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Power Tools are time-saving gadgets invented to finish jobs that different conventional tools may take considerably longer to finish. There are diverse sorts of power tools available nowadays that run on power-efficient modes like electricity, internal combustion, and compressed air. Power tools assist in saving time and effort. Chop saws, angle grinders, drills, grinders, rotary hammers, and jigsaws are some examples of commonly used power tools.


Power Tools available at Industrybuying

Industrybuying has a huge variety of quality power tools available online. These power tools are subdivided into many categories for higher knowledge of your requirement and usage. Whether it is Demolition hammers, chop saws, Angle grinders, saws, marble cutters, rotary hammers, drill kits, electric screwdrivers, etc., we got you covered for all your Industrial needs.

We have the best brands available on this platform, which include: Hitachi, Powerhouse, Makita, Bosch, etc.


Demolition Hammers

The demolition Hammer is one of the power tools particularly designed for the demolition of the structure. It is also called a stomping hammer. Demolition hammer tools are strong enough to break down diverse structures which include concrete surfaces, wooden equipment, and tile flooring.



A saw is a tool used for cutting strong substances to preferred lengths or shapes. Most saws take the shape of a thin metallic strip with teeth on one facet or a thin metal disk with teeth on the periphery.


Electric Drills

Electric Drills are commonly used for boring holes in almost all structures. Electrical Drills can also be used for plenty of different tasks, facilitated through several accessories and attachments. These consist of sanding, grinding, mixing paint, etc.


Hot Air Guns

Hot Air Guns are also known as heat guns or hot air stations. They are used in electronics to desolder and remodel surface-mounted circuit board components.



The screwdriver Tool is commonly hand-operated and is used for turning screws with slotted heads. For screws with one straight diametral slot cut across the head, standard screwdrivers with flat blade tips are used.


Wood Routers & Trimmers

A Wood Router is an exceptional power tool to own because it is transportable and may be used for a range of cutting, trimming, and shaping tasks on wooden, plastic, metallic, and laminated surfaces. Indeed, many woodworkers consider the router to be the single most flexible woodworking power tool in their arsenal.

A Trimmer is a handheld tool commonly used for cutting shapes or angles out of plastic, wood, or paper. They work by applying strain to the location you want to create a cut or shape.


Pressure Washer

Pressure washers use a gas engine or an electric motor to power a pump, which forces water at high pressure through a concentrating nozzle. It uses high-pressure water spray to eliminate loose paint, mould, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects which include buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. The resulting blast washes away accumulated grime on surfaces, such as decks, driveways, and patios.


Electric Impact Wrench

Impact Wrenches are found in the device chests of mechanics everywhere. They're typically used for loosening lug nuts from cars and trucks. However, they can also be utilized in any high-torque application.


Speciality Tools

Special Purpose Tools are the tools designed to perform a specific task. From Pipe Cutters and Wrenches (for plumbers) to Punches and Scribers (for machinists) General offers more special-purpose hand tools than any other supplier.


Cordless Power Tools

As the name indicates, cordless power tools come without a wire and you do not need to rely upon a secondary power source. Cordless tools provide more flexibility and portability. When operating on numerous tasks or in tight spaces, cordless tools can help you manoeuvre and move about freely without the risk of tripping or tangling in a wire.


Electric Planer

An Electric Planer shaves and shapes wood like a hand plane, a belt sander, and a jointer, all rolled into one. You can use it for levelling joists, making stubborn doorways close easily, and constructing projects for your workshop.

Industrybuying has more such power tools available which are exceptionally useful and time-saving. Click on the power tool category to explore more products.


Some of the best Power Tools available at Industrybuying:


BOSCH GWS 600 professional Angle Grinder for Metal Working (with Brush Motor & Protective Guard - 660W, 100MM, M10)

Key Features:

1. It provides a flat gear head, allowing ease of work in confined spaces

2. The motor is cooled by a fan

3. The gearbox is made entirely of metal

4. Locking the Spindle Guard is included

5. Switch that locks on

6. Carbon Brushes that can be replaced

7. Easy-to-adjust anti-rotation protective guard for providing durable protection.

8. The gear head can be rotated in 90-degree increments


Makita HM1205C Demolition Hammer 9.7 kg

Key Features: 

1. Easy bit installation and removal using a one-touch sliding chuck.

2. For best performance, electronic speed control is used.

3. For convenience, the bit can be set to 12 places.

4. When it's time to replace the carbon brush, LED lights will light up.


Dewalt D28870-B1 Chop saw 14 Inch

Key Features:

1. Crosscuts that are quick and accurate are simple to execute.

2. Versatile Design with Power and Ease-of-Use

3. Features That Make Accurate Cuts More Convenient

4. Wheel changes are quick and easy without the use of any tools, and transportation is simple.


Bosch GSR 18 V-EC Cordless Drill Driver

Key Features:

1. High quality and durability: Brushless motor and full metal chuck

2. Features that are unique: Clutch Precision and Kickback Control

3. Best in terms of ergonomics and compactness: New grip design and shorter head length

4. 0 600 / 0 1900 rpm in no-load mode (1st gear / 2nd gear).

5. Lithium-ion cell type

6. Screw diameter maximum: 10 mm


Akari APT-CW-03 2300W Portable High-Pressure Electric Car Washer

Key Features:

1. Any type of outdoor cleaning.

2. It transforms into the ultimate mobile pressure washing solution.

3. Electric Pressure Washer with the Most Versatile and Innovative Features.

4Use it in the Mobile Cart to safely transport it from project to project.

5. A garden hose with a water supply and an electrical outlet is available.


Dewalt 82mm D26676 550W Portable Hand Planer

Key Features:

1. The 5.5 Amp motor ensures a smooth, even finish in the toughest woods.

2. A removal rate of 34,000 cuts per minute is achieved.

3. 1/64 The maximum cut depth is (1.5mm).

4. Reversible carbide blades are also accepted for enhanced blade life and material polish.

5. 1/16" depth adjustment knob calibrated (1.5mm approximately).

6. Parallelism of cut is ensured by precisely-machined front and back metal shoes.

7. The kickstand enables the user to rest the planer on the work area without damaging it.

8. Edge chamfering is possible because of the precisely machined groove in the front shoe.


Things to keep in mind while using power tools:


1. Purchase appropriate and quality products  

2. Never preserve a strength tool through its wire

3. Wear a suitable personal protective device for the activity which you are performing. For Example: shielding eye gear, leather-based gloves, etc.

4. Check your tools on an everyday basis to ensure that they're running nicely. Check if any replacement is needed

5. Make certain that your tools are saved securely in a tool kit/box

6. Don’t use electrically powered equipment in wet situations except if they're intended for use in water.

7. Never depart your tools unattended.


How do Power Tools make Life Easier?

Power Tools save time and effort whilst performing a particular task. They are used in industrial areas, construction sites, gardens, and household chores such as cooking, cleaning, drilling, polishing, painting, polishing, routing, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, etc. They can be managed by professionals as well as common people for basic to advanced everyday life applications. One needs to be aware of the model and build of a product before using it. Some precautions need to be taken care of while handling Power tools.


Things to Keep in Mind while Shopping Power Tools:


1. Always buy appropriate and good quality products. Industrybuying sells the best quality power tools at great prices withinside the market.

2. Purchase the tools according to your needs only. For example: Don’t use a wrench as a hammer.

3. Select the tool according to the load that you can handle.

4. Select the size of the device according to your manageability.

5. Look for the best prices available. Industrybuying constantly has the best offers going on its website.

6. Check for the reviews of the product before making a purchase. Industrybuying is transparent with its users. You may constantly take a look at the evaluations of all the tools available.


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Dewalt D28870-B1 Chop saw 14 Inch

Rs. 18,000

Rs. 13000


HIKOKI Electricity Cut Off Machine 14 Inch Chop Saw CC14STDS9Z

Rs. 16,950

Rs. 9,600


Bosch 355 mm Bench Top Cut off Saw GCO 220 Professional

Rs. 14,850

Rs. 9,142


Planet Power Ec4 Pr. Yellow 1200W Marble Cutter

Rs. 3,410

Rs. 2,560


Black & Decker CD121K50-IN Cordless Drill Machine/Driver with Multi-Torque Clutch, Keyless Chuck & 50 Accessories Kitbox- Wood, Metal & Concrete, 1.3 Ah, 12 Volts, 10mm, Ni-Cd, 2 Year Warranty

Rs. 7,470

Rs. 2,531


Black & Decker Battery Powered Cordless Screwdriver A7073 130 RPM

Rs. 1,575

Rs. 700

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