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Plastic pallets are made from either virgin or recycled materials. Virgin plastics are high-performance, durable and resistant to corrosion. Recycled materials are less expensive and more eco-friendly, though somewhat less durable. They are primarily used for short-term projects where durability isn't a significant concern.

Plastic pallets are:

1. A popular choice for food and beverage manufacturers

2. Easily accommodating many different shapes

3. Sizes and materials


These versatile plastic pallets are strong enough to support even your most enormous loads while remaining durable and reliable over long periods. Plastic pallets are certified under FDA and USDA regulations, making them safe for food shipping applications 

Types Of Plastic Pallets 

Export Plastic Pallets:

Export plastic pallets are a cost-effective way to streamline export shipping. They reduce the risk of customs issues based on pallet problems and are easy to ship and store.


Nestable Pallets:

Nestable plastic pallets are used in warehouses and distribution centres to create convenient, compact storage space. Nesting plastic pallets make it easy to ensure products are stacked correctly and evenly.


Stackable Plastic Pallets:

Sturdy, stackable plastic pallets are great for storage situations. They provide consistent support and easily stack on top of one another for quick retrieval. The sturdy plastic pallets are easy to clean and are perfect for tightly stacked inventory in warehouses.


Rackable Plastic Pallets:

Our plastic pallets provide endurance and a sturdy base for superior product handling. They are ideal for use in unsupported racking systems where space needs to be optimized. Their light weight allows for easy handling and makes them durable for shipping long distances.


Uses Of Plastic Pallets 

Plastic pallets are ideal for use when light weight, durability, and resistance to chemicals are essential. Plastic is a popular choice for air freight because it is lightweight, doesn't rust or corrode like metal pallets, and has a smooth surface which makes them easier to clean. Plastic pallets have been used successfully by the food industry for decades because they're also durable, sanitary and resistant to chemicals with limited leaching. 


International Shipping:

Protect your goods with our plastic pallets. These pallets are best used for international shipping and can be heat treated to prevent spreading disease and pests. Plastic is an excellent material for this type of use because it is flexible, lightweight and easy to store.


Chemical Manufacturing:

Plastic pallets for chemical use can also have small spillways or a removable spill deck underneath the pallet. This makes it easier to clean up spills and remove chemicals when they are not in use. Chemical manufacturers and shippers can have very different needs depending on the products they are using pallets for, and the moldability of plastic is helpful in this situation. If drums of chemicals are being transported, pallets can be formed with a recessed ring on the deck for drums to fit in. This makes the drums more secure and less prone to slippage.


Food Production and Processing:

Plastic pallets are exceptionally light, strong and durable. They have low maintenance requirements and can withstand intense temperatures, making them an excellent choice in food processing facilities. The smooth surface of plastic helps to prevent bacterial growth, so it is easy to clean up spills without worrying about cross contamination or other health hazards that can happen with wooden pallets.


In-Store Displays:

Plastic pallets are a great alternative to wooden pallets for use in-store. With much less maintenance, plastic pallets can be used repeatedly without risk of breakage. Plus, many styles of these pallets can be black, which can help hide dirt and other marks that could make their way onto a wooden pallet. They're also available in various sizes and shapes, with many options to fit your needs.


Airline Shipping:

Plastic pallets have been designed to be lightweight but sturdy. They are often stackable, saving space when not in use. These pallets can also be used on aircraft and have been designed to be stackable as well as lightweight. When you need a more durable and cost-efficient pallet for your next order, try the plastic design for yourself.

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Aristo 121016 LW 1200x1000x160 mm Plastic Pallet




Aristo 121016 MW 1200x1000x160 mm Plastic Pallet




SUPREME 1200x1000x125 mm SIM 1210125 CDSS Blue Plastic Pallet



4 Aristo 121015 FT 1200x1000x150 mm Plastic Pallet




Aristo 121014 L PR 1200x1000x140 mm Plastic Pallet




SUPREME 1200x800x125 mm SIM 1280125 CDSS SR 9L Red Plastic Pallet




General frequently asked questions

Q1. Can Plastic Pallets be used for export?

Plastic pallets are an excellent choice for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, and other products that are particularly vulnerable to contamination. They’re lighter and more durable than wooden pallets; however, some manufacturers prefer the aesthetic of wooden pallets.


Q2. What industries use Plastic Pallets?

1. Food and Beverage Industries

2. Electronics Industry

3. Pharmaceutical Industry

4. Retail Stores

5. Chemical Products

6. Exporting Products


Q3. Do Plastic Pallets need to be heat treated?

Plastic pallets are a great choice for the environment and your business. Made of high-density polyethene plastic, they are durable, reliable and easy to clean. Plastic pallets don't harbour insects so there's no need to treat them with heat or chemicals. This makes plastic pallets especially useful for facilities that frequently do business overseas.


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