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Motors are machines that drive and run an overwhelming number of industrial machinery. They convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. They are used to power an array of machinery – from earthmoving machinery and automobiles to even pumps. The reason why motors are so widely used is that they are simple to operate, are efficient in driving machinery, have cheap installation costs, produce less noise while operating, produce no exhaust whatsoever, can endure high overloads temporarily and are usually equipped with automatic controls. Motors primarily consist of motor accessories such as carbon brush holders, enclosures, stators, rotors, bearings, conduit boxes and eye bolts. An enclosure is responsible for holding the various motor parts together; it also helps in regulating the pent-up heat. Stators are windings of insulated copper wires wrapped around a soft core made of iron. Rotors, as the name suggests, are the rotating components of motors which are opposed by the magnetic fields emanated by stators. A conduit box is the point where the windings of the motor are actuated by the supplied electrical power. An eye bolt is a metallic noose where a hoist is adjusted in order to raise and lower the motor without causing it any damage.

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