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Buy Safety Goggles Online At Industrybuying

Safety Goggles are used to protect the eyes from workplace hazards. They are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. The most commonly used safety glasses are made of plastic or glass, but other safety goggles can be made of metal, rubber or even leather.


The type of safety goggles you choose will depend on your needs and what kind of work you do. For example, you may only need regular protective glasses if you work in an office. Still, if you work in a factory or outdoors, you may need something more heavy-duty such as a welding goggle that protects against spark and dust particles.


Welding goggles are explicitly designed for welders who use arc welding torches to melt metal together to form one solid piece. These goggles must be strong enough to withstand the heat generated by these torches without melting away!


Chemical splash goggles protect against chemicals such as acids or solvents that could cause permanent damage if splashed into your eyes while working with them. They are usually made from plastic or glass with filters to block harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes.

Types of safety goggles 

Safety goggles, also known as eye protection glasses, eye goggles, safety glasses, welding glasses etc, are used to protect your eyes from harmful particles. These can be classified into the following types, as per their usage:


Safety Goggles: The most common type of safety goggles is the one that is used while working with heavy machinery or dealing with any power tools. These goggles protect you from small particles and dust. This type of eyewear is also known as eye protection goggles.


Welding Goggle: Welding goggles are used for welding purposes where there is a lot of heat and sparks produced due to friction between two metal pieces which can cause damage to your eyes if not appropriately protected. A pair of welding goggles should be purchased by anyone working professionally or as a hobbyist at home because it protects your eyes from light and sparks produced during the process.


Chemical Splash Goggle: Chemical splash goggles or laboratory glasses are used when working with chemicals such as acids or bases, which can cause harm to your eyes if they come in contact with them. These glasses are a must-have for all the workers who deal with toxic and corrosive substances on a regular basis.

Best-selling products available on Industrybuying

3M 1621 Polycarbonate Safety Goggles for Chemical Splash

Udyogi Edge Over Clear Black Adjustable temple Pack of 300

Twenty4x7 Safety Goggles

3M 1710IN Clear Safety Goggles

Karam ES 001 Scratch-Resistant Clear Safety Goggles Pack of 10

Three reasons to use safety goggles

1. No bargaining with safety

People frequently ask why I need safety goggles when I have regular glasses. My glasses will protect me, so why do I need to bear additional expenses for some safety goggles? The answer is yes, and you need safety goggles to protect your eyes from UV rays, harmful particles and liquids.


2. Better safe than sorry

Eye injuries are expensive and can lead to monumental bills. A visit with an optometrist can easily cost you thousands. Therefore, it is advisable to use protective eyewear when you are at a risk of possible injury—for instance, working in a lab with strong chemicals while welding, etc.


3. Prevent irreversible damage

Accidents could lead to a complete or partial loss of vision. Repairing damaged portions of the eyes can be tricky. Often at times, it is impossible to restore complete vision after accidents. Hence, it is advised that protective equipment be worn at all times while working in hazardous circumstances.

Brands to choose from

Many well-known and trusted brands are available at Industrybuying that provide top-quality safety goggles: Udyogi, 3M, Nu Look, Karam, Honeywell, UFS, RPES, Abrigo, Venus, Yato, Robustt and Mallcom. 

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