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Hot air guns are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks. Our website offers a wide variety of hot air guns from top brands like Akari and Generic ranging in price from ₹1000 per piece to ₹40,000. We offer a wide variety of hot air guns and heat guns from top brands at competitive prices. Visit our website today to browse our selection and find the perfect hot air gun for your needs.

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Akari 2000 W Heat Gun Hg-01
Akari 2000 W Heat Gun HG-01
  • Type of Product. : Heat Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Voltage. : 220-230 V
  • Color. : Green
  • Power. : 2000 W
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Rs. 999 / Piece
Ships within 7 days
Metabo Dkng 40/5 5-7 Bar Compressed Air Staple Gun/Nail Driver
Metabo DKNG 40/5 5-7 bar Compressed Air Staple Gun/Nail Driver
by Metabo
  • Type of Product. : Compressed Air Nail Driver
  • SKU Type. : OEM JIT SKU
  • Item Code. : DKNG 40/5
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Rs. 20,990 / Piece
Ships within 15 days
Generic Proforce Hot Air Gun 2000w With Digital Display
Generic Proforce Hot Air Gun 2000W with Digital Display
  • Type of Product. : Hot Air Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Color. : Blue
  • Power. : 2000W
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Rs. 3,990 / Piece Rs. 4,719
15% OFF! You save Rs. 729!
Ships within 15 days
Akari 2000 W Heat Gun Hg
Akari 2000 W Heat Gun HG
  • Type of Product. : Heat Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Voltage. : 220-230 V
  • Color. : Greyish Blue
  • Power. : 2000 W
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Rs. 999 / Piece
Ships within 3 days
Akari Heavy Duty Heat Gun Dc-Hg
Akari Heavy Duty Heat Gun DC-HG
  • Type of Product. : Heat Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Voltage. : 220-230 V
  • Color. : Green
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Rs. 1,190 / Piece
Ships within 10 days
Rs Pro Non Adjustable 2500btu/H 991l/Min Cold Air Gun Model No 2911312
RS PRO Non Adjustable 2500Btu/h 991L/min Cold Air Gun Model No 2911312
  • Type of Product. : Cold Air Gun
  • SKU Type. : OEM JIT SKU
  • Country of Origin. : Great Britain
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Rs. 48,990 / Piece
Ships within 10 days
Ferm Hot Air Gun 2000 W 500 L/Min Air Flow Rate, Ham1019
FERM Hot Air Gun 2000 W 500 L/min Air Flow Rate, HAM1019
  • Type of Product. : Hot Air Gun
  • SKU Type. : OEM JIT SKU
  • Voltage. : 240 V
  • Color. : Blue and Black
  • Power. : 2000 W
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Rs. 2,190 / Piece
Ekavir 1800W Hot Air Gun - Yellow
by Ekavir
  • Type of Product. : Hot Air Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Color. : Yellow
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Rs. 734 / Piece
Out of Stock
Ekavir 1800W Hot Air Gun - Blue
by Ekavir
  • Type of Product. : Hot Air Gun
  • SKU Type. : MarketPlace SKU
  • Color. : Blue
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Rs. 729 / Piece
Out of Stock

Get to Know All About Hot Air Guns

Hot Air Guns are designed to produce a stream of hot air at controlled temperatures. This concentrated blast of heated air can reach temperatures around 100 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the model and settings. The adjustable temperature feature allows you to tailor the heat output to suit your specific task, ensuring optimal results. These handy tools include a heating element, a fan, and a nozzle. As electricity or gas powers the device, the heating element warms up the air, which is then propelled by the fan through the nozzle. The focused airflow allows you to direct the heat precisely where needed, making guns an indispensable asset in various industries and projects.

They are sometimes also known as heat guns. One of the critical advantages of these guns is their versatility. They can be employed in numerous applications, including automotive, construction, electronics, and crafts, among others. You can check for heat gun machine prices on our website.

Application of Hot Air Guns

1. Construction and Remodeling:
a. Stripping paint and varnish from surfaces
b. Removing old wallpaper
cThawing frozen pipes
d. Bending and shaping plastic or PVC pipes
e. Softening adhesives for easy removal

2. Automotive and Marine:
a. Removing decals and stickers
bWelding plastic components
cDrying and curing automotive paint
d. Shrink-wrapping electrical connections

3. Electronics and DIY Projects:
a. Soldering and desoldering electronic components
bShrink tubing for wire insulation
cHeat-shrinking heat shrink sleeves
d. Repairing or modifying plastic parts

4. Crafts and Creativity:
a. Embossing and heat-setting on paper and fabric
b. Wax sealing on envelopes and invitations
c. Crafting with polymer clay
d. Customising and reshaping plastic materials

If you are on the lookout for affordable hot air machines at affordable prices, you can check our website for hot gun prices.

How do hot air guns work?

They function through a simple yet effective mechanism that involves heating and directing airflow. Below is the guide which will take you through of a hot air gun works:

i) Heating Element: Hot gun machines feature a heating element that generates the necessary heat. When activated, the heating element starts to warm up rapidly.
ii) Airflow Generation: As the heating element warms up, it activates a fan within the gun. The fan begins to rotate, generating a steady flow of air.
iii) Temperature Control: Most air guns come with adjustable temperature settings. You can control the heat output by selecting the desired temperature level for your specific task.
iv) Airflow Direction: The heated air is then directed through a nozzle at the front of the hot gun machine. The nozzle focuses and directs the airflow towards the desired target area.
v) Application and Effects: As the hot air is blown onto the surface or material, it transfers heat energy. This heat energy can accomplish various tasks, such as paint stripping, plastic welding, or heat shrinking.

You will find heat guns with digital displays at Industrybuying. Browse our website and find the best fit for all your industrial products, such as cordless power tools available under your budget.

Which materials can be processed using hot air guns?

a. Paint and Varnish: They excel at paint and varnish removal from surfaces, making them a valuable tool for refurbishing furniture, doors, and other painted surfaces.
b. Adhesive Materials: They can soften and loosen adhesives, making it easier to remove stickers, decals, and labels from different surfaces.
c. Plastic and PVC: When it comes to shaping, bending, or welding plastic and PVC materials,  air guns provide precise heat application, ensuring efficient results.
d. Heat Shrink Tubing: They are commonly used for heat-shrinking tubing, providing secure insulation for electrical wires or components.
e. Thawing Frozen Pipes: They provide a speedy and efficient solution for thawing frozen pipes, preventing potential damage and restoring functionality.

Check out our website - for hot air gun price and more.

Safety Measures to take while using hot air guns:

Keep these bullet points in mind to ensure a secure working environment while using hot air guns:

a. Protective Gear: 
Wear heat-resistant gloves, safety glasses, and appropriate clothing to protect your hands, eyes, and body from heat and flying debris.
b. Ventilation: 
Work in a well-ventilated area or use an exhaust fan to prevent fumes' buildup and ensure proper air circulation.
c. Temperature Control: Set them to the appropriate temperature for your task to avoid overheating and potential damage to materials.
d. Keep Flammable Materials Away: Keep flammable substances, such as gasoline, paints, and solvents, at a safe distance to prevent the risk of fire.
e. Avoid Contact with Skin: They produce intense heat. Keep the machine at some distance from the skin to prevent burns. Maintain a safe distance from the nozzle.
f. Power Off and Cool Down: Always power off the hot air gun and allow it to cool down completely before storing or setting it down on surfaces.
g. Proper Cord Handling: Handle the power cord with care to avoid tripping hazards or accidental damage to the cord.
h. Safe Storage: Store them in a designated area away from children and pets. Ensure it is placed on a stable surface to prevent it from falling.

You can explore our website and get yourself the best hot air blower gun at the best prices. These electric glue guns offer a solution for a wide range of tasks, right from removing old paint layers and adhesive materials to shaping plastic or PVC pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Hot Air Guns

1. Can hot air guns be used for cleaning tasks?

: Yes, they can be used for certain cleaning tasks. They are particularly effective in removing stubborn dirt, old paint, and surface adhesive residue. With the right attachments and techniques, they can help in cleaning tasks. For cleaning tools that can complement your air gun, browse through our collection of tools.

2. Are these guns suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike?

 Absolutely! They are versatile tools that can be utilised by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you're working on home improvement projects or are involved in professional applications, our selection of blowers & heat guns are a must-keep in your tool sets.

3. Are hot air guns suitable for removing paint and varnish?

Yes, they are highly effective in removing paint and varnish from various surfaces. The heat softens the paint or varnish, allowing for easy scraping or peeling. It is essential to apply heat evenly and use appropriate scraping tools for optimal results. 
Check out our range of hand blowers on our website.
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