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Dive into precision measurements with our range of cathode ray oscilloscopes (CRO). Explore renowned brands like Crown and HTC or accurate and reliable testing equipment. Starting with the cost-effective oscilloscope at just INR 30,500 and reaching the advanced cathode ray oscilloscope at INR 3,50,000, we offer a diverse selection of CROs for various applications. Ensure precise waveform analysis and signal monitoring with our cathode ray oscilloscopes from brands like RS PRO which are designed for professionals in electronics, engineering, and more. Choose the ideal oscilloscope for your specific needs.

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A Guide On Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

This (CRO), also known as an oscillo scope, is a versatile electronic measuring instrument used to visualize electrical waveforms. It displays these waveforms on a screen using a cathode ray tube (CRT). CROs are available in various types such as digital oscilloscope (DSOs) and storage oscilloscopes (DSOs). They offer precise measurements and are widely used in industries for testing and analyzing electronic signals. You can find a wide range of these oscilloscopes at competitive prices from renowned brands like Tektronix, Rigol, and Siglent oscilloscope. Explore our collection of handheld and buy oscilloscopes online for accurate waveform analysis. Check out other electronic measuring instruments like Boxes, Distortion Meters, and LCR Meters.

How does a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope work?

This (CRO), such as the ones available is a versatile electronic measuring instrument used to analyze electrical waveforms. Here's how it works:

  • a. The CRO captures the electrical signal to be analyzed.

  • b. The signal is amplified and applied to the vertical deflection plates.

  • c. The horizontal deflection plates produce a sweep voltage that moves the electron beam horizontally across the screen.

  • d. The beam's intensity is controlled by the input signal and displayed as a waveform.

  • e. CROs can be digital one (DSOs) or digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) for advanced features and storage capabilities.

Explore our range of these oscilloscopes, including Tektronix oscilloscope, Rigol, and Siglent brands. Enhance your waveform analysis with handheld oscilloscope. Check out other measuring instruments like Decade Boxes, Distortion Meters, and LCR Meters to meet your testing needs.

Where is a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope commonly used? 

This (CRO), available at IndustryBuying, is extensively used in various industries and applications for precise waveform analysis. Here are some common applications:

  • a. Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratories: These are extensively used in laboratories for various purposes, including circuit testing, analysis, and troubleshooting. They enable engineers and students to visualize and measure electrical waveforms accurately.

  • b. Research and Development Facilities: In research and development environments, these play a crucial role in waveform observation and analysis. They help researchers and engineers study and understand the behavior of electrical signals in different applications.

  • c. Manufacturing Units: These are vital tools in manufacturing units for quality control and testing of electronic products. They allow technicians to verify the functionality and performance of circuits and electronic components.

  • d. Telecommunication Industry: In the telecommunication industry, these are used to analyze signal integrity and performance. They help engineers identify and troubleshoot issues related to signal quality, distortion, and noise in communication systems.

  • e. Automotive Industry: They find applications in the automotive industry for diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical systems. They enable technicians to examine electrical signals, such as those from sensors or ignition systems, helping them identify and rectify any malfunctions.

  • f. Educational Institutions: They are essential teaching tools in educational institutions, especially for electrical engineering and physics programs. They provide students with hands-on experience in observing and analyzing electrical waveforms, aiding their understanding of fundamental concepts.

These diverse applications highlight the wide range of industries and fields that benefit from the use of these oscilloscopes.

What are the types of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

You can explore different types of these (CROs) for your testing and measuring needs. Here are the key types:

  • a. Digital Oscilloscope (DSOs): These advanced CROs offer digital signal processing and provide precise measurements and analysis capabilities. They have a digital display and are available in various bandwidths and sample rates.

  • b. Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSOs): DSOs have the additional feature of storing and retrieving waveforms for further analysis. They are ideal for capturing and analyzing complex or intermittent signals.

  • c. Handheld Oscilloscope: Compact and portable, handheld oscillo scope provide on-the-go waveform analysis. They are suitable for field applications or situations where mobility is required.

  • d. Analog Oscilloscopes: Traditional analog CROs that use analog components and CRTs to display waveforms. They provide real-time visualization and are suitable for general-purpose waveform analysis.

  • e. Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs): MSOs combine the capabilities of digital ones with additional logic analyzer channels. They allow simultaneous analysis of analog and digital signals, making them ideal for digital circuit debugging and integration.

  • f. PC-Based Oscilloscopes: These oscilloscopes connect to a computer or laptop via USB or Ethernet and leverage software for waveform analysis. They offer flexibility and portability, utilizing the computer's processing power for advanced analysis.

  • g. High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes: These CROs have higher bandwidth capabilities, enabling the analysis of high-frequency signals. They are suitable for applications requiring precise measurements and analysis of fast-changing waveforms.

  • h. Low-Cost Oscilloscopes: Entry-level CROs that offer basic waveform analysis functionalities at affordable prices. They are suitable for educational purposes or simple testing applications.

Explore our collection of these oscilloscopes from leading brands like Tektronix, Rigol oscilloscope, and Siglent. Check out other measuring instruments such as Boxes, Digital Distortion Meter, and LCR Meters to enhance your testing capabilities.

What are the advantages of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

A oscillo scope (CRO) offers several benefits for precise waveform analysis and testing. Here are the advantages of using a CRO:

  • a. Accurate Waveform Visualization: CROs provide real-time and accurate visualization of electrical waveforms, allowing engineers to observe and analyze signals with high precision.

  • b. Versatile Functionality: From basic waveform analysis to advanced measurements, CROs offer versatile functionality to meet various testing and measuring requirements.

  • c. Signal Analysis Capabilities: CROs enable in-depth analysis of waveform characteristics such as amplitude, frequency, phase, and rise/fall time, aiding in detailed signal analysis.

  • d. Time-domain Analysis: CROs excel in time-domain analysis, helping to identify signal anomalies, glitches, and timing issues that may occur in electronic circuits.

Explore our collection of these, including Tektronix, Rigol, and Siglent brands. Enhance your testing capabilities with other electronic measuring instruments like Boxes, Distortion Meters, and Digital LCR Meter available online at competitive oscilloscope price.

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Product Name

Expected Price


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz XDX 3062A

 Rs. 45800


Crown Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 MHz CES 5020

 Rs. 29900


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz XDX 3102A

 Rs. 89800

4 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz SDS 8202

 Rs. 89900


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz SDS 6062

 Rs. 45800


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz SDS 1052 ECNOMICAL RANGE

 Rs. 35800


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz SDS 7104

 Rs. 89900


 Crown Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz SDS 1102 ECNOMICAL RANGE

 Rs. 39900

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Oscilloscope

1.What is the function of a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO)?

A CRO is used for visualizing and analyzing electrical waveforms in real-time. It provides accurate measurements of waveform parameters such as amplitude and frequency, aiding in troubleshooting electronic circuits. 

2.What is the difference between a digital oscilloscope and a cathode oscilloscope?

Digital ones (DSOs) utilize digital technology and offer advanced features like waveform storage and digital signal processing. On the other hand, oscilloscopes (CROs) use analog technology with a cathode ray tube (CRT) display. DSOs provide greater versatility, while CROs are often more affordable.   

3.What is the price range of these oscilloscopes?

The price of these oscilloscopes can vary depending on the brand, model, and features. Entry-level CROs can start from affordable prices, while advanced storage oscilloscopes (DSO oscilloscope) may have higher price ranges. It is advisable to check the specific models and compare prices from different brands. 

Top Selling Products of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)

Product Name Expected Price Discount
HTC 70MHz LCD Display Oscilloscope PDO-5070S Rs.27990 11% OFF
KUSAM-MECO 60 MHz Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope KM-5060 Rs.57990 10% OFF
Metravi Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 20 MHz Off White, OS-5020 Rs.27990 9% OFF
HTC PDO-5025S 0-25 Mhz Digital Oscilloscope Rs.22990 11% OFF
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