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Industrybuying leads the charge in the Post GST Era

Cometh 1st July 2017 and it will mark a significant day in the economics of our country. Promoted as the “One Nation One Tax”, GST is being hailed as the revolutionary step which will only untangle the web of prevalent tax policies in India. What it means for the buyers and sellers, especially, the B2B e-commerce is that they will be able to carry out online business in a streamlined process vis-a-vis tax structure with sorted GST policies.

Industrybuying, as always, leads the charge in the e-commerce sector to fine-tune its services in sync with the updated tax structure. Under GST, both the sellers and the buyers stand to gain a lot on Industrybuying. To give you an insight into how post GST era is going to promote healthy e-commerce, here is what Industrybuying is going to offer.

What One Nation One Tax means for the buyers?

Simply put, online shopping of industrial goods is going to be cheaper. Yes, with the implementation of GST you will save up to 10% of pre-GST prices. Industrybuying is a fully compliant B2B e-commerce portal which boasts of strong partnerships with the top-notch brands across the world. Our reliable network comprises of 200 Large enterprises, 100,000 SMEs and 5000 vendors and OEMs, and 4000 Franchise Partners. With the implementation of GST, we are going to be a force to reckon with online. In our constant endeavor to be the best B2B online portal, we guarantee fewer returns and minimal reconciliation issues.

Industrybuying offers you to reduce your dependency on the vendors in the post-GST era. With 100% tax credit you can purchase branded industrial goods on the GST compliant online marketplace. Irrespective of if it's a single purchase or a bulk order we assure best prices online.

How does Sellers stand to gain with fully compliant GST platform?

Industrybuying is one of the leading B2B e-commerce portals which boasts of Pan India reach. When you align with us you are automatically introduced to the 2 Million Business Customers per Month. Industrybuying delivers to 15,000 pin codes across India. Established in 2013, today, Industrybuying caters to the market expectations and provides with the branded industrial tools sourced directly from the brands. We offer full professional assistance to consolidate multi-state CFAs to aggregated Industrybuying CFA services across all the states and also help sellers reach out to the Tier2/3 regions without appointing distributors or tax registering in multiple states.

All in all, GST is perceived to bring forth the fruitful side of online shopping with a sorted tax structure. GST along with the boost to digitization is going to fuel the already buzzing e-commerce marketplace. One can expect streamlined tax credits, improved e-commerce competition, certain benefits for manufacturers and exporters and the much-needed ease of doing business.

Industrybuying is an ideal platform for both the sellers and buyers to reap the rewards of the e-commerce market. So, without any delay Start selling on Industrybuying to broaden your business horizon.