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Our website presents a comprehensive collection of Surgical Masks to ensure safety during medical procedures. Explore high-quality options from trusted brands like As one and Philips. Prices range from INR 1 per piece to INR 34,900, accommodating diverse budgets. Our Surgical Masks provide reliable protection and comfort, meeting stringent safety standards. Choose from a variety of options, including black surgical masks, for added style. Count on Our website for top-notch surgical masks, prioritising both safety and aesthetics. Shop now to secure quality masks that safeguard your well-being.

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Get To Know All About Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) that are worn to help protect the wearer from respiratory droplets and other airborne particles. They are commonly used in healthcare settings, but they can also be worn by individuals in other settings where there is a risk of exposure to respiratory viruses or bacteria. They are also known as medical face masks. 

What are the different types of Surgical masks?

When it comes to the different types of medical masks, offers a comprehensive range to meet diverse needs. Here are the key types of medical masks available on our platform:

1. Disposable masks: These single-use masks are widely used in healthcare settings and are available in various options, including 3 ply masks and disposable face masks.
2. N95 respirators: Designed for high-level protection, surgical face mask or N95 mask filter out airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, providing superior filtration efficiency.
3. Medical masks with shields: Offering enhanced protection, these masks feature built-in face shields to provide additional coverage for the eyes and face. During the pandemic time, this mask becomes covid essentials.
4. Cloth medical masks: Reusable and eco-friendly, cloth medical masks provide both comfort and protection. They come in various designs and are suitable for everyday use.
5. Medical masks for children: offers medical masks specifically designed for children, ensuring a secure fit and adequate protection. However, wearing surgical masks will help to keep all the communal bacterias at bay.

How are Surgical masks different from other types of masks?

When it comes to understanding the differences between medical masks and other types of masks, here are some key differentiators to consider:

a) Material: Surgical masks are typically made of non-woven fabric, while other masks may utilize different materials such as cotton, polyester, or blended fabrics.
b) Design and construction: Surgical masks are specifically designed for medical use, featuring a three-layer construction with a waterproof outer layer, a filter layer, and a comfortable inner layer. Other masks may vary in design and layer composition.
c) Filtration efficiency: Medical masks are engineered to offer high filtration efficiency, effectively filtering out particles and droplets. Other masks may have varying levels of filtration capabilities.
d) Purpose and application: Surgical face masks are primarily used in healthcare settings, providing protection for both the wearer and those in close proximity. Other masks may serve different purposes such as pollution protection, fashion, or sports.
e) Regulatory compliance: Surgical masks undergo stringent testing and certification to meet medical standards, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Other masks may not be subject to the same level of regulation.

Which materials are used to make Surgical masks?

When it comes to the materials used to make medical masks, provides detailed information for your understanding. Here are the key materials commonly used in the production of medical masks:

i) Non-woven fabric: Medical masks predominantly use non-woven fabric as the primary material. This fabric is composed of synthetic fibres like polypropylene, which offers excellent filtration and breathability.|
ii) Melt-blown fabric: A crucial layer in surgical face masks, melt-blown fabric provides high filtration efficiency by trapping microscopic particles and droplets.
iii) Spunbond fabric: Often used as the outer layer of medical masks, spun bond fabric provides strength, durability, and water resistance.
iv) Elastic bands: Medical masks feature elastic bands or ear loops made of latex or synthetic materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
v) Nose wire: To enhance fit and prevent air leakage, medical masks often include a bendable nose wire made of aluminium or plastic.

You can buy surgical mask online in bulk for any time use in the future.

How do Surgical masks provide protection against viruses and bacteria?

When it comes to understanding how medical masks provide protection against viruses and bacteria, here are the key points to consider:

1. Barrier against respiratory droplets: Surgical masks create a physical barrier, preventing respiratory droplets expelled by an infected individual from reaching others. This helps minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria.
2. Secure fit: They are designed to fit snugly over the nose, mouth, and chin, minimizing gaps and ensuring a proper seal. This prevents the entry of viruses and bacteria from the surrounding environment.
3. Breathability: They are engineered to provide a balance between filtration efficiency and breathability. This allows for comfortable and prolonged use while maintaining effective protection. These masks are used for respiratory care.
4. Proper usage: It is essential to wear and handle medical masks correctly to maximize their effectiveness. This includes covering both the nose and mouth, avoiding touching the mask frequently, and following proper disposal guidelines.

How do I choose the right Surgical masks?

When it comes to choosing the right medical mask, Industryb provides valuable guidance to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Here are some key factors to consider:

a) Filtration efficiency: Look for medical masks with high filtration efficiencies, such as 3 ply masks or N95 respirators, to effectively filter out airborne particles and provide optimal protection.Fit and comfort: Choose a medical mask that offers a snug and comfortable fit without compromising breathability. Consider options with adjustable nose wires and ear loops for a personalized fit.
b) Quality and certification: Opt for medical masks that meet regulatory standards and have the proper certification to ensure our quality and effectiveness in preventing the spread of contaminants.
c) Purpose and application: Determine the specific purpose for which you need the medical mask. Consider factors such as the environment, duration of use, and level of exposure to select the appropriate type.
d) Price and affordability: Compare surgical masks prices to find a balance between quality and affordability. offers competitive prices on medical masks to suit various budgets.

Visit the platform for a wide selection of medical masks and other medical supplies. Our platform also provides diagnostic products, first-aid essentials, and Corona essentials. Make an informed decision by considering these factors and choose the right medical mask to prioritise your safety and well-being.

Why consider Industrybuying for buying surgical masks?

When it comes to purchasing medical masks, is your go-to online destination. Offering a wide range of medical supplies and equipment, including face masks, our platform provides a convenient and reliable solution. Here are some key features of purchasing medical masks from the platform :

i) Extensive product variety: Explore our vast collection of medical masks, including disposable face masks, 3-ply masks and nose mask catering to different needs and preferences.
ii) Competitive prices: We ensure competitive pricing, making medical masks affordable and accessible to all. Check out their attractive masks prices for cost-effective options.
iii) Trusted brands: Rest assured, as partners with renowned brands, guaranteeing high-quality medical masks that meet safety standards.
iv) Easy online ordering: With just a few clicks, you can conveniently place your order for a medical surgical mask online, saving time and effort.
v) Wide application range: Whether you require medical masks for medical diagnostics, pulmonary care, mobility aids, first-aid essentials, or corona essentials, has got you covered.

Purchase your medical masks online from Industrybuying, a trusted platform offering a seamless buying experience and reliable delivery. Don't compromise on safety and protect yourself and others by investing in high-quality medical masks. The surgical mask use is mandatory for healthcare and industrial purposes.

Top selling Surgical Mask of Industrybuying:

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


Slaney 3 Ply Spunbond PP Fabric Surgical Face Masks

Rs 30 


Nuvo Medsurg Disposable Face Mask 4 Ply with Elastic (Green) Pack of 100

 Rs 158


QUARANT Blue UV Sterilized 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask with Nose Pin, TIEON-50 (Pack of 50)

Rs 228 

4  Sehat Plus Three Ply Mask Meltblown Layer SH101MB WHITE Pack of 100 Pcs

Rs 516 


Star Safety Non- Woven Disposable Surgical 2 PLY TIE Mask

Rs 1000 


 Sehat Plus Three Ply Mask SH101 BLACK Pack of 100 Pcs

Rs 396 


QUARANT Blue UV Sterilized 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask with Nose Pin, PROTECTIVE-50 (Pack of 50)

Rs 208 


 Sehat Plus Three Ply Mask Meltblown Layer SH101MB BLUE Pack of 100 Pcs

Rs 516

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Surgical masks

1. Where can I buy Surgical masks online?

You can purchase medical mask online from trusted platforms like Industrybuying. They offer a wide range of medical masks, including disposable medical masks, 3-ply masks, and more. Visit our website to explore different options and compare surgical mask prices.

2. What is the price range of Surgical masks?

The price of medical masks can vary depending on factors such as the type, quantity, and brand. offers competitive face mask prices, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Visit our platform to find medical masks at a range of prices to suit different budgets.

3. Are disposable Surgical masks suitable for everyday use?

Yes, disposable medical masks are suitable for everyday use, especially in situations where you need protection against respiratory droplets and airborne particles. They are designed for single use and offer convenience, comfort, and effective filtration. Ensure proper usage and disposal guidelines for optimal protection.

Top Selling Products of Surgical Mask

Product Name Expected Price Discount Dispatch Time
Philips Comfortgel M Full Face Mask - P010 Rs.6990 1% OFF 5 days
Resmed Airfit F30 Full Face Mask - Medium Rs.7990 - 4 days
Philips Nuance Nasal Mask - P028 Rs.7358 1% OFF 10 days
Resmed P10 Nasal Pillow Mask- Fitpack Rs.6590 - 4 days
Philips Easy Life Mw Nasal Mask - P018 Rs.4490 - 10 days
Resmed Airfit N20 Nasal Mask- Medium Rs.5690 5% OFF 3 days
Philips Comfortgel Blue L Nasal Mask - P015 Rs.5490 - 5 days
Resmed P30i Nasal Pillow Mask - Fitpack Rs.7690 - 4 days
Resmed Headgear for Mirage Micro and Mirage Quattro Mask - Standard Rs.4290 - 10 days
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