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Saws are one of the oldest known tools. A Saw is a common hand tool used to cut wood, metal or bone to give them a finely cut shape. The basic structure of a saw is a teethed blade with a handle. Saws are used on a common basis in industries and even in homes. 


Types of Saws


A Saw is a basic requirement in any construction site or any kind of industrial work. Over the years, saws have evolved too much, and today in the market there are over 32 types of saws available to fulfil your cutting needs. Sawing is the basic need while manufacturing your product and so knowing which saw is best suited for your requirement is important as the wrong kind could ruin your object. Saws are broadly divided into two categories - Hand Saws and Power Saws


Hand Saws


A Hand Saw is a basic and most well-known cutting tool. A Hand Saw is easily found in every tool kit. Whether you are a professional woodworker, a carpenter or just an enthusiastic home creator, a Hand Saw is one basic tool that you will have in your toolbox. Over time many varieties of Hand Saws have been invented as per your cutting requirements. 


Power Saws


With the advent of the 21st-century, technological developments in other sectors led to advancements in the saws industry as well. Power Saws were developed, which didn't require the human strength and effort to be used for cutting objects. Power Saws run on electricity, and the person using the power saw only needs to use the saw and guide it on the object to make cuts and not use any physical strength. 


Power Saw Vs Hand Saw


A conventional Hand Saw is normally a good idea to have in your toolbox for general purpose cutting. It has a big-toothed blade that can saw back and forth through the wood. An Electric Saw, on the other hand, is great for many projects because it does the heavy lifting for you. A Hand Saw can't create as fine cuts as an Electric Saw.     


Safety Tips for Saw Use


1. Before using any kind of saw, do wear safety gear which includes, goggles or face shield, appropriate hearing gear and a dust mask or respirator. 

2. Make sure that your blade is sharp and clean. Sharp blades are safer and work better.

3. Always use both your hand while operating the Saw.  

4. Check the Saw before using it, especially in the case of Power Saws. Check the blade movement and rotation. 

5. Carefully read the Saw manual before using it and adhere to the instructions provided.

6. Do not put excess pressure on the Saw as it might harm your blade and would also lead you to put more effort into the Saw handling. 

7. Remove Saw blades except for circular blades when not in use and keep it in a place where there is less chance of accidental injuries. 


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Industrybuying offers the best deals on Saws in the marketplace. The site offers products procured from the best global industrial manufacturers, all in one place. 


What are the Best Brands Available for Purchasing Saws Online in India?


Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Eastman, Bosch, Hitachi, Yato, Metabo, and Inder are some of the best brands available for purchasing good quality saws in India. Shop excellent quality saws of these brands on at amazing discounts. The website provides flexible payment options for bulk purchases.


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Makita MLT100 4300 RPM 43.8 kg Table Saw

 Rs. 44,810



Eastman ECS-185 1300 W Circular Saw (No Load Speed 5000 rpm)  Rs. 8,990

 Rs. 8,427


Bosch GKS 7000 Circular Saw 1100 W

 Rs. 8,950

 Rs. 8,647


 Inder 1200 W Electric Circular Saw P-421A

 Rs. 7,452

 Rs. 7,012


 Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut Crosscut saw 619216000

 Rs. 24,580

 Rs. 20,227


Dewalt DCS690N-XJ Cut Off Saw 6600 rpm

 Rs. 46,520

 Rs. 45,179


Hitachi - Koki CJ90VSTS9Z Circular Saw (No load Speed , Weight 2.1Kg)

 Rs. 12,858

 Rs 12,542


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should you wear gloves while sawing?

Ans. Unless instructed otherwise, you should always wear gloves while using any type of Saw. Gloves can reduce the chance of injury as they prevent direct skin contact with the saw.


Q2. Which is the safest type of Saw?

Ans. Jigsaws are one the safest saws among Power Saws as the amount of blade that is exposed is very less. The blade of the jigsaw is usually two-three inches long, and it moves vertically rather than horizontally reading the chances of injuries. 


Q3. Which materials can be cut using handheld Electric Saws?

Ans. All materials, with the exception of some mineral materials and glass can be sawed with handheld Electric Saws.  


Q3. How to prevent the Saw teeth from breaking or cracking?

Ans. The cutting speed of the saw should not be increased unnecessarily, and excess load should not be put on the blade to prevent the saw teeth from breaking or cracking. 


Q4. What kind of saw is the most frequently used?

In most workshops, the famous handsaw is the most popular saw. It's been around for millennia and is still the go-to saw for mitre boxes and basic carpentry. The hacksaw is designed to cut polymers and metals, and it comprises of a fine-toothed blade attached to a tensioned frame.


Q5. What kind of saw is used to cut curves?

A jigsaw is the first instrument that springs to mind when cutting curves, but if the curve is gentle, a circular saw should suffice. Cutting a smooth curve with a circular saw is surprisingly quick and simple. This technique is used to trim rough curves.


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