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Hospital Beds

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Hospital beds are designed for those who need to get a little rest but don't quite feel comfortable with a mattress on the floor. These beds can provide a much better quality of life and help with recovery by reducing the pain associated with laying on a hard surface.


Hospital beds feature a backrest for patient comfort and an integrated cuff holder for IV tube management. The push-button controls are easy to set up and use, yet durable enough to withstand constant use in a healthcare facility. Special features include the retractable bed ends with a horizontal positioner, patient safety brackets and dual-level height adjustments for easy patient access. The advanced design of hospital beds allows them to be used as both beds and chairs at the same time! The frame of this product is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder-coated for resistance against corrosion, rust, or discolouration.

Advantages of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are a necessity in any home, especially when you have elderly or infirmed family members living with you. Hospital beds are different from regular beds in that they have features that allow the user to elevate their head, and feet and raise and lower their upper body. They also enable you to adjust the depth of the mattress, making it more comfortable for long layovers. Medical beds are especially helpful for those recovering from back surgery or abdominal surgery where they may have trouble or could benefit from assistance positioning themselves comfortably. Electric hospital beds allow you to adjust each section independently making them ideal for growing children who need extra room for their changing bodies. 

Better positioning for women 

The risk of pressure sores increases when you’re confined to bed for an extended period of time. But changing your position regularly can help you avoid bedsores and other complications. The hospital beds have a soft-touch control panel and a universal joint that allows you to easily rotate yourself in any direction – no matter how limited your range of motion. The mattress adjusts up or down by approximately 6 inches, so you can raise or lower the head and feet independently. The head section is also adjustable, so it raises and lowers with your body movements (or memory foam cushions gently conform to your curves).

Injury or lack of Mobility

Hospital Bed Rentals provide a convenient and temporary option to allow you to sleep on the ground level and make getting in and out of bed easier. People who are recovering from abdominal surgeries, pregnancy, or back surgeries often rent hospital beds as it allows them to sleep with comfort at an angle or position that is not painful for them, and helps them to get in and out of bed on their own. We offer both medical-grade hospital beds for long-term use, or for those who need to be able to go up/down stairs with their bed with hand trucks or power bases.

Improved Circulation

Hospital beds are the best choice for the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from surgery at home. These beds feature numerous adjustments to be able to position any patient comfortably and with ease. Hospital beds allow patients to alter and adjust the head, foot and back positions of their beds to better position themselves as well as a periodic change in pressure points on the body. This helps improve blood circulation while in bed. 


Hospital Beds are a necessity for those with conditions that require caregiver monitoring and attention or occasional restraint from falling. People who are at risk will require a hospital bed for the use of half rails to keep them in the bed. The half rails are very adjustable and slide up and down, allowing them to be moved out of the way when not needed.


Hospital beds are designed to help patients who are recovering from an illness or injury and need to rest more frequently. Many people using a hospital bed suffering from existing pain, such as lower back pain, hip pain or other painful joints. 

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IB BASICS Hospital Fowler Bed ABS Panels WH1110




Saviour Chem Semi fowler hospital home Bed SCP0001

 Rs. 9,800

 Rs. 8,567


IB BASICS ICU Bed Hi-Lo Hydraulic IB-3103

 Rs. 57,899

 Rs. 54,722

4 IB BASICS Hospital Semi Fowler Bed Electric IB-3113

 Rs. 52,000

 Rs. 46,900


Wellton Healthcare Hospital ICU Bed for Patients WH1104

 Rs. 42,300

 Rs. 38,940


IB BASICS Balkan Frame for Hospital Bed IB-3125 

 Rs. 32,650

 Rs. 30,700


General frequently asked questions 


Q1. Do Hospital Beds come with a warranty?

Hospital Beds do come with a warranty. You need to make sure that you inquire about the warranty terms beforehand with the manufacturer. 


Q2. What are the things that one should consider while purchasing a Hospital Bed?

  • It should offer high durability
  • It needs to be extremely reliable 
  • It should always come with a warranty 
  • It should improve the brand name of your hospital 


Q3. Where can we buy the best quality hospitals online?

Industrybuying is your one-stop destination for buying premium quality hospital beds online at wholesale rates.


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