

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