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5 Major Solar Markets of Asia

There is a lot of buzz going on about global warming that grabs headlines every day for dubious reasons to say the least. A lot of clamour has been built around the utilization of solar…

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Woman cleaning her house

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro?

Are you very lazy when it comes to cleaning your house? Do you always sit back and let the house-help slack off as she seemingly sweeps, cleans and mops all over your house? However, much…


6 Must-Have Basic Tools For Car Repairs

DIY car maintenance has become a must in this age of self-reliance. Well, repairs on your own to save money sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? And, to work on cars, you would want…

AC Drives - Drives for Motor

How Drives For Motors Are Vital In Industries

Over the years, drives have established themselves as a wonderful phenomenon that have revved up motors in variegated machines which are of pristine importance in the industrial sector. Almost all industrial applications are dependent on…


5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Safety Shoes

Every now and then we stumble across news stories replete with accidents and mishaps at workplaces. It’s a hidden truth that lives of workers at industrial sites are always at stake since accidents can catch…


9 Table Saw Safety Tips for Woodworkers

A table saw is the backbone of any woodworking shop. It has a circular blade that is powered with the help of an electric motor; the round saw blade that is mounted on an arbour…