Buffing Machine Buying Guide- Tips to Buy Top Buffing Machine

Buffing Machine Buying Guide

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What is a Buffing Machine?

Buffing machines are widely used to enhance the metal surface. Be it automobiles, machines or even glass, Buffing machine to remove the dull outlook of the metal surfaces and give it a refined new look. There are plenty of Buffing machines and different techniques of buffing. If you go out to buy Buffing Machine you will find plenty of options to choose from. Once you are aware of the different types of Buffing Machine available and the applications of the respective machine it makes your task significantly simpler. That is what exactly what we are going to talk about in this buying guide.

Difference Between the Buffing Machine and Polishing

As both are similar in applications, it is quite common to confuse Buffing machine with the Polishing machine and vice-versa. At the end, it all depends upon the professionals who use different techniques that come within the ambit of either polishing or buffing.

What is Buffing?

Buffing is the technique wherein you work upon the surface of your automobile or any machine to enhance its shine or appeal. It can be to remove any smudge, scratches, etc to make sure that the surface looks fresh. There are various types of Buffing techniques which include Cut Buffing wherein the surface is cut and colored simultaneously, Color Buffing, on the other hand, is used to give mirror-like shine to the surface with the help of buffing compounds.

What is Polishing?

Polishing is similar to Buffing to the extent that both the procedures involve changing the surface. However, Polishing can be the first stage of a Buffing process i.e. the surface is often polished before the Buffing procedure. Also, Polishing sometimes can turn out to be a coarser operation to remove the swirl marks, pits, etc.

For non-professionals, it might turn to be a hard task to differentiate between the two. Therefore, make sure that you know the surface type you have to work on and accordingly use the Polishing or Buffing compound for desired results.

Free Tips and Tricks to Use Buffing Machine Properly

Check out the basic rules and techniques of Buffing in 2021.

1)The buffing compound is the most important as it decides the end result i.e. the shine and finishing. Ensure that you are using appropriate Polish, wax or other Buffing compounds that have a clear mention for Machine buffing.

2)Choose either the Cutting pad or Finishing pad. The cutting pad is generally opted to get rid of scratches and oxidation with the help of an abrasive polish while the Finishing pad is used with a non-abrasive pad for the finishing job.

3)There is some buffing compound that can be directly applied on the surface. Ensure that you read the label instructions properly and not waste time applying it on the Buffing pad.

4)While the buffing machine is quite simple to use, you cannot be callous enough to neglect the firm grip of the Buffing machine. Before you switch On the machine make sure that you have the proper grip on the machine.

Complete List of Different Types of Buffers

These are the different types of Buffers which you must know.

#1)Orbital Buffers

Orbital buffers are an ideal choice if you are looking to enhance the shine without being worried about the buffer swirl marks. It widely opts for non-abrasive product applications. However, you cannot attain optimum results if you are looking to remove the paint defects or oxidation.

#2)Rotary Buffers

Rotary Buffers is the first choice for professionals. Especially for the Automotive professionals Rotary buffers are available in a varying range of speeds. If you are looking to buy a Rotary Buffer for your car it is necessary that you take into consideration the Buffing Speed and the type of the vehicle.

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