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Hammers Online

Tips to Choose the  Right Hammer

Are you unable to make a choice regarding the right kind of hammer because of the varying shape, size and structure? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Industrybuying presents with a range of Hammers for different sets of task. Depending on your need, you can choose from the following:

  1. Sledge hammer: It is best employed for heavier jobs like driving wedges or knock or breaking concrete, stone or masonry. They have longer handle and are heavier. For lighter jobs, the weight of the hammerhead can be used but for heavier jobs, it is swung like an axe.
  2. Claw hammer: They are the most versatile and common type of hammers and is the carpenter’s basic tool. The face of the head is used to drive in nails and the part opposite to the face is like a two pronged claw that is used for pulling nails out of the surface.
  3. Rubber mallet: These have a tough rubber head which is molded to a wooden handle and used when a softer blow is needed than that delivered by a metal hammer. The rubber head helps minimize marring and surface damage.
  4. Ball pein hammer: Also known as engineers hammer, they have a rounded pein used for shaping metals and closing rivets. When it comes to driving cold chisels,it is a good option. It can also be used for other tasks where its weight and hardness proves an asset.
  5. Club hammer: It is a light and small sledgehammer. It is used for light demolition work, driving steel chisels and masonry nails.
  6. Cross pein hammer: It has a blade-like pein at right angles to the haft and is mai
  7. Ball Hammer: Only used for wood working. Heavier cross pein hammers are mostly used in metal shaping.
  8. Soft face hammer: These are designed for not damaging the surface getting hammed. They have interchangeable faces and are useful for woodwork or light assembly work.

Safety Measures to avoid any chance of injury or harm

Safety cannot be subsided when using hammers. A slight error in judgement can cause some serious injuries. So make sure to follow the below mentioned guidelines to avoid any risk of injury:

  1. Use the right hammer for the job to make things easy.
  2. If a hammer tends to slip off nails, roughen the face of the head using a scrap paper.
  3. Wear safety glasses when breaking concrete.
  4. Protect the hands and eyes when driving masonry nails.
  5. Use nail punch to drive nails into the wood as it will prevent damage.
  6. Use safety gloves for proper grip.

Why buy Hammers at Industrybuying

When buying hammers online, you should know what kind of a hammer you want. At Industrybuying, we have a wide range of hammers best suited to your needs at reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Grab the amazing deal right now.

The company offers branded hammers at best prices. To make the payment you can either opt for online payment via Net Banking or Debit/Credit card transaction or choose any of the available EMI plans or Cash On Delivery. The company offers with great discounts online and special prices on bulk orders. For every purchase order above Rs,1,000 the company ships the product right at your doorsteps.

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