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Magnetic Accessories

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A Comprehensive Guide on Magnetic Accessories

Magnetic accessories are a modern and innovative solution that simplifies our daily lives by using the power of magnets. They are versatile and practical, providing a secure and reliable way to attach and detach various items without traditional fasteners or adhesives. Magnetic accessories are available in several types, including phone mounts, tool holders, cable organisers, key holders, and more, which can be used for various purposes.

With their ease of use, flexibility, and durability, they are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to help organise and streamline our daily routines. Check out our affordable range of industrial equipment and other
Tool Kits Sets & Storage.

How do magnetic accessories work?

Magnetic accessories use the power of magnets to provide a secure and reliable way to attach and detach various items. Below are the points explaining how they work:

a. Magnetic accessories are designed with one or more magnets embedded in their structure.

b. When placed near a ferromagnetic material, such as iron or steel, the magnet creates a magnetic field that attracts the material towards it.

c. This attraction force provides a secure and reliable way to attach and detach items, eliminating the need for traditional fasteners or adhesives.

d. They are easy to use and install, simply place the accessory near the ferromagnetic material and let the magnet do the work.

e. The magnets used in them are typically made from neodymium, a strong and durable material that ensures a long-lasting hold.

They can be used in manufacturing many tools such as non-sparking tools, screwdrivers & nut drivers, spanners, antimagnetic tools, and more. You can find a large selection of premium goods that are intended to satisfy the demands of various industries on our website. Whether you need a magnetic hook to hang tools or a magnetic card holder for your office, we have it all.

Types of magnetic accessories

Magnetic accessories are of several types, some of the important ones are mentioned below:

a. Cable magnets: Cable magnets are designed to hold cables and wires in place.

b. Magnetic hooks: Magnetic accessories feature a hook that can be attached to a ferromagnetic surface, making them perfect for hanging tools, towels, or other items.

c. Magnetic holders: These accessories feature a magnet and a holder, providing a secure way to hold various items in place.

d. Magnet clips: Magnetic Clips uses the power of magnets to hold items together, such as papers, documents, or photos.

e. Pen with magnetic cap: Pens that feature a magnetic cap ensure the cap stays securely in place.

f. Magnetic card holder: A holder that uses a magnet to hold a card in place, such as an ID card or access card.

g. Magnetic glass boards: Glass boards feature a magnetised surface, allowing you to attach notes, documents, or other items to the board.

h. Magnetic pen stand: A stand that uses a magnet to hold a pen in place, ensuring that it stays securely in place and within reach.

i. Magnetic pen holder: It is similar to a pen stand but designed to be attached to a ferromagnetic surface, such as a refrigerator or a tool cabinet.

j. Magnet hanger: A hanger that uses magnets to attach to a ferromagnetic surface, provides a secure and reliable way to hang items.

k. Magnetic paper clip: A clip that uses magnets to hold papers or documents together, providing a secure and easy-to-use alternative to traditional paper clips.

Where can magnetic accessories be used?

They are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Read on to know where you might find them being used:

a. Tool storage:  Hooks, holders, and hangers can be used to store and organize tools in a workshop or garage, keeping them easily accessible and in order.

b. Office: Magnetic paper clips, card holders, and glass boards can be used to keep documents, notes, and other items organised and in place in an office setting.

c. Home: They can also be used in a home setting to organise items such as keys, pens, and notes.

d. Automotive industry: Holders of magnets and hangers are widely used in the automotive industry for holding and organising tools and parts during repairs or maintenance.

e. Manufacturing industry: As such cables and holders of magnets can be used in manufacturing and assembly settings to hold wires, cables, and parts in place.

f. Retail settings: Magnetic accessories can also be applied in retail settings to display and organize products, such as using hooks of magnets to hang items from a display rack.

Thanks to their versatility, they are a valuable addition to any workspace or setting. Check out our range of Non Sparking Tools

Why are magnetic accessories becoming increasingly popular?

They are gaining popularity in a variety of sectors and settings, and for good reason. 

a. Ease of use: They are incredibly easy to use, with no complicated installation or setup required. Simply place the magnet where you need it and it will hold your items securely in place.

b. Versatility: They are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, from tool storage to retail displays.

c. Space-saving: They can help save space by keeping items organized and off of surfaces, freeing up valuable workspace.

d. Accessibility: They keep items easily accessible and in plain sight, reducing the time and effort needed to locate and retrieve items.

Who can benefit from using magnetic accessories?

a. People who need to organise or store metal objects, such as screws, nuts, or bolts, can use card holders,  glass boards, and magnetic paper clips.

b. Artists or designers who need to keep their tools organized and within reach can use magnetic pen stands, magnetic pen holders, and pens with magnetic caps.

c. Mechanics and engineers who work with delicate or precision instruments can use antimagnetic tools to avoid interference with sensitive equipment.

d. DIY enthusiasts who enjoy working on projects around the house or in their workshop can use magnetic hangers and other accessories to keep their workspace tidy and organised.

e. Anyone looking for a quick and easy solution for attaching or hanging objects without drilling holes or using adhesives can benefit from using them.

f. Companies in various industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and maintenance, can benefit from using them to improve efficiency and productivity in their operations.

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Ozar Permanent Magnetic Chucks Round Type 125mm AMC-0635

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Airmax Bore 32 mm Series TC Clamp For Magnetic Bracket APM-6

 Rs. 890


Airmax Bore 80 mm Series TC Clamp For Magnetic Bracket APM-8

 Rs. 890

4 Airmax Bore 125 mm Series TC Clamp For Magnetic Bracket APM-10

 Rs. 890


Airmax Bore 160 mm Series TC Clamp For Magnetic Bracket APM-16

 Rs. 1380


Ozar Magnetic Hold Fasts 45mm AMH-0650

 Rs. 1990


Ozar Magnetic Hold Fasts 55mm AMH-0651

 Rs. 2480


Ozar Magnetic Hold Fasts 70mm AMH-0652

 Rs. 2990

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Magnetic Accessories

1. How can magnetic accessories be used in the office?

Magnetic accessories such as glass boards, pen stands, and magnetic paper clips can be used to organise documents, notes, and memos on a metal surface, while pen and magnetic caps and cardholders can help to keep stationery and business cards in place. These accessories can also be used in conferences and meetings to display charts and diagrams.

2. What are the advantages of using magnetic hooks and hangers in a workshop?

Hooks and hangers can be used to organise tools and equipment in a workshop, making them easily accessible when needed. They can hold items such as wrenches, pliers, and other metal tools, while clips and magnets of cable can be used to secure cables and wires in place. This not only saves time but also lowers the involvement of risk of tools and equipment getting misplaced or lost.

3. How can magnetic holders be useful for DIY projects at home?

Magnetic Holders can be used in DIY projects at home to hold screws, nuts, and bolts in place while working on a project. This ensures that small parts do not get lost or misplaced during the project. Additionally, they can be used to hold tools and other metal objects, keeping them easily accessible and reducing the risk of accidents.
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