10 Reasons Why Tablets Will Sideline Laptops in 2020

10 Reasons Why Tablets Will Sideline Laptops in 2021

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Overview of Tablets in Detail

Gadgets, today, have become an indispensable part of our lives—so much so that imagining even a few hours without using them is difficult for almost every single one of us. We depend on our smartphones, portable tablets, and laptops for almost all of our daily activities. But which one of the three would you prefer to keep with yourself all through the day in order to stay connected?

It is true that every single one of the three devices has its own set of pros and cons but a tablet, ultimately, emerges as the winner. A tablet is a compact mobile computer that is equipped with a touch screen and powered by a battery and related circuitry. The touch screen of a tablet makes for easy replacement of the mouse and the keyboard simply by the use of either one’s fingertips or a stylus.

A tablet combines the best of both worlds—the laptop and the smartphone—in the best possible manner for serving a melange of purposes. Besides using tablets for reading, people also use tablets for a range of other purposes such as browsing the internet, working on spreadsheets among other things.

List of Key Reasons Why Tablets Will Beat Laptop in the Future

Tablets are available in an array of styles and types today. Users even have the option of doing thorough research before proceeding to buy tablets online. The best tablets of modern-day are indubitably the ones that are manufactured by reputed brands such as Apple, Ambrane, and iBall. Read on to know how tablets will sideline laptops this year:

  1. Consumption of power

It is almost close to impossible for a laptop or a smartphone to last all through the day without giving to charge it. On the other hand, a tablet can be used throughout the day once fully charged. Their low consumption of power makes them the preferred choice among many people.

  1. Protection Against Viruses

Tablets are very less likely to get viruses unlike laptops that catch viruses at the drop of a hat, especially in case an antivirus software isn’t installed or isn’t up to date. This is one more reason why users prefer using the tablet to using the laptop or the smartphone.

  1. Increased Portability

Laptops, however small they may be, are not portable, period. No matter how light a laptop may weigh, but a tablet will always win when it comes to weight. Portability is inversely proportional to weight; lighter the weight, greater is the portability of the device, and easier it is to carry it. 

  1. Enhanced Cost Effectiveness

A tablet is a complete cost-effective investment that allows one to use the features of a laptop and a smartphone amalgamated together into a perfect blend. For the plethora of features it offers, a tablet is priced very reasonably low indeed!

  1. Online Connectivity

A tablet can be easily used to get the benefits of 4G connectivity. This significantly reduces the user’s dependability on the availability of Wi-Fi in order to browse the internet. Laptops allow 4G connectivity as well, but only with the use of air cards which are nothing but additional hardware to add to the list of things to be taken care of.

  1. Number of Applications

Tablets allow an umpteen number of applications to be downloaded in their memory for the benefit of the user. Among the deluge of applications available in any operating system app store, a large number of useful applications are absolutely free of cost!

  1. Ease of Use

A tablet is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Moreover, by eliminating the use of a mouse and a keyboard, they have further fuelled their user-friendly quotient by aplenty! Also, the interface is so simple and convenient that the mere removal of an unwanted application is just a touch-of-the-finger or a swipe-of-the-finger away!

  1. Bluetooth

In the world of wireless technology, Bluetooth stands tall as the king. With more and more people using Bluetooth based devices, such as keyboards and headsets, the tablet is a favourite among one and all because of its ease of Bluetooth connectivity!

  1. Efficient Nature

Overall, tablets are far more efficient and faster at close to everything than a laptop and a smartphone, thereby making them really efficient.

  1. Social Network Browsing

Social networking is not just important to keep up with the Joneses but also critical to the marketing strategies of several businesses. Thus a tablet can enable users to stay connected and posted with the ongoings of the industry on the go with the use of applications such as Facebook, Twitter or tumbler available at their user-friendliest best.

Final Words

The above reasons should be enough for gadget geeks, unable to decide which gadget to pick, to be able to quickly pick their favorite tablet!


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