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Unlock a world of precision inspection with our cutting-edge Videoscope collection. Explore top brands like Insize and SK Niigata Seiki, where prices begin as low as ₹8,990 and extend to a high of ₹75,000. The videoscopes and borescope cameras offer unmatched clarity and efficiency for examining hard-to-reach areas. Our selection provides the vision you need to uncover hidden details for industrial or professional use. Shop now for the clearest insight possible from more brands like Dewalt or Extech etc.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Videoscope

Also known as a video borescope or inspection camera, a videoscope is a versatile tool used for visual inspection in various industries. It consists of a flexible insertion tube with a small camera at its tip, which captures video or still images of hard-to-reach areas. The videoscope camera transmits the images to a display unit, allowing the user to view and analyse them in real time.

What are the types of videoscopes?

Videoscope inspection cameras come in several types based on their design and application. Here are the main types of videoscopes:

  1. Rigid Videoscopes: Rigid videoscopes have a straight, inflexible insertion tube. They are suitable for inspections that require a direct line of sight and access to confined spaces where flexibility is not a requirement. Rigid videoscopes often have a fixed viewing angle.

  1. Flexible Videoscopes: Flexible videoscopes have a flexible insertion tube that allows navigation through curved or complex structures. These videoscopes are highly versatile and can access areas that are difficult to reach with rigid videoscopes. They are commonly used in applications where flexibility is essential for thorough inspections.

  1. Fiberscopes: Fiberscopes are a type of videoscope that use fibre optic bundles to transmit images from the distal end to the eyepiece or display unit. They consist of flexible glass or plastic fibres carrying light signals from the inspection area to the viewing end. While they may provide a different level of image quality than digital videoscopes, they are still used in certain applications, especially in areas with limited space or when budget constraints are a concern.

  1. Digital Videoscopes: Digital videoscopes, also known as electronic videoscopes, are equipped with a miniature camera at the tip of the insertion tube. They capture real-time video or still images, which are displayed on a built-in screen or an external monitor. Digital videoscopes offer high-quality visuals, adjustable lighting, and additional features like image recording, image manipulation, and measurement tools.

  1. Borescopes: Borescope inspection cameras are a type of videoscope specifically designed for inspecting the inside of small-diameter cavities or bores. They often have a long, thin insertion tube and are used to examine the interior of engines, pipes, cylinders, and other narrow spaces. Borescopes can be rigid or flexible and may have different optics or lighting systems depending on the specific application requirements.

  1. Endoscopes: Endoscopes are a specialised type of videoscope primarily used in medical and veterinary fields. They are designed to examine the human body's or animals' internal structures. Endoscopes can be flexible or rigid, depending on the procedure and the area being examined. They are used for diagnostics, minimally invasive surgeries, and therapeutic interventions, providing visual access to organs, cavities, and hollow structures.

Videoscopes are important testing and measuring instruments. Other such tools include a digital manometer, coating thickness metre etc. 

What Are The Applications Of Videoscopes?

Videoscope cameras have numerous applications across various industries. Here are some common applications of videoscopes:

  1. Manufacturing and Quality Control: Videoscopes are used for inspecting manufactured components, ensuring quality control, and identifying defects or abnormalities in production processes. They can be employed to examine welds, check for cracks or flaws in machinery parts, inspect circuit boards, and verify the integrity of various products before they are released into the market. 

  1. Aviation and Aerospace: In the aviation and aerospace industries, videoscopes are crucial for the inspections and maintenance of aircraft components. They help inspect turbine blades, engine compartments, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, and other critical areas. Videoscopes assist in identifying wear and tear, corrosion, foreign object debris (FOD), or any anomalies that may affect the safety or performance of the aircraft.

  1. Automotive Industry: Videoscope cameras are widely used in the automotive industry for diagnosing and inspecting various components. They help inspect engine cylinders, valves, fuel injectors, exhaust systems, and other internal parts without disassembling the engine. Videoscopes are also used for inspecting pipes, ducts, and other hidden areas in vehicles, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting.

  1. Plumbing and HVAC: Video scope cameras are valuable tools for inspecting pipes, drains, and HVAC systems. They aid similarly to drain cameras in locating blockages, leaks, or damage within plumbing systems, reducing the need for invasive and costly exploratory work. In HVAC systems, videoscopes help assess the condition of air ducts, identify blockages, and check for mould or other contaminants that may affect indoor air quality.

  1. Electrical and Power Generation: Videoscopes inspect electrical connections, transformers, switchgear, and other electrical components. They help identify loose connections, corrosion, insulation issues, or overheating, allowing for timely maintenance or repairs. Videoscopes are also used for inspecting power generation equipment such as turbines, generators, and transformers to ensure operational efficiency and detect any abnormalities.

  1. Infrastructure Inspection: Video scopes play a crucial role in inspecting infrastructure elements such as bridges, tunnels, dams, and pipelines. They help assess the condition of structural elements, detect cracks, corrosion, or signs of degradation, and plan maintenance or repair activities. Videoscopes also aid in inspecting confined spaces within these structures, ensuring safety and efficient management.

  1. Law Enforcement and Security: Videoscopes find applications in law enforcement and security settings. They can be used for covert surveillance, inspecting confined spaces during rescue operations, examining suspicious objects, or accessing areas that are difficult to reach. Videoscopes provide visual access and real-time feedback, assisting in critical decision-making processes.

  1. Medical and Veterinary: In the medical and veterinary fields, specialised videoscopes, known as endoscopes, are used for minimally invasive procedures and diagnostics. Endoscopes allow physicians and veterinarians to visualise internal structures, perform surgeries, retrieve samples, and diagnose conditions without the need for major surgery.

These are just a few examples of the wide-ranging applications of videoscopes. Their ability to provide remote visual access to hard-to-reach areas makes them invaluable tools in numerous industries where videoscope inspection, maintenance, and diagnostics are essential. Apart from these, you will also find other industrial products like digital moisture metres on our website at the best prices.

What Are The Popular Brands For Buying Videoscopes?

There are various brands that are available for you to buy videoscopes from, therefore, it becomes essential to choose the best out of them. Some trusted brands are Extech, Insize, Groz, CEM and Rothenberger, known for their top-notch quality. These brands comply with safety regulations and have built up a great brand reputation with time. 

Why Choose Industrybuying?

When it comes to quality products, Industrybuying rises above the competition. The product platform specialises in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural products and caters to SMEs and businesses. The online platform is directed towards providing exceptional quality products at the most affordable prices. The platform allows its customers to avail all the benefits of online shopping. Our website is packed with the best industrial products and basic supplies which are manufactured and sold at competitive prices. IB boasts of providing 100% authentic products at wholesale rates. With experienced customer service professionals and category heads, you are sure to get the proper guidance to quality products from Industrybuying. Shop now.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Rothenberger 1000000065 Inspection and locating tool ROSCOPE 1000 Set TEC 1000

 Rs. 158000


Rothenberger 1500000276 Inspection Camera (ROCAM 3 + CAMERA HEAD) For Pipes

 Rs. 704836


 Insize Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Set ISO3650 Grade 0 Alloy Steel 5103-M1000

 Rs. 219000

4 Dewalt Inspection Camera Black & Yellow DCT410D1-GB (2Ah)

 Rs. 29900


 Insize Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Set for 75-100mm ISO3650 Grade 0 Alloy Steel 5301-D400

 Rs. 413990


 Insize Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Set for 50-75mm ISO3650 Grade 0 Alloy Steel 5104-M700

 Rs. 268000


Insize Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Set for 25-50mm ISO3650 Grade 0 Alloy Steel 5103-M1000BD

 Rs. 517479


 Insize Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Set ISO3650 Grade 0 Ceramic 5102-M600BD

 Rs. 487039

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Videoscope

1. What are the primary features and functionalities of a digital videoscope that make them preferable over a traditional borescope camera?

A digital videoscope offers several primary features and functionalities that make them preferable over a traditional borescope camera. Here are some of the key advantages of digital : Real-time Video Display High Quality Image Resolution Image and Video Recording Image and Video Playback Image and Video Storage Adjustable Lighting

2. What are the key factors to consider when buying a videoscope?

When buying a videoscope, you should consider the following factors: Applications and Purpose Image Quality Size and Flexibility Illumination Durability & Ruggedness Battery life & Power source

3. Can videoscopes be used for inspections in extreme environments, such as deep-sea exploration or outer space missions?

Yes, videoscopes can be used for inspections in extreme environments such as deep-sea exploration and outer space missions. However, specific adaptations and modifications may be necessary to ensure their functionality and durability in these challenging conditions. You can also buy other testing and measuring instruments such as alcohol breath analyser, digital angle metre and coating thickness metre at competitive prices, shop now.
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