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Angle Grinder Buying Guide

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What is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a hand-held grinder that features a right-angled gear head along with an attached abrasive disc which is usually used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. Also, known as side or disc or angle grinder, it can be powered in three ways- through a petrol engine, compressed air, or an electric motor. Normal angle grinder components include an abrasive disc, side handle, adjustable guard, and geared head.

List of Free Tips to Buy Top Angle Grinder Online

The selection of an appropriate Angle Grinder boils down to the requirements i.e. the application for which you need an Angle Grinder. At you can find various Angle Grinder with different features and specifications.

Prominent Features You Must Look Before Buying the Top Angle Grinder Online

These are the list of essential features that you just need to look before buying Angle Grinder online.

#1)Disc Size

There are many different disc sizes available, ranging from small to large. Common discs sizes include 4-1/2 inch, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches. the size of Angle grinder disk is the factor that determines how big pieces is it going to be able to cut. A small angle grinder with a disc size under 7 inches is ideal for many common applications. For larger surfaces and bigger depth of cuts, a larger disc size is more effective.

#2)Speed Rating

Handheld grinders have immense power. While being used, the discs of the unit make between 5000-10,000 revolutions per minute. They are highly efficient in applications such as sanding, grinding or cutting it can also lead to serious injuries if not used with care.

#3)Motor Power

Voltage, amp rating and wattage of an angle grinder may vary. While focusing on current, the output for a grinder which has a rating between 110 and 230 volts AC and the keep the wattage in a range between 500 to 2,500 watts.

What is the Use of an Angle Grinder?

With the help of wheels, an angle grinder can be used to cut, sand, polish, and sharpen various materials.


Different type of cutting discs can be used with angle grinders making them useful for cutting stone, metal or concrete. Diamond tipped edges are the strongest discs. Ideal users would be General Contractors, Auto-body repair and Plumbers.


Sanding wheels are meant for sanding, sharpening and assembling surfaces for painting purposes.


With the right disc fitted, angle grinders can be used to buff up metal. You can fit your angle grinder with wire brushes for rust and corrosion removal. Auto-Body Repair shops and Metal Fabrication Shops uses grinders daily.


Many people use their angle grinder to sharpen old tools and lawnmower blades. However, this can be tricky so we recommend you leave sharpening to the experts.


Grinding wheels are suitable for restoring edges and make use of a for honing a finer edge after the grinding process is completed.

6.Adjustable Guard

The adjustable guard offers optimum protection from sparks and debris. You can move it according to the type of project you are going to handle.

7.Adjustable Side Handle

The presence of the adjustable side handle will make it suitable for you to use with either hand. The greater the positions that are available, the greater will be the efficiency of the grinder.

Safety Precautions While Operating the Angle Grinder

The motor of the angle grinders runs at very high speed (10,000-11000 rpm), which is far higher than that of the drill motors. Here are safety precautions which you need to use for the safe use of grinder: –

1- Always read the User’s manual before 1st time using the machine.

2- Use proper Safety eye protection, Safety gloves, and industrial Safety shoes to avoid any unfortunate incident.

3- Attach the handle and maintain a firmer grip with both of your hands.

4- Keep away bystanders. All people standing close need to use safety glasses

5- Unplug the grinder while changing the wheels.

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