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Experience a revolution in soil preparation with Power Tillers and Rotary Tillers. These agricultural powerhouses are designed to revolutionize soil preparation, making them essential for modern farming. You can choose from renowned brands like KisanKraft, Honda, and Neptune, each offering a variety of models to suit your needs. Prices for power tillers on this page cater to diverse budgets, starting from approximately INR 13,000 for entry-level to advanced Neptune models available at approximately INR 1,00,000. Whether you're a small-scale farmer or overseeing larger agricultural operations, our comprehensive range of Power Tillers and Rotary Tillers empowers you to enhance productivity while accommodating your budget.

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What Are Tillers?

Tillers are two-wheeled, rotary-equipped agricultural tools that are versatile in their applications. power tillers can be used for various tasks in addition to tilling the ground, including ploughing, sowing seeds, planting seedlings, adding fertiliser etc. 


Attaching a garden and landscaping cultivator to the power tiller, such as ploughs, seeders, planters, pumps, sprayers, harvesters, threshers, and carriers, allow for completing all these extra chores. Mini Tiller 6.5 hp can be used on small and large farms, but they are especially suggested for farms with smaller plots of land or uneven terrain that might make maneuvering  challenging or even dangerous. You have to be cautious while buying the machine as there are many parameters to consider. You must know the market trend to get the right power tiller price under top brands.

What Are The Different Sizes of Tillers?

1. Small Tillers:

These compact mini-power tillers 6.5 hp are ideal for vegetable and fruit farms since they have limited cultivation areas, relatively soft soil that doesn't require vigorous tilling, and crops that must be moved through without damaging them.


2. Medium-sized Tillers:

These tillers are appropriate for farms with harder, rockier soil. The rotating tines of these tillers move the machine forward.


3. Large-sized Tillers:

These are appropriate for larger farms, with enough room to manoeuvre the tiller as needed. The wheels on these tillers move them forward. A rotary tiller for tractor is one of the ideal machines used for large cultivating areas, which helps in getting the work done on time. 

Maintenance And Storage Of The Tillers

Tillers are very easy to store and require less space, such as an electric power tiller. Take a look at tillers' advantages and ease of storage-

➯ There is less storage space needed with tillers.

➯ Compared to tractors, tillers use less fuel. While a tractor needs two liters of diesel to do an hour's worth of work, a power tiller just needs one.

➯ Compared to tractors, tillers require less maintenance. Additionally, tillers will last longer if farmers are vigilant about keeping sufficient fuel levels, cleaning the tillers daily, and changing the engine oil as necessary.

➯ Tillers are more maneuverable than tractors, which is a crucial factor to consider on small farms and farms with mountainous terrain. An agricultural power tiller is the best tool for the cultivation process. 

➯ When there is a severe labour shortage, power tillers are helpful. They are also helpful in areas with no labour shortage because the labour may be used for other, less strenuous work. Tillers will also work more efficiently and quickly than human and animal labour.

➯ tillers work well on various terrains, including flat land, hilly terraces, and submerged and dry fields.

➯ Rotary power tillers are perfect for tiny spaces where plants are arranged in tight rows because they can be moved easily between the rows without causing damage to or harming the plants. When comparing their specifications, you must buy power tillers and cultivator attachments, which are durable and quality assured. 

Precautionary Measures While Using Tillers

Tillers are heavy-duty machinery, specifically a 6 hp power tiller,  and must be operated with care. These multi-utility machines include a variety of attachments, including a cage wheel, seed drill, fertilizer sprayer, and plough. They are also cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and less expensive than a standard tractor. 


➯ Thoroughly read the owner's manual. Discover the function of each lever and control. Make sure you can swiftly stop the agriculture power tiller machine.

➯ Learn how to safely use the machine operations if you buy or rent a new machine.

➯ Never let someone operate a device which hasn't been practised properly

➯ Always check the machine for loose, damaged, or broken components. Before usage, make any necessary repairs or replacements.

➯ Make sure that every shield and guard is in position.

➯ When the engine is stopped and cool, fuel it outside. Wait a few minutes for the engine to cool before refueling. Avoid smoking when handling fuel. Clean up any spillage.

Popular Brands Dealing in Tillers at Industrybuying

Xtra-Power, Texas, Standard, Falcon, Egrocare, Honda, Stihl and many other top brands are available at Industrybuying. These brands provide excellent quality power tillers with high performance.

Best Brands Dealing in Tillers at Industrybuying

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


AgriPro Mini Power Tiller APMT52 

Rs. 9,990 


Neptune NC-41E Electric Tiller 1500W Cultivator Rotavator Weeder 

Rs. 18,000 


Neptune Garden Power Tiller 52 CC Cultivator Rotatory NC-52 Weeder 

Rs. 17,800 

4 Greenleaf 18 Inch Hitch for 7 & 9HP Petrol Power Weeder & Tiller 

Rs. 1,480 


Neptune 2 Stroke 62cc Heavy Duty Inter Crop Cultivator 

Rs. 27,800 


Agripro 28mm/26mm Round BladeTiller Attachment for Brush Cutter 

Rs. 2,480 


Stihl Power Weeder 40.2 CC BC 230 

Rs. 29,900 


Agripro 28mm Straight Blade Tiller Attachment for Brush Cutter 

RS. 2,480 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Tillers

1. What is the use of power tillers in agriculture?

Power Tiller is designed for all types of soil. It is ideal where the land is small, and farmers carry out fewer agricultural activities. Power tiller helps in preparing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seeds, and adding & spraying fertilizers, herbicides & water. In addition, it also helps in pumping water, harvesting, threshing & transporting crops.

2. How are power tillers and tractors different?

The power tiller is a small tractor that rotates and mixes the soil, turning it over to form swales and narrow rows to aerate better and grow better crops. It is also known as an electric power weeder. This small tractor rotates and mixes the soil, turning it over to form swales and narrow rows to aerate better and grow better crops.

3. What are the major components of a power tiller?

A power tiller is a type of garden equipment used to cultivate the land by converting manual force into useful energy. It consists of the following main parts: (1) Engine, (2) Transmission gears (3) Clutch, (4) Brakes (5) Rotary unit. By making the tiller work, you can easily get the desired result in cultivating the soil.

4. What are rotary tillers used for?

A tractor-mounted rotary tiller combines the benefits of two different tillage tools, a plough and a chisel plough, in one unit. The agriculture power tiller is designed to work with tractors ranging from 15 to 100 Hp.
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