Choose the Right Type of Office Chair for Your Workplace
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Choose the Right Type of Office Chair for Your Workplace

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Shopping and knowing about different types of office chairs may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, but it’s essential nonetheless. On average, a corporate worker spends 8 hours on his/her office chair daily. If you are among them, you probably spend more time sitting in your chair than on your bed!

The office chair is a critical piece of furniture for business owner; you have to make sure it’s comfortable and supports your body in the way it needs. It is essential to consider your purchase twice before investing in it. That’s why we’ve compiled this purchase guide to help you find the perfect yet unique office chair. We’ll cover the multiple types of office chairs, what to look for when shopping, and how to choose the ideal one.

Different Types of Office Chairs Available in the Market

Thankfully, purchasing office chairs has come a long way in recent years, and several choices are now available. Boost your working environment with these fascinating office chairs for maximum comfort and improved performance.

Different Types of Visitor Chairs

1. Executive chairs

Executive chairs are ergonomic chairs with wheels that can rotate in all directions. They feature high backrest liners of polyurethane foam and soft material, often leather. These chairs are certainly more expensive due to their unique features. Another name for this category is a boss office chair.

2. High back office chairs:

High-back chairs are best suited for spine care and for treating back pain. These chairs have sturdy back support and can support the spine easily. The strength of a seat of a high back office chair gives solace and help to even the most extended workdays. These chairs are thus extraordinarily comfortable and effective in relieving back pain.

3. Medium back leather chairs:

Low-back leather office chairs are as firm as high-back leather chairs, providing a price for ad chairs. Available in different styles, the back of the chair has to be comfortable so that you don’t have to take regular breaks to stretch yourself.

4. High-back mesh chairs:

The high-back office chair is ideal for an 8-hour workday. It arrives in an assortment of choices to fit your exciting workplace. It is very comfortable and gives proper support to your back. For example – Blue office chairs with a mesh are lined with a net-like fabric, providing good air circulation. Mesh lining amalgamated with cushioned seats allows one to sit comfortably without feeling hot and sweaty.

5. Low-back mesh chairs:

The mid-back undertaking seat arrives in a substantial exhibit of styles and hues, making it perfect for a work-from-home office chair. It is the ideal mix of structure and style. It’s mainly popular in the workplace as it gives proper ventilation, which other designs can’t provide. Apart from office use, you can also use this chair for the computer desk at your home.

6. Visitor chairs:

With its smooth yet solid plan, the visitor chair offers help and solace for your visitors and customers. Though generally not mobile, flexible and adjustable, the office chair can comfortably seat visitors and guests. It is either of wood or plastic and is available in various colors. These chairs can even be custom-made as per the choice of the company.

7. Arm Chairs

Armchairs are chairs with armrests on both sides, providing additional comfort and support to the user’s arms. These chairs are a good choice for your living rooms, dens, or home offices and are available in various styles and designs to match different décor themes.

8. Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs are a type of accent chair that has a rounded, barrel-shaped backrest and a comfortable seat. These swivel chairs are designed to be both stylish and functional. They are often used as statement pieces in living rooms and bedrooms and can be a subtle choice for office sitting.

9. Ottoman Chairs

A lounge chair allows users to rest their feet while sitting upright. Ottoman chairs with an attached footrest are often referred to as an ottoman. These chairs are designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. They are often used in living rooms or bedrooms, a comfortable and stylish seating.

10. Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are one of the most famous types of office chairs and come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. The design is in such a manner that it can move back and forth in a smooth, rhythmic motion. These are seen in nurseries, front porches, or outdoor spaces for relaxing and comfortable seating.

11. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are made with small pieces of foam or beans, giving them a unique and comfortable shape that conforms to the user’s body. They are a good choice for casual sitting, such as game rooms, dorm rooms, or theatres, as fun and are eventually a flexible seating option.

12. Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. They are commonly seen during outdoor events, such as picnics or camping trips, or as temporary seating options in indoor spaces. Folding chairs can come in various materials, such as plastic, metal, or wood.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair

Executive office chairs

Any office chair you choose should be stylish, comfortable and practical. Your budget, style, comfort, and use area should be paramount when opting for the perfect office furniture. Besides these, some other factors to make an informed purchase of the best office chair are discussed in detail:-

1. Lumbar Support

A decent office seat height will have bolster for the lower back. The portion of better ones will even have a flexible lumbar bolster that enables the client to fit the center to their lower back. It is essential to anticipate back strain that can exacerbate and progress toward becoming sciatica, a condition which can be crippling.

2. Adjustability

Adjustable office chairs have inbuilt height and arm alteration; in any case, these are the most significant changes one should follow when looking for an office seat. It would be highly preferable if there is a pneumatic adjustment lever in the office chair which makes adjusting the height possible most smoothly. At the same time, the forward or backward tilt of the seat should be adjustable.

3. Wheel Base

About all office seats have a wheelbase; in any case, if the workplace is spacious, it might be essential to get a seat with wheels mainly made for cover. Any modern-style ergonomic chair should be able to rotate easily so that the user can reach different areas of his desk without straining. It further offers improved comfort and enhanced convenience at the workplace. In addition to easy movement, there is also no irritating sound that comes with traditional chairs.

4. Fabric

The fabric used should ensure the user gets maximum comfort while sitting. The texture should be breathable to shield the seat from being hot. Moreover, it ought to have enough pads to bolster the individual sitting in it without feeling the base of the chair through the residence. Stitching should last long and hold up to wear and tear; the seams should be where they won’t irritate the skin.

5. Good Looks

In addition to being elegant and comfortable, a lovely white office chair also helps to provide a very polished and professional image to potential customers and visitors. Also, they shouldn’t have any sharp edges to prevent accidents.

The Office chairs on our portal are 100% genuine and come from some top-tier brands such as Swift, Furnitech, VJ Interior, Da URBAN, etc. So, you can rest entirely on the assured quality of the products listed on our portal. You can even browse the product description and specific trail for more product information. Also, people in business looking to buy office chairs in large quantities can avail of huge discounts on bulk purchases.

What is the Importance of a Good Office Chair? 

Importance of a Good Office Chair? 

A good and supportive office chair prevents fatigue and ends everything that occurs due to sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours. It has been proven that comfortable employees are more productive and can give a better output, contributing to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. A comfortable office chair would significantly reduce the number of breaks the employee will need to take comfort. Here is a list of advantages of good office chairs that give less back strain.

Top Benefits of a High-Quality Office Chair:

Top Benefits of a High-Quality Office Chair

1) Comfort

You spend most of your time sitting on a chair in the office. Working regularly should be comfortable and relaxing. One must not go out of focus while doing it. When it comes to comfort, ergonomic chairs prove to be far better than any other office chair.

2)Lesser health issues

Unlike traditional chairs, executive black office chairs support the poison so that they do not cause employees spinal or lower back problems. These chairs support your shoulders, lower back, and hips properly, leaving no space for injuries. They keep the body muscles relaxed without requiring straining your body muscles.

3)Lesser sick leave 

Comfort leads to fewer health-related problems, resulting in higher productivity by the employees and more deficient sick leaves. If the employee enjoys his/her working environment and can work comfortably, it helps them to give their best and leads to fewer sick leaves.

The chairs are the ultimate source to provide comfort and support to any office individual. Therefore, you as an individual should know anything and everything that is associated with poor posture and the wrong chair. It will help you to prevent some severe body issues in the future.

Top Brands Of Office Chairs

Many manufacturers are selling executive chairs, ergonomic chairs and different types of office chairs online. However, some leading brands are listed below that you can consider when buying the best office chair for your workspace. These are a perfect blend of style, comfort and durability, which you’ll love to buy. This furniture can improve your body’s movements, allowing you to lean forward, recline, and even slouch comfortably.

  • Suprema: Say goodbye to back pain with an office chair from Suprema, which generally deals with high office chairs in multiple colours and designs. 
  • ERGO Chairs: ERGO Chairs is one of the leading names in office furniture, especially office chairs. They deal with primarily leather-made high office chairs, which our customers can get at discounted prices ranging from 30 to 40%.
  • VJ Interior: VJ Interiors is one of the leading brands that sell almost every type of office chair. They sell ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, interior computer chairs, conference chairs, back chairs, and more are available on
  • SWIFT: Office chairs from the brand Swift are reliable. You can find sleek chairs in multiple colours like red, black, blue and green. Select a chair according to your style and comfort, and sit pretty with designer chairs from Swift.
  • Da URBAN: Designed to give you maximum support and comfort, chairs from Da URBAN are ergonomic and chairs. You can find mesh chairs and revolving chairs with wheels, enabling them to move freely.
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