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Simplify your office tasks with our Tape Dispensers here. Discover top brands like Cello and Omega, known for their quality and efficiency. Whether you need a reliable tape dispenser for everyday use or a heavy-duty option for demanding projects, our collection has you covered. Explore our range, where prices start as low as INR 70 and go up to INR 3,990. Invest in a Cello tape dispenser or choose from our selection to make packaging and sealing tasks a breeze. Elevate your office organisation with our tape dispensers today.

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Everything You Should Know About Tape Dispensers

Discover the convenience of tape dispensers, essential tools for efficient packaging and organisation in your office supplies arsenal. Here's what a tape dispenser is all about:

1. Versatile Functionality: A tape dispenser simplifies the application of various types, from packing tape to sticky tape.
2. Precision and Speed: Streamline your packing process with a hand tape dispenser, ensuring quick and accurate tape application.
3. Affordable Solutions: Find the best packing tape dispenser at competitive prices, enhancing cost-effective office management.

Explore our range for top-quality tape dispensers that elevate your tape, glue & adhesives game in the office.

How do tape dispensers work?

Welcome to our website, your go-to source for office supplies! Ever wondered how tape dispensers work? Let's unravel the mystery:

Tape dispensers are ingenious tools designed for seamless taping. Here's a breakdown of their functionality:
a) Loading Tape: Simply insert the roll of tape into the dispenser.
b) Adjustable Tension: Most dispensers feature adjustable tension settings for tailored tape applications.
c) Cutting Mechanism: A sharp cutting edge ensures precise tape cutting without additional tools.
d) Ease of Use: Ergonomic designs make tape dispensers user-friendly, enhancing efficiency in various settings.

Discover the best packing tape dispenser, sticky tape dispenser, and more in our collection.

Where are tape dispensers commonly used?

Tape dispensers are versatile tools and office supplies widely employed in various settings for seamless and efficient tasks. Here's a glimpse into their common applications:

i) Office Spaces: Tape dispensers are indispensable in office environments, aiding in document organization and packaging tasks.
ii) Packaging Stations: Ideal for packing tape dispensers, these tools simplify the sealing of boxes and parcels securely.
iii) Shipping and Logistics: In shipping departments, tape dispensers play a crucial role in ensuring secure packaging for safe transit.
iv) Crafting and DIY Projects: Sticky tape dispensers are valuable for crafting and DIY enthusiasts, providing precision in adhesive application.

Explore our diverse range, including the best packing tape dispensers and paper tape dispensers, at competitive prices. Enhance your workspace efficiency with reliable tape dispensers from our website.

What are the types of tape dispensers?

Welcome to our website, your go-to destination for office supplies! Explore our range of tape dispensers to find the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Here are the types of tape dispensers available:

1. Packing Tape Dispenser: Ideal for securely sealing boxes and packages.
2. Sticky Tape Dispenser: Perfect for everyday office tasks requiring adhesive tapes.
3. Paper Tape Dispenser: Designed for applications where paper tape is preferred.
4. Box Tape Dispenser: Specifically crafted for efficient box sealing.
5. Hand Tape Dispenser: Offers handheld convenience for various tape types.

Discover the best packing tape dispenser that suits your requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient packaging processes. Our website provides quality tape dispensers at competitive prices, ensuring you have the right tools for your office supplies. For more information on tape dispensers, office furniture, envelopes, and other adhesive solutions, browse our website or contact our dedicated customer support.

Why choose Industrybuying?

Welcome to our website, your ultimate destination for office supplies! Why choose our website for your office essentials? Here are some compelling reasons:

a) Wide Range: Explore our extensive collection of office supplies, including a variety of tape dispensers like packing tape dispensers, paper tape dispensers, and hand tape dispensers.
b) Quality Assurance: Our website ensures top-notch quality in every product, giving you reliable and durable tape dispensers for your packing needs.
c) Affordable Pricing: Find the best tape dispenser price that suits your budget without compromising on functionality.
d) Diverse Options: Whether you need a sticky tape dispenser or a box tape dispenser, Our website offers a diverse range to cater to your specific requirements.

For more information on office furniture, envelopes, tape, glue & adhesives, browse our website or contact our dedicated customer support.

What brands of tape dispensers are available?

Welcome to our website, your premier destination for office supplies! Explore our diverse collection of tape dispensers featuring top brands renowned for quality and functionality:

i) RS Pro: Unleash efficiency with our selection of RS pro tape dispensers designed for seamless packing and organisation.
ii) 3M: Elevate your tape dispensing experience with 3M, offering precision and durability in every use.

Top selling products on Industrybuying:

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Generic Manual Tape Dispenser 1 inch Assorted for Home and Office Use, TCDM-1

Rs 358


Generic Manual Tape Dispenser 3 inch Black for Home and Office Use, TCDM-3

Rs 299


 IFT TDM02 3 inch Metal Tape Dispenser Grey

Rs 418

4 Generic Manual Tape Dispenser 2 inch Black for Home and Office Use, TCDM-2

Rs 308


 Omega 1773 P5 1 Inch Grey Deluxe Mini Plastic Tape Dispenser (Pack of 5)

Rs 468


Omega 1773 P2 1 Inch Grey Deluxe Mini Plastic Tape Dispenser (Pack of 2 )

Rs 468


 IFT TDM01 2 inch Metal Tape Dispenser Grey

Rs 298


 Omega 1782 Ezee-Packer 2 Inch Tape Dispenser Red

Rs 318


 Duro Metal Tape Dispenser

Rs 538


 Deli Tap Dispencer W816

Rs 258

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tape Dispensers

1. What are the key features to consider when choosing the best packing tape dispenser for office use?

When selecting a packing tape dispenser, focus on:

1. Durability
2. Compatibility with various tapes
3. Ease of use

Explore our range for the best packing tape dispenser options that meet these criteria, ensuring efficient and hassle-free sealing of packages.

2. Can you recommend a cost-effective hand tape dispenser for everyday office tasks?

Certainly! Our collection includes hand tape dispensers at competitive prices. Choose from a variety of options that cater to your office tools needs, providing a reliable solution for everyday tape dispensing tasks.

3. How does a paper tape dispenser differ from other types, and what is the price range for these dispensers?

A paper tape dispenser is ideal for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Explore our range to find options at varying price points, ensuring there's a paper tape dispenser suitable for every budget. Enhance your office supplies with this sustainable and efficient tape dispensing solution.

Top Selling Products of Tape Dispensers

Product Name Expected Price Discount Dispatch Time
Omega 1767D 1inch Tape Dispenser - Jumbo Red Rs.229 8% OFF 4 days
Generic Manual Tape Dispenser 3 inch Black for Home and Office Use, TCDM-3 Rs.299 53% OFF 30 days
Omega 1782 Ezee-Packer 2 Inch Tape Dispenser Red Rs.319 - 2 days
Omega 1767BL 1inch Tape Dispenser - Jumbo Blue Rs.250 - 24 hrs
Omega 1775GY Tape Dispenser-Cello Grey Rs.150 - 2 days
3M Grey Tape Dispenser 78806074726 Rs.4490 - 15 days
Sunpack 3 inch Tape Dispenser Rs.1190 - 2 days
Duro Metal Tape Dispenser Rs.539 - 5 days
3M Red Plastic/Metal Tape Dispenser 70006702305 Rs.3190 - 2 days
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