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Bubble Wrap

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Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Wrap

Also known as bubble wrap rolls, these are essential packing materials for cushioning and protecting fragile items during transportation and storage. They are made of plastic and contain tiny air-filled bubbles that provide excellent shock absorption. Bubble rolls offer reliable protection to safeguard delicate glassware, electronics, or other breakable objects.

Key Features of Bubble Rolls:

  1. Reliable cushioning for fragile items.

  2. Air-filled bubbles for superior shock absorption.

  3. Versatile and ideal for various objects.

  4. It helps prevent damage during transit or storage.

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Who uses Bubble Rolls? 

Various individuals and businesses widely utilise bubble rolls for their packaging needs. Here are the key users:

  1. E-commerce Retailers: Online sellers and e-commerce retailers rely on bubble wrap roll to protect products during shipping, ensuring safe delivery to customers.

  2. Manufacturers: Manufacturers across industries utilise these rolls to safeguard their goods during transportation, preventing damage and maintaining product integrity.

  3. Logistics and Shipping Companies: Logistics and shipping companies incorporate brolls into their packaging processes to secure items and minimise the risk of breakage or mishandling.

  4. Moving and Storage Services: Moving companies and storage facilities employ bubble rolls to shield furniture, electronics, and other belongings from scratches, impacts, and dust during relocation or storage.

  5. Individuals: Individuals moving houses or sending fragile items through mail or courier services often rely on these rolls to ensure their belongings are well-protected throughout the journey.

  6. Art and Craft Enthusiasts: Artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts utilise rolls for various creative projects, such as cushioning delicate artwork, creating texture in mixed media art, or providing padding for handmade crafts.

  7. Electronics Industry: Companies involved in the electronics industry, including manufacturers, distributors, and repair services, rely on bubble sheet roll to protect sensitive electronic components, devices, and circuit boards during transportation or storage.

  8. Fragile Goods Retailers: Businesses specialising in selling delicate and fragile items, such as glassware, ceramics, or collectables, use these rolls to ensure safe packaging and prevent damage to their products.

  9. Pharmaceutical and Medical Sector: Pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and healthcare facilities often employ these rolls to safeguard fragile medical supplies, vials, or equipment during shipping or storage.

  10. Event Planners and Decorators: Event planners, decorators, and party supply providers utilise these rolls to protect fragile decorations, props, and equipment when transporting or setting up for events, ensuring everything arrives intact and undamaged.

Where are they commonly used?

Bubble wrap roll is extensively used in various applications to provide protection and cushioning for objects. Here are reasons why they are commonly used:

  1. E-commerce Shipping: They are indispensable for safeguarding products during transit, especially for online sellers shipping fragile items.

  2. Moving and Relocation: Whether you're moving homes or offices, They ensure the safety of delicate belongings like glassware, artwork, and electronics.

  3. Retail and Packaging: Retailers use bubble wrap roll to securely package products, preventing damage while they are displayed or shipped to customers.

  4. Storage and Warehousing: They wrap and protect warehouse items, preventing scratches and breakage during handling.

  5. Manufacturing and Distribution: Manufacturers rely on bubble rolls to provide a protective layer for their products before distribution, ensuring they reach customers intact.

  6. Electronics Industry: They are extensively used in the electronics industry to protect sensitive components and devices from static electricity and physical damage.

  7. Glassware and Chinaware: Bubble sheet rolls are a go-to choice for wrapping delicate glassware, chinaware, and ceramics, ensuring they remain intact during transportation or storage.

  8. Art and Collectibles: Artists, galleries, and collectors use bubble rolls to safeguard valuable paintings, sculptures, and fragile collectables, preserving their condition.

  9. Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies: Bubble wrap roll provides a protective layer for pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, and laboratory equipment, minimising the risk of damage.

What are the types of bubble rolls? 

When it comes to packing bubble wrap, there are various types available to suit different packaging needs. 

  1. Standard Bubble Wrap: The most common type, standard bubble wrap, offers reliable cushioning and protection for various items.

  1. Anti-Static Bubble Wrap: Designed for sensitive electronic components, anti-static bubble wrap prevents static electricity buildup, ensuring safe transportation of electronics.

  1. Biodegradable Bubble Wrap: For eco-conscious packaging, opt for biodegradable bubble wrap made from recyclable materials, providing adequate protection while being environmentally friendly.

  1. Perforated Bubble Rolls: Perforated bubble rolls come with pre-determined perforation lines, allowing easy tearing and customising the wrap length.

  1. Bubble Pouches: Bubble pouches are pre-formed bags with a bubble wrap lining, ideal for protecting individual items or small products with irregular shapes.

  1. Large Bubble Wrap: Featuring more giant air-filled bubbles, this bubble wrap provides extra cushioning and protection for larger and heavier items.

  1. Small Bubble Wrap: Small bubble wrap is suitable for wrapping smaller and more delicate items, offering precise cushioning and protection.

  1. Coloured Bubble Wrap: Coloured bubble wrap adds a fun and visually appealing touch to your packaging, making it suitable for gift wrapping or creative projects.

  1. Heat-Activated Bubble Wrap: Designed for heat-shrinking applications, heat-activated bubble wrap tightly conforms to the shape of the item when subjected to heat, providing a secure and snug fit.

  1. Foam-Laminated Bubble Wrap: Foam-laminated bubble wrap combines the cushioning properties of bubble wrap with the additional protection of a foam layer, offering enhanced shock absorption.

  1. Insulated Bubble Wrap: Insulated bubble wrap contains a layer of reflective material that provides thermal insulation, making it ideal for packaging temperature-sensitive items.

  1. VCI Bubble Wrap: VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) bubble wrap releases a protective vapour that prevents rust and corrosion, making it suitable for packaging metal items. 

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What are the advantages of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Rolls offers numerous advantages regarding packaging and protecting your valuable items. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Excellent Cushioning: The air-filled bubbles provide exceptional cushioning, safeguarding fragile objects from impacts, shocks, and vibrations during transportation or storage.

  1. Versatile Protection: They are suitable for various items, including glassware, electronics, ceramics, and more, ensuring comprehensive product protection.

  1. Lightweight and Cost-Effective: Bubble wrap is lightweight, adding minimal weight to packages and resulting in lower shipping costs. They also provide a cost-effective solution for packaging needs.

  1. Easy to Use: They are easy to handle and customise. Simply wrap them around your items and secure them with tape, providing hassle-free packaging.

  1. Reusable: Bubble rolls can often be reused for multiple shipments, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  2. Surface Protection: The smooth surface of bubble wraps prevents scratches and abrasions on delicate surfaces.

  1. Moisture and Dust Protection: Bubble wrap creates a barrier against moisture and dust, keeping your items clean and dry during transit or storage.

  1. Impact Resistance: The air-filled bubbles absorb and distribute impact energy, providing excellent protection against drops, bumps, and rough handling.

  1. Easy Visibility: The transparent nature of bubble wraps allows for easy visibility of packaged items, simplifying inventory management and identification.

  1. Flexible and Conformable: Packing Bubble wraps can conform to the shape of various objects, ensuring a snug fit and maximum protection for items of different sizes and shapes.

  1. Noise Reduction: Bubble wraps can help reduce noise during transportation, minimising the rattling and clattering of items inside packages.

  2. Enhances Brand Image: Using bubble wraps to protect your products demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, enhancing your brand image.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 400 Gauge Packing m)aterial (20 m)

 Rs. 198


Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 400 Gauge Packing m)aterial (12 m)

 Rs. 256


 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 420 Gauge Packing m)aterial (1 X 10 m)

 Rs. 256

4 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 400 Gauge Packing Material (0.5 m X 15 m)

 Rs. 296


 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 420 Gauge Packing Material (1 X 15 m)

 Rs. 208


 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 400 Gauge Packing m)aterial (10 m)

 Rs. 218


 Veeshna Polypack 100 Meter Transparent Air Bubble Cushioning Wrap Packaging Roll ND-1250

 Rs. 999


 Jia Industries Bubble Wrap 420 Gauge Packing m)aterial (1 X 20 m)

 Rs. 318

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Bubble Wrap

1.What is the difference between wrap and bubble sheet roll?

The main difference between a wrap and a bubble sheet roll is their intended purpose. Wraps are general-purpose materials used for covering or enclosing objects. In contrast, bubble sheet rolls, or bubble wrap, are specifically designed for cushioning and protecting fragile items during transportation or storage.

2.Can rolls be used for packing heavy items like steel racks?

They are suitable for packing bubble wrap, including heavy objects. The air-filled bubbles provide excellent cushioning and protection against impacts, minimising the risk of scratches or damage during handling.

3.Is plastic roll for packing a better alternative to paper bubbles?

When choosing between plastic roll for packing and paper bubbles, it's essential to consider factors such as the fragility of the packed items, the desired level of cushioning and protection, environmental concerns, and any specific shipping or handling requirements. Some businesses and individuals prioritise environmental sustainability and prefer using paper bubbles, while others may prioritise maximum protection and opt for plastic rolls.
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