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A Wall Chaser is a technological power tool that is used to cut narrow grooves in the walls. This twin-bladed tool is mainly used by plumbers and electricians primarily to create narrow channels in brick, stone, and concrete walls for electrical installations. 




Having the right equipment is more important than you might deem it to be. Basically, certain elements are instructed to be assessed while comparing the most suitable wall chaser.


1. The appropriate Cutting width is recommended to be adjusted between 10-40mm.

The cutting width of the instrument is described by the size of the cutter head used. The process works by the continuous motion between the disc blades and the distance washer. 


2. The definitive range of Cutting depth varies from 5 to 75mm. In order to adjust the cutting depth of the wall chaser, it is recommended to have an adjustment knob.


3. The appropriate number of discs is crucial. It depends on the area it is being used. If used for professional purposes, six discs are ideal, whereas for home, two to four discs work well. The more discs used, the better and more flexible experience is, with smooth operation, and long-lasting grooves. 


4. The capacity of the chaser to cut the chases is basically decided by a disc diameter


For a safer and faster experience, it is reasonable to use a heavy machine, as the chaser will be sounder and more effective when the diameter is large. 


5. It is necessary to have a vacuum cleaner attached to it since the machine induces ample dust and detritus. Thus an apparatus needs a dust extraction system that should be effective enough to collect dust produced by the machinery. 




It is always important to be extra cautious while working with heavy pieces of equipment. Here are a few tips-


1. The first and foremost warning is to keep the kids and pets distant from the appliance when in use so that no one gets fatal injuries.


2. It is a must to use personal safety equipment, including safety goggles, hearing and respiratory protection aids, and gloves. 


3. Carefully check for electrical wire ducts and heating pipelines under the floor or behind the wall to avoid any misplacement leading to loss.


These are some basic yet most important points to ponder before using a wall chaser. Apart from these, focus on the type of wall. If it's hard and concrete, use the chaser in a diagonal position for safety reasons.


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Xtra Power 2700W Input Power Wall Chaser XPT 418

Rs. 13,474

Rs. 10,381


Bosch 1400 W Wall Chaser GNF 35 CA

Rs. 46,600



Ferm WSM1009 1700W Wall Slotter (Dia 125mm)

Rs. 16,000

Rs. 15,614


Ingco WLC15008 Wall Chaser Grinder with 4 Discs 220-240V

Rs. 9,000

Rs. 8,337


Eibenstock EMF 180.1 Wall Chaser 2300 W

Rs. 140,349

Rs. 125,355


Ferm WSM1008 1600W Wall Slotter (Dia 150mm)




Dongcheng 150 mm 1400W Electric Groove Cutter/Wall Chaser DZR02-150

Rs. 8,400

Rs. 7,985





  • Is it safe to buy Wall Chaser online?


It is completely safe to purchase a Wall Chaser online after precisely examining the details of the product and verifying the site from where you are buying. 


  • Can Wall Chasers be used on load-bearing walls? 


The perimeter walls of the house, the load-bearing walls, commonly don't get affected by the wall chasers, but crucially this depends on the depth of the tracks. The depth of cut of the grooving machine will not be more than 2.5cm if the tracks are made for laying the corrugated lines of the electrical system. The tracks are required to be filled with mortar again to keep the bearing wall steady and stable. Whereas for plumbing purposes, it is recommended not to affect the bearing walls. 


  • How to use a Wall Chaser?


The Wall Chaser makes super tiresome tasks convenient, but it is necessary to comprehend that it still is a dangerous tool and not something to be disarrayed around with. There are certain predefined zones that are suggested to be contemplated carefully before operating this equipment. The use of this tool must be learnt beforehand following the levied principles of operation. There are some specific matters that are instructed to be evaluated carefully. Such as-


  • What is the objective of the cut you are trying to hit?


This implies whether the cut made is for plumbing use or electrical setup. Carefully estimate the diameter and work accordingly. 


    • Depth and Width prerequisites:  The process should start only after a standard calculation of the measurements so that the hole isn't too narrow or larger than the required size. 


  • The path groove should be cut:  Either draw the path with a pen or pencil or with a laser pointer for clarification and ease in finishing off the entire procedure in an accurate and error-free manner. 



  • Where to shop Wall Chaser in India? 


With a long list of companies selling Wall Chasers, delivers standard products at unbeatable prices. Our team puts an immense amount of effort into delivering the product at the best value, prioritising customers’ satisfaction. 


  • Different types of Wall Chaser Available online?


Wall Chasers are broadly divided into two types:


1. One that comes with discs can stand for a longer duration of time for any sort of cutting task. Technically the discs are two to six and can swiftly cut through any material. This category of wall chasers normally has segmented diamond discs fitted.


2. And the other ones that come with cutters are generally avoided for cutting through certain hard-surfaced materials, for example, stones or a concrete wall. Instead of blades, these sort of wall chasers come with cutters making them reasonably fit for cutting soft materials like plaster or wood.


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