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Industrybuying offers premium quality Agricultural Gardening and Landscaping Tools for all your industrial, business, and domestic purposes. We offer a plethora of products from internationally recognised brands that serve your ever-changing needs and requirements. 


What are Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools?

Agricultural Tools are equipment that are used in the fields to help with the agricultural process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Gardening Hand Tools, Spades, Secateurs, Hand Trowels, Earth Auger, Seed Planters, Pruning Tools, Sprinklers, Rakes, Pruning Saws, Spray Pumps, Shredders, Budding and Grafting Knives, and other tools and equipment are required for various agricultural tasks.


Types and Usage of Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools 

There are numerous Agricultural Tools and Landscaping Equipment that can be categorised on the basis of their functioning. Industrybuying offers an exclusive range of collections. Here is a curated list of types and usage of some of the tools for your convenience:


1Gardening Hand Tools are handy equipment to dig up debris and unwanted weed. These easy-to-use hand tools are optimum for industrial as well as domestic purposes. Different types of gardening hand tools include digging tools, cutters, rakes, hand cultivators, snake catchers, and others. 


2. A Water Pump is basically used for draining out excess water in the field. Whether to drain out a basement or a swimming pool, water pumps can be utilised for varied needs.  They are also helpful for irrigation needs. 


3. Fogging Machines are portable and versatile equipment that are used for sprinkling chemical treatment on farms and crops. Vast tracts of land, agricultural fields, gardens, and other landscapes all can benefit from this equipment. These are used for pest control, mold growth restriction, and odour control.


4. Chain Saws are used for a variety of tasks, including tree felling and limbing. It is highly adaptable gardening equipment that can be used in the maintenance of gardens. Electric Chain Saw, Gas Chainsaw, and Petrol Chain Saw are some of it’s variety. 


5. Sprayers are suitable for projecting water,  insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers on farms and gardens. Different varieties of sprayers include Knapsack Sprayers, Power Sprayers, Pressure Sprayers, and many others. 


6. Tillers and Cultivatorsmain purpose is to prepare the soil and make it more aerated for plantation. These plough the land by pulling out weeds and crumbling the soil.


How to Keep Your Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools in Good Working Order?

When you acquire new equipment or tools, it is important that first, you get to know of its proper functioning and the methodology to use it. The tools come with a user manual. It is crucial to maintain your inventory. The well-maintained the inventory is, the longer it lasts, and the more efficiently it works. It reduces the risk of malfunction and injuries. Below are a few pointers to keep your inventory in ship-shape condition:


1. Proper Lubrication: You can significantly improve the life of your tools by following a suitable lubrication or grease change schedule. Lubrication is a critical aspect of consideration when it comes to maintenance checks. Look out for any grease build-up of extra oil in the pistons. Make sure to go through the manual properly and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for lubrication.


2. Regular Cleaning: The tools must be regularly cleaned and checked for any vacuum or pollutant that may be clogging nozzles. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential as the pollutants might eventually corrode the tools and hinder its operations. 


3. Storage and Warehousing: The tools must be stored in such a place where they can avoid high-temperature contact, moisture, and humidity. Wooden parts must be prevented from coming in contact with too much moisture. The engine and rotatory parts that are built of iron may corrode,  due to water seepage and negligence of storage. It is important to keep in check that the tools are properly stored and remain far from damage. 


Safety Measures While Using Agricultural Tools

Take a look at the important safety precautions to be taken while using the Agricultural Tools:


1. Certain agricultural tasks require you to be coming in contact with harmful chemicals and fertilisers. Especially when it comes to fumigation and sprinkling, it can harm your health. It is of essence to dress properly, cover your face, and eyes, and leave no bodily areas exposed to the chemicals. 


2. Before setting out for the task make sure the equipment is in fine working conditions. Maintaining equipments is crucial. If a machinery malfunctions midway, it can prove to be hazardous. It is always recommended to check it before use and not proceed if there is any friction. 


3. Use protective gear like goggles, PPE kits, protective shoes, gloves, and other safety equipments before you step out on the field. It is important that you maintain your safety first. Industrybuying supplies all the necessary safety tools at your one-stop-shop.  


Acquire the Widest Range of Products Online

Industrybuying has incorporated equipments for all sorts of agricultural practices like sowing, tilling, mowing, irrigation, and many more. It has a collection for your professional needs as well as for your hobbies. The comprehensive collection includes Tillers, Cultivators, Pumps, Garden Hand Tools, Lawn Mowers, Seed Planters, Pest Repellents, Harvesters, Fogging Machines, and more. In addition to that, it also provides accessories such as Seeds, Fertilisers, Pots, Strokes, Safety Equipment, and others. 


Build Your Inventory with Best Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Products from Industrybuying

Industrybuying provides an expansive range of Agricultural Tools and equipments all in one place. It provides a 24-hour dispatch facility and guaranteed delivery on your doorsteps. The products are from trusted national and international brands that hold a high repute in the market. There is no compromise on the quality and the functioning of the products here. We have an exclusive assortment of products from notable brands all over the world such as Sharpex, Gardena, JSP, Kisankraft, Globus, Honda, Neptune, AgriPro, Hectare, Falcon, Wolf Garten, Nishigaki, Mahendra, Flora, Concorde, and others. 


Why are Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools Important?


Agriculture is a time-consuming operation that cannot be completed manually. As a result, agricultural procedures must be carried out with the aid of tools and machines. Following are some key points explaining the importance of agricultural tools:


1. Agricultural tools help reduce drudgery and make the process faster and more efficient. Their easier and quicker availability ensures no hindrances. This, in turn, gives efficacious productivity. 


2. Agricultural tools play a crucial role in Horticulture operations. A suitable tool for a particular operation yields a healthy outcome within a shorter period of time. 


3. The reliance on equipments makes it easier to carry out the operations. Earlier the tasks depended on hard manual labor and livestock. Now, tools have made the process much simpler and easier to carry out.  


Most Popular Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools

There are certain agricultural tools that you might have ever encountered in your backyard or your neighbor’s garden. You might have observed a gardener using a towel to plant seed or someone mowing their field or using sprayers to sprinkle fertilizers and pesticides. These all are agricultural equipment used on smaller and larger landscapes. The most common of these tools are spades, sprayers, pumps, and cultivators. 


Why Buy Agricultural Gardening & Landscaping Tools from Industrybuying Online?

Industrybuying provides quality-controlled 100% original products. For the easy access and availability of the tools, Industrybuying offers doorstep delivery in major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Raipur, and across India at 2500 plus locations. 

Top Selling Brands of Agricultural & Landscaping Tools at Industrybuying


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Neptune Handy Thermal Fogging Machine for Pest Control capacity 2 Ltr




Kisankraft Fogging Machine KK-TF-8625S(SS)




AgriPro Petrol Chainsaw 22 Inch 58 CC APCS58




AgriPro 4 Stroke Water Pump 3 Inch APWP3




Super Green 18 Ltr Battery Operated Sprayer




AgriPro Brush Cutter 43 CC APBC43




Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Gardening Tools safe to use?

Gardening Tools are perfectly safe to use. However, when it comes to equipment with sharp edges, special attention must be paid so as not to injur yourself. 


2. How to care for your Gardening Tools?

Make sure not to leave your tools out in the open unattended. Keep them away from moisture and too much exposure to direct sunlight. Handle the equipment with care and beware of sharp edges.


Enticing Offers & Great Deals on Agriculture Garden & Landscaping

If you are looking for premium Agriculture Garden & Landscaping online at affordable prices, then Industrybuying is your one-stop solution. We offer an array of Agriculture Garden & Landscaping in a bevy of designs and specifications that meet every office need. If you want to buy Agriculture Garden & Landscaping online in India at reasonable prices, get the best deals at Industrybuying. We have an efficient logistics chain and the best Agriculture Garden & Landscaping distributors with us. We have Agriculture Garden & Landscaping dealers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. When you purchase Agriculture Garden & Landscaping online from Industrybuying, make sure you use the coupon codes to fetch an attractive deal on your purchase. We procure Agriculture Garden & Landscaping from renowned dealers to make sure that the items are genuine and that you don’t face any hassles after you have made your purchase. You will get the best Agriculture Garden & Landscaping prices online at Industrybuying.

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