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Hand Pallet Trucks

High performing pallet trucks for all your material handling needs

A pallet truck, also called as pallet jack, is simply a tool used for lifting and maneuvering of pallets with ease and simplicity. They are highly preferred owing to the fact that these are easier to use rather than shifting pallets with bare hands. Moreover, they are cheaper and highly effective in comparison to forklifts that are used for smaller loads. A pallet truck is a simple machine consisting of forks, wheels and a hydraulic jack. Majority of these pallet trucks are hand operated with effective utilization of a steering mechanism. At, we have a wide variety of powerful pallet jacks which can be bought as per your work requirements. Shop online from the most trusted source of pallet truck providers and be assured to get various additional features like capacity and durability.

Best Pallet Trucks Online for Efficient Material Handling

A pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack, is primarily used to carry and move pallets around. It is used to carry pallets of varying weights ranging from really lightweight ones to the more heavyweight ones from one place to another. It is also used to make a range of other material handling activities possible—from horizontal transport, order picking and stacking to loading products into transport trucks in order to send them from the manufacturing unit to retail stores and the like.

Pallet trucks available are of different types—hand pallet trucks, hydraulic hand pallet trucks and high lift pallet trucks. The hand pallet truck, as the name suggests, is operated using manual force. Hydraulic pallet trucks make use of hydraulic pumps to perform the lifting operation. High lift pallet trucks are designed to raise and lift pallets up to a safe and useful height in order for employees to work comfortably—so much so that the use of these trucks is known to reduce back-related discomfort from incessant back-and-forth bending substantially in the workers. Both option are available in market ,you can buy pallet truck online and also from stores.

Applications of Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks find widespread use in a large number of factories and industrial setups. They are even used in warehouses to make transporting of materials from one place to another more convenient than ever. The use of a pallet truck can help you stack objects into a pile, on top of each other, with utmost convenience, especially in warehouses for storage of objects until their use is required.Ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction, presents you with pallet trucks having additional grip, stronger wheel set, more silent operating mechanism and extra protection on delicate floors and smooth surfaces. These pallets hardly call for any maintenance during their working time and are comparatively the cheapest means of handling materials on site. Also, it is noteworthy to see that the agile and durable PU (polyurethane) wheels move quieter than the conventional nylon wheels. The fork tips are tapered at the ends which allow easy placement and removal of pallets on the jack. They also have a single piece casting wheel frame which provides multitudes of strength.

Ease your pallet handling using pallet jacks from

Pallet trucks find their maximum use in manufacturing facilities, offices, construction locations and warehouses. The pallet jack consists of a tow bar for guiding the load, pump handles for raising the forks and a squeeze trigger meant to lower the forks. brings to you pallet trucks from the country’s most trusted brands like Nido, Hulk, Stack Easy, Cranlik, Godrej, Neotech, Inder etc. One can easily purchase different type of pallet jacks namely, hand pallet truck, hydraulic pallet truck, battery operated pallet truck, eco hand pallet truck, etc… Pallet trucks are available in different load capacities such as 2.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 5 Ton, etc… At, we believe in making your shopping experience as easy it can get. One can easily select pallet trucks on the basis of maximum and minimum fork height, as well as the lift height of the jack.

How to Use the Pallet Truck Safely

The pallet trucks must be used safely in order to prevent them from afflicting the workers and operators with any kind of injury. Prior to using them, they must be checked for any kind of damage. Riding a pallet truck is strictly a big no. The worker must face the direction of movement of the pallet truck while travelling. The route to be taken must be clear of any kind of hindrances and overhead obstructions as well. In case the route to be taken is slanted or at an angle, the fork of the pallet truck must be made to face in the downward direction. The pallet truck must never be left unattended at the edge of a sloping terrain.

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