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Digital Caliper

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Buy Best Digital Calipers Online

Digital calipers are primarily used in the mechanical engineering, machining and electronics industries. They're also used in gunsmithing and by many other craftsmen and technicians working on smaller projects. This is because they are much more accurate than analogue calipers and can be used to measure both internal and external diameters. Digital calipers feature a digital display, which means they can be quickly zeroed or calibrated without having to perform any calculations. Although these digital devices are more accurate than their analogue equivalents, sometimes it's necessary to do some calculations to ensure you get an accurate reading. 

How Do Calipers Work?

Calipers are used to measure the distance between two parallel surfaces, along with several other dimensions. This includes depth and thickness. The size of calipers can be as varied as their application; they can be digital, dial or vernier. Calipers are used in many industries including engineering, architecture and construction.

The Specification To Use A Digital Caliper

Here are some sections to explore where calipers can be used:



When you need to measure inside of objects or spaces:

1. Use the small legs on the top of the calipers.

2. Place the jaws into the area or object being measured, and then slide them as far apart as they can reach.

3. Once you've reached the outside edge of your object, slide them toward each other until they meet again.


Meauring an outside, slide the jaws of the tool open, place them over the item and then slide them closed until they reach that object. These digital calipers make reading linear measurements fast and accurate. Calibrated in inches or millimetres, these high-precision calipers are ideal for precision work with a variety of materials such as plastics, metal and ceramics.


With a digital caliper, you can measure holes and gaps quickly, easily, and accurately. It is also accompanied by a depth blade that extends out from the bottom or far end when the caliper is open. Press the main bar of the caliper against the top of the hole, and then open the caliper until the blade reaches the bottom.

What Are The Types of Digital Calipers?

Read below the types of calipers available on Industrybuying:

Insize 150mm Digital Vernier Caliper

This digital vernier caliper has a measurement range of 0-150 mm, with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The distance between measuring the jaws is 40 mm. This caliper is made from stainless steel. It has an accuracy of ±0.03 mm and works on SR 44 or LR 44 batteries.

Mitutoyo 150 mm Digimatic Caliper

The 150 mm Digimatic Caliper with SR44 battery is ideal for measuring internal and external dimensions. The moving jaw is designed for reading depth, depth-to-length or pitch diameter measurements. It can also be used for setting inside/outside diameters and pitch diameters without having to take up extra space. It comes with a plastic case and inspection certificate.

Freemans Measuring Range Digital Caliper

Freemans Measuring Range Digital Caliper is used for quick and accurate measurements when working on projects or for laboratory experiments. It features a measurement range between 0-300mm, which covers measurements from millimetres up to inches (0-12"). The tool has an accuracy of +/- 0.02mm/0.001inch, in imperial measurements.

Generic MDIGI8 Digital Caliper

The MDIGI8 from Measurement Systems is a digital caliper that allows you to take accurate measurements with a high level of precision. This compact digital caliper comes with a display that can show readings in both ABS and Metric modes for your convenience. Caliper features: Easy to use; Precise readings; Easy to clean; Compact design. 

Brands with Industrybuying

Freemans, Fulcrum, GENERIC, Groz, Insize, INDER, Jainco, Jlab are the list of brands available with the leading Industrybuying platform. All of these brands have a good name in the industry and sells the best digital caliper products only. 

Price List for Digital Caliper 

Have a look at the digital caliper prices listed for a better understanding of products:

S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Aerospace 150 mm Digimatic Vernier Caliper

 Rs. 1,100

 Rs. 949


Insize 150 mm Digital Caliper 1108-150 Standard Model

 Rs. 3,000

 Rs. 2,220


Yuzuki 300 mm Solar Digital Caliper


 Rs. 4,710

4 Generic MDIGI8 Digital Caliper 0-200 mm

 Rs. 3,200

 Rs. 2,955


Betlex 0-150 mm Digital Vernier Caliper

 Rs. 1,200

 Rs. 920



1. Does the digital caliper need to be calibrated?

The digital caliper is one of the most common hand tools used in the mechanical industry. In the manufacturing industry, under a quality control system, these tools need to be verified and calibrated on a regular basis.


2. Are digital calipers better?

A significant advantage of a digital caliper in comparison to a dial or Vernier tool is the instant digital readout on a built-in LCD, which works well. Large text is easier to read, especially for users with poor eyesight, and operation is very fast, showing results immediately. 


3. How accurate is a digital vernier caliper?

You can choose Digital Vernier Caliper, if cost does not matter. The accuracy of the Digital Vernier caliper is +/- 0.02 mm, which is more accurate and precise than Vernier caliper. Digital Vernier caliper follow national or international measurement standard of measuring units are mm and inch.


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