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Demolition Hammers

Demolition Hammers for Impactful Demolition

A demolition hammer is a power tool that is used to perform the destruction of large structures of sturdy nature with ease. It is used to bring down entire walls made out of tough concrete, for instance. Demolition hammers are available in a wide number of sizes and an array of styles for use by workers. A typical demolition hammer makes use of a bit that is used to repeatedly pound the surface until it breaks apart and turns to pieces.   

Demolition hammers for effective brutal force

A demolition hammer is a tool which is specifically designed for demolition of structures. It is typically powerful and heavy and hence it is utilized for breaking down a variety of substances, ranging from wooden walls to concrete floors. It serves as an essential tool for all kinds of construction crews. The user can create immense force from the long handle of the hammers, and hence it can break through almost anything and everything. It is often used for tearing up roadways and breaking up of foundations that can vary from perimeter to solid slab foundations. Thus, in order to provide you with this brutal and necessary tool, has released a wide array of demolition hammers for making all your industrial jobs easy going and quicker than ever. You get to shop online from our variety of demolition hammers and select the one that caters to your needs the best in terms of features like impact power and efficiency.

How to Use Demolition Hammers?

To get the most out of a demolition hammer, the angle at which it should be used to strike and pound a surface should be an absolute 90 degrees. Furthermore, the bit should also be angled correctly so as to prevent slippage while at the destructive task. The attack should be commenced from the outer edges of a floor, working in towards the centre, so as to prevent having to deal with debris.  A wall to be destructed must be battered right in the middle, following which the blows should be made in the downward direction so as to enable the weight of the wall to crumble the entire structure down easily.

Safe Usage of Demolition Hammers

As with any other power tool, it is important that proper safety be maintained while working with the hammer. The use of a pair of safety gloves ensures a firmer grip of the tool and also prevents any sweat-induced slips. Similarly, safety glasses protect debris and dust from making their way to the eyes of the workers. The use of a hard hat is a must so as to prevent any injuries to the skull from entire falling structures or debris.

Why Buy Demolition Hammers Online from Industrybuying

At Industrybuying, you can buy demolition hammers online at the best prices to perform an array of destruction tasks successfully. You can choose from a wide variety of demolition hammers which vary in their ability to render the number of blows per minute, in their impact energies, in their drill capacities among many other features. Choose from demolition hammers from brands such as Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, BPT Rudtz and Cumi to name a few.In addition to this, one can easily buy different types of demolition hammers namely, petrol breaker, breaker, demolition hammer 11 E, percussion hammer, etc… In case you are looking for a demolition hammer for applying a higher or a lower force then you can simply check out hammers on the basis of ‘blows per minute’ and ‘impact energy’.Other tools that you can buy from Industrybuying are hammer drills, saws, air blowers, pressure washers, drilling machine, chopsaws, rotary hammers, non sparking tools and spanners among many others.  

The powerful workhorse for getting the job done

Owing to the amount of tremendous force these demolition hammers can generate, they can be quite a risky tool to operate and hence call for experience and precision. The hammers listed on our website are tried and tested. Hence you can be assured of the quality you are getting. Most of our hammers have a carbon brushing which greatly extends their lifetime, making them a great one time investment for you. They are equipped with dual ball bearing armature which enhances its brings to you these exceptional demolition hammers at unmatched prices. We have easy return and exchange policies if the product turns out to be defective. Your online shopping experience is made simpler with the help of various payment options like E-wallets, cash on delivery (COD), debit or credit cards and internet banking. You can also avail special offers and discounts on specific products. With our exceptional product portfolio, we try our level best to facilitate our customers with the best products available throughout the market.


To Choose the Best, Refer Our Demolition Hammers Buying Guide

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