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A lawn mower is a lawn-cutting machine utilising one or more revolving blades to trim or mow a grass surface to an even height. Lawn Mowers with single wheels have just one lever on the back or side to adjust all four wheels at once; on larger (usually commercial) mowers, there are typically separate levers for each wheel. Adjustments may be made with an adjustment rod or link connecting two adjacent wheels, allowing simultaneous adjustment. 

Lawn Mowers are appropriate for farmers, gardeners, or anyone who wants to trim or mow the extra bushes or weeds in their garden/ field. These lawn cutting grass machines have unique wheels that help them move quickly on hard surfaces like the floor, road and field. The wheels also protect the machine's body from breaking down when hitting hard surfaces like stone. 

Industrybuying is your one-stop shop for purchasing Manual Lawn Mowers online. We sell several Lawn Mowers from top brands at wholesale, and our lawn mower prices with secure and flexible payment options. Kisankraft petrol lawn mowers are amongst our most popular lawn mowers. 

Types of Lawn Mowers 

Beginners, experts and everyday homeowners alike need to purchase a lawn mower for their yard, but not all mowers are suited to every need. Before deciding which mower to buy, read our comprehensive list of the most used lawnmowers.

Ride-on Mowers

Riding lawn mowers are popular among lawn owners, especially those with extensive gardens. These make light work of mowing lawns by cutting down the time it takes you to cut your grass. They also make the experience more enjoyable and make your back less strained. Regarding efficiency, ride-on mowers are far superior to walk-along mowers, but they have a price tag to match. 

Walk Mowers

Walk mowers are the best option for people with a smaller lawn or who prioritise the features of walk mowers over speed. Many types of walk mowers vary in price, quality and features. Walk mowers come down into the following categories: Push-pull rotary, Rear roller walk mulchers, Rear roller fixed blades, Mulching decked ride-on (both with shanks or without), and Zero-turn radius walk mowers. 

Rotary Mowers

Rotary Mowers work best on medium to long grass. It tends to bash and thrash the blades of grass around and slice them on impact due to the high rotation speed, which results in an accurate and even cut. You can leave longer in between mowing sessions without any negative impact.

Push Mowers

If you're looking for lawn cutters which deliver great value, then a push mower is worth considering. They are inexpensive and lightweight, and you can use them in any season. A push mower offers manoeuvrability, laying out a good path across your yard without worrying about dragging or leaving unsightly lines behind. It also tends to be easier to operate than other lawnmowers. 

Manual Lawn Mowers

Manual-powered lawnmowers essentially push mowers with an engine. However, the engine only provides power to the blades, so the user must provide all the momentum by pushing the mower. This makes them environmentally friendly and inexpensive as they require no gas or electricity. They are also reticent but can be challenging to use if your garden is enormous.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are hugely popular due to their advantages. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and manoeuvre. Due to their small size, they are easier to store than other mowers, and they never run out of gas like battery-powered mowers. These lawnmowers require no expensive maintenance or charging, making it easy for anyone to use them on the spur of the moment.

Advantages of Manual Lawn Mower

Lawn Mowers are the best to maintain the health of your lawn. Electric motors and gas-powered machines tear, shred and leave remnants that make your lawn vulnerable to disease, insects and errant pets. A cleanly cut blade leaves grass in optimal condition for recovery.


Lawn Mowers are a better option for the environment and your lawn. They are easy to push and use, and with less effort comes less pollution. Plus, a clean, manicured lawn looks excellent—and the scissor-like cutting motion of reel mowers makes for a pristine and even-looking lawn. 


Lawn Mowers are the only tool that doesn't put off pollution or greenhouse gasses. They require no maintenance and have no carbon-emitting engine to maintain, so they're an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.


Lawn Mowers are easy to use and maintain. No gas or batteries are required, just you and the manual power provided by your muscles. Their cutting blade design has sharpened serrated edges that slice through grass blades and mulch them into tiny pieces. Clean-up after mowing is as simple as raking up the clippings.

How can we pick the right Manual Lawn Mower?

Manual Lawn Mowers are an excellent choice for people who want a lawn-mowing solution that saves time, money and effort. A good manual mower will last you many years without requiring repair, making it a cost-effective option in the long run. Below are a few tips which can help you in picking the right lawn mowers


1. Keep the weight of the lawn mower in mind when looking for one.

2. The bigger the lawn mower, the heavier it will be, but picking such a mower will help reduce your rounds on the field.

3. Always go for a Lawn Mower with a robust body and a warranty. 

4. Look for the height of the lawn mower and select an option which lets you adjust the blade height.

5. Having a gas spray has a healthy and beneficial effect on your lawn, so make sure your mower is equipped with them

6. Do not purchase a Lawn Mower which takes time to start

Best brands dealing in Manual Lawn Mowers

Falcon, Unison, Kisankraft Lawn Mowers and Vimal are some of the best brands dealing in manual lawn mowers at Industrybuying. 

Maintenance of the Manual Lawn Mower

1. Change the engine oil frequently 

2. Clean the blades regularly

3. Check for repairs

4. Wash off excess grass clippings

5. Keep the lawn mower away from rain and moisture to avoid rusting


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